IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out? Don’t Join Until You Read This!

IsThe Christianity At Home Business Model Worth Checking Out?

I checked out this Christianity At Home Business Model recently because it came up in my search for the best affiliate programs online today. What I found out may or may not shock you. Considering working from home is huge in 2018 I am always on the lookout for programs that offer people a way to earn money online. But was this worth it? Keep reading as I explore this online opportunity!

At first glance at the landing page for the Christianity At Home business model, I thought that it looked like most affiliate marketing programs that offer a way to make a ton of money. Six figure income, the ability to work at home and the flexablitity to work your own hours in the comfort of your own space. And while I found this looking through affiliate marketing opportunities, it claimed that that’s not what it was and it wasn’t an MLM either. Just an ethical and honest way to earn money online.

Yea? But what do you do to earn with this opportunity? That I am not entirely sure but they do target Christians to give their free book and cd. They also state that they went bankrupt a few years back and so this is what completely turned their life around. The opportunity is for people (Christians) who are aspiring entrepreneurs. My biggest take away is even after watching the video they have on their landing page is that they offer training and mentoring but they don’t really say what it is you will be doing. This here was a red flag for me big time mostly because it seemed that they were using the church as a vehicle to make money. I could be wrong but you be the judge.

Ok, so you get the picture above. It’s nothing you probably haven’t seen before. And without joining or requesting the dvd and book I really don’t think you will ever know what the heck the program is. That’s sad because I really wanted to at least know what it is I would be doing to make all these gobs of money. The dvd and book are free but, I think there is a shipping charge. Not exactly sure there without requesting the material. But here’s is some additional information on the program here.

The screenshot above gave me the most information I could find out about the Christianity At Home business model. I won’t say that it offered a whole lot as to what the heck you would do with this opportunity but I will say that it sparked my interest which is what I’m sure is intented. I just wasn’t convinced that it was legit because I got very little inside info on the program.

If It Looks Too Good To Be True, It Is!

Now I don’t want to slam on this program because I just don’t have enough information to go on to make an informed decision. I do know that I got a taste of what it was about but that’s as far as I got. And that was dissappointing because I knew that to get the real 411 I would have to sign up for the dvd and book.

What do I suggest and does this opportunity sound like a winner? First off, there are some red flags for me here. But that doesn’t mean it’s a scam at all. In fact the Christianity At Home business model could be the shnizzle of opportunities out there. (That means it’s good) But you have to sign up and get their dvd and book to find out. Here is the link to check this opportunity out.

As far as what I suggest it’s relatively just some common sense. Check out some reviews on this program and read some of the testimonials. Do your homework and decide if it’s something you’re interested in. If you’re looking for affiliate marketing programs that offer ways to earn at home, then you should try what I did. I don’t mean try, I mean do! Because to earn at home as an affiliate marketer you first need to learn how the industry works.

Follow My Lead And You Can Build Your Own Affiliate Empire!

I’m not just joking around here. I joined a company that is completely transparent. they don’t hide anything. In fact they offer training in affiliate marketing as well as all the tools you need to build your website and gain success. I joined 2 1/2 years ago and my website is making money today. Am I rich from doing this? No, but I am living a comfortable life. Is it hard to learn affiliate marketing? Not at all. All it takes is a bit of effort and some self confidence because you will be working from home. Can you get rich doing affiliate marketing? Absolutely and there are many people who use the training platform I used to get rich in their own business.

What did I use to learn affiliate marketing? The Wealthy Affiliate. You may have seen the over inflated hyped up reviews for this platform but I won’t do that here. I have made this program work for me by going through all the tutorials and lessons and consistenly blogging on my website. And while it’s not for everyone, if you want to work at home and build your own passive income website, this is definitely the way to go.

Ok, so you want some more information on how the Wealthy Affiliate works right? You need the 411 without having to order a book and cd right? I can do that. In fact take a look below at what the Wealthy Affiliate platform is and the memberships available.

Learning Affiliate Marketing Is Going To Push You Ahead!

I won’t lie here. We live in a new digital era and people are biting at the bit to sell through Amazon, Ebay and other online platforms. It’s low overhead and the amount you can earn is awesome. I mean some people are making a killing selling online. And learning affiliate marketing will help you will that much needed push to get ahead in life.

It’s not a get rich quick opportunity by no means. But if you can go step by step and learn the affiliate marketing industry, you can become successful. I know, I have succeeded with it in just over two years. Take a look below at the course outline with this program.

Pretty self explanatory right? It’s pretty simple and each one of those lessons have 10 different modules that take you through the course. And if you have questions on any of them you can use the life chat option to get any questions answered. The program has help entrepreneurs become successful since 2005 and is alive and strong in 2018. Now is the time to learn this industry and the Wealthy Affiliat will teach you the best way how.

Time To Get Busy Changing Your Life!

I mean it. Now is the time to start something that could change your life for the better. It won’t happen overnight but if you put in the time and effort to learn affiliate marketing you will become successful. You just have to want it bad enough. The tools are here to make it happen but it’s up to you to do it. I can help and HERE is a link to my profile on the Wealthy Affiliate. If you join and need help at anytime during your training I will be there to help you move forward!

The Christianity At Home program may look like something worth looking into but I needed more information. And I didn’t get that by just checking out the website. When I joined the Wealthy Affiliate I was serious about changing my life and learning something new. I wanted to supplement my income and I have done just that. It wasn’t hard but did take some work so I won’t say that it’s the easiest thing to do. It takes some work and if everyone could do it and be successful they would.

Where do you go from here? Easy. Sign up for the Premium membership with the Wealthy Affiliate, study the lessons and build your website. And then keep building. Don’t stop and keep telling yourself you will be successful at this. It’s exactly what I did 2 1/2 years ago and I’m still plugging away. And now I’m making money every month with it.  I’m offering you, the aspiring entrepreneur a chance to make an awesome income on your own. You can do it and I know you can if you just believe in yourself.


Here’s To Your Success!


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