JVZoo What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

JVZoo What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

2020 06 05 - JVZoo What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

Have you heard of JVZoo? If you know anything about affiliate marketing, chances are you have checked this company out. But what is it? I had the honor of being able to check this platform out and basically it’s a place where you can sign up and you have the option of becoming a merchant or an affiliate.

As a merchant you can add your products and sell them on their marketplace. This is a great way to sell your own products without having to look for some other platform to sell on like Ebay.

As an affiliate you simply choose which item on the platform you would like to sell and then earn a commission off each sale. Basically if you have a website that you want to sell on, simply list the products and JVZoo takes care of the rest once you make a sale. Simple and effective. 

What do I think of this platform? Honestly, I think it’s pretty good. It’s sort of like Ebay in the sense that you are using their platform for traffic and it can be tough getting that on your own. On the other hand, they are somewhat of a third party in that they are the middle man between you and the merchant. However, if you as a merchant have a large quantity of items to sell, this would be the perfect way to have an ongoing long term relationship with a company that handles all the tough work. You just have to provide the product.

As far as being an affiliate I think this is could be a win situation for you if you have no product to sell and want to find a wide variety of products to promote. They do take a cut so keep that in mind.

Is JZZoo Affiliate Marketing?

2020 06 05 2 - JVZoo What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

In a sense it is because as an affiliate you will be promoting JZZoo’s products you find in their marketplace which has it’s perks especially if you’re a home business.

If you are looking at building an affiliate marketing website and want full control over what you sell and how you do it I would check this review out. 

JVZoo ranks pretty high on the affiliate marketing industry for people looking to get into the industry. As far as commissions goes on the platform they are deposited into your JVZoo account and there are a number of payment processors available to get your funds including Paypal.

In my opinion this platform is for those who may be new to the buying and selling online industry. You don’t really need a whole lot of experience and probably don’t really need any to get started. The layout is pretty simple and I think it’s an easy platform to use.

Personally while I really like the concept of JVZoo I am a bit hesitant simply because they have the middle man aspect of the platform. For someone who doesn’t want to hassle with much I think it’s fine but keep in mind, if you are an affiliate, it’s up to you to promote the products you find on JVZoo. That means you will have to build a website and promote through that. I only wonder what happens if their marketplace runs out of or sells out the item you are promoting on your website. That’s the big question I have.

Too Many Choices?

2020 06 05 3 - JVZoo What Is It And What Can It Do For You?

Are there too many choices on JVZoo? Not really but you will have to keep up with the marketplace to know whether or not the product you promote is still listed. And we have to think evergreen if we are in the affiliate marketplace and looking for long term success. I say this because many affiliate marketing websites gain their traffic through means like organic ways in the form of content. For this reason I am a bit hesitant.

But, the good news is JVZoo is a well put together platform that has some really good stuff going on. I would think it must be doing something right because it is getting some good reviews and is listed pretty high right now in the affiliate marketing searches.

Overall I have to give JZZoo a strong 4 star rating because it’s clean platform and offers services both to affiliates and to vendors. While it is a bit like Ebay in my opinion, it’s much more up to date and with the times.

In a nutshell, I think this platform has some strong possibilities and you can potentially make a lot of money either as an affiliate or a vendor. The platform has some tools on it that you aren’t going to find easily on others. It’s got good potential and I have to give it a thumbs up.

On the flip side if you’re looking to build your own affiliate marketing business and want full control in how you operate it, other platforms might be better for that. Either way, JVZoo is a plus in my book.




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