How To Learn To Blog For Money Online

How To Learn To Blog For Money Online It seems like it’s everybody’s dream. To make money as a blogger online. But how to learn to blog for money online is something that’s learned and

How To Learn To Blog For Money Online

It seems like it’s everybody’s dream. To make money as a blogger online. But how to learn to blog for money online is something that’s learned and not everyone cuts it.

Why is that?

In my opinion it’s because honestly, not every one has the gift of writing content that people want to read. Whether you have broken English or you just can’t seem to hold people’s attention, blogging can be tough. But, it doesn’t have to be if you have a passion for what you’re writing about.

So, what’s the goal of a blogger when trying to make some extra cash? Well, to make some extra cash right? Not necessarily, the goal is to attract people to what you are offering. Whether you are trying to get people to go and buy your products or trying to get someone to check out your donation site, you want to attract an audience.

And that audience needs to be big enough to get a certain percentage willing to bite at what you have.

Now, blogging for money can be done in a number of ways. You can blog about a product or blog about something more passionate like a vacation you want to take.

If you blog about a vacation, you could hold a raffle for those who find your post interesting, maybe offer them a cruise hat or a pen or a bracelet, whatever. You have to get creative and think outside the norm because everyone is blogging about something these days.

Think Long Term

I know it’s easier to think about instant payouts through Paypal but that just doesn’t always happen. In blogging it’s important to think small at first and then branch out. The most profitable niche right now is affiliate marketing in the blog world.

And that’s because you will be building a website that’s designed to attract customers to your blog post. This means writing about your products or services and then publishing. From there you want to build your audience.

How do you do this affiliate marketing thing? For me I signed up with Wealthy Affiliate. But you can learn on Utube videos, articles or podcast. There’s no shortage of info out there on the industry.

What’s Wealthy Affiliate and what’s it got to do with how to learn to  blog  for an income online? Everything really because Wealthy Affiliate is a learning platform for entrepreneurs looking to build niche websites. It’s not that hard but you do have to follow their training.

I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for 4 plus years now and this is one of the websites I created by following their training and using their online site builder, hosting, keyword tool and domain. I got it all with the program.

If you want to make money as a blogger you have to learn how the industry works. You have to learn what is hot or trending at the moment and you have to reach a wide audience. You also have to find a product or service that’s going to be sellable. Millions of companies have affiliate products you can promote. And you don’t have to carry any stock or go outside on your own to acquire. They also deliver the products, you just have to be able to sell them. That’s where your blog comes in.

How do people find your blog? With content that is organic and basically helps drive your post up the search engines. If someone types in golf clubs in Ontario for instance, you post will be found if it climbs up in rankings and then you can make sales.

But, blogging is a long term deal. It’s not overnight money. It takes time and effort. The good news is anyone can learn with Wealthy Affiliate. It takes little time to get your website up and running and the platform has all the tools you could ever want and need to build a successful affiliate marketing website.

Ready to learn to earn as a blogger? Good. Here’s a review of Wealthy Affiliate and a place to sign up.

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