Looking At Starting Blog Income? Can You Handle The Truth?


Starting Blog Income. It’s So Easy I Could Train My Dog To Do It!

Well, maybe but you’re thinking about starting a blog but don’t really know where to start right? What if you blog and don’t make any money? Wonder if it’s just a big pain in the butt?

Well, it doesn’t have to be a pain and you can make money doing it. But ask yourself first and be honest here. What is it you like to do and would love to write about? Do you have a favorite hobby or past time that you could see yourself blogging about?

Maybe you’re fisherman or a surfer or even an awesome gardener. Whatever you have a passion for you can make money as a blogger and I’ll tell you why. It’s relatively simple.

You write about a product related to your niche like a new fishing pole you just tried. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Create a review on this product and then promote it with links. We call these affiliate links. Check out this tutorial on using affiliate links written by someone I am affiliated with in a program I use to blog.

Affiliate Link Tutorial

Build your Blog Over Time!

Now, building a blog that’s geared towards starting blog income is something that doesn’t happen overnight. I’m being totally honest here. If it was that easy everyone would be a blogging millionaire. But, that’s not going to happen if you expect overnight success.

Why is that?

Because a blog takes months and sometimes years to become an authority in any niche. But, the good news is if you were to start today you could easily start seeing enough profit where you could quit your job and just blog every couple days on your niche site.

The Key To It All Is Be Consistent!

That’s right, like anything you must treat your blog as a business and not a hobby. Nurture it and it will grow. Stop caring for it and it will die. That’s how blogging works so if you start a blog for income make sure you are in it for the long haul!

Do Affiliate Training Programs Even Work?

Here is where affiliate marketing gets a bad rap. There are so many  training courses that have popped up over the years that it’s very easy to get scammed. And some people have shelled out thousands of bucks trying to start a blogging business and failed.

You know why?

Because the training programs don’t work, are outdated or are plain ol’ scams! If you want to learn affiliate marketing the right way it’s important to research, research and research some more the platform you are considering joining. It’s really that important. But, the training to write content and use affiliate marketing tools is a necessity in today’s fast pace digital marketplace.

You have to know what you are doing.

The good news is it’s really not that hard to do if you have a plan and stick to it. In fact the program I use is one of the best around and has made a lot of people money but they had to go step by step with the training. Check this out. It’s the first training tutorial and setup for the platform I started on two years ago. I started totally green and didn’t even know what keywords were!

Learn Affiliate Blogging

What Can You Expect When Starting Blog Income Websites

So, what can you expect at first? Well, honestly you will be confused how to start or be able to dive right in. Do you know how to use Word Press? If you can then you’re good to go. Do you know how to add pictures to your website posts? If you can then you’re good here too. And if you don’t know you can learn all of it online with an affiliate blogging course that works.

But where can you learn this affiliate marketing thing? Well, you could go to you local college and try that route. Take out a college loan, be surrounded by people trying to move forward and take your chances that you will get a job after that. But, do you really want to pay thousands in student loans just to get a possible job?

I wouldn’t and I’ll tell you why. About 15 years ago I went to college. I learned the electrical business and I worked while I was in school. The school farmed us out to contractors. I was an installer. I made great money and in my last year I was earning about $1000.00 a month. Not bad at all. Then the housing crunch came and building slowed and little ol’ me was out of work. Sure the money was good for a while but it ended and it was impossible to get back on the saddle and make a living afterwards.

And the digital world is now the way to go if you’re looking to make money today. If you don’t want to go to school, find a program that will teach you, support you and help you succeed. I did and I went through the Wealthy Affiliate. Now, this program teaches you to do the work. It doesn’t do the work for you. But you do get two free websites to start which I liked and they did have a trial version to get your feet wet. It’s also been online for 12 years now.

So what do you get with a Free Membership?


Two Free Websites

The Get Started Training Which Includes 10 high Quality Lessons!

A Personal Welcome To The Program By Carson And Kyle, the founders of the Wealthy Affiliate






Support from thousands of members!

And online chat help forum. Get your questions answered 24/7 in minutes! Not days or weeks!







Awesome Keyword Tool! I absolutely love this thing! An amazing keyword tool built into the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Type in a keyword in your niche and watch all the relevant keywords and phrases come up magically! Perfect for getting keywords for posts and ideas related to your niche!

Ok, Great! Now What’s The Catch?

There is no catch but you must have a desire to find a way to begin starting a blog income. That’s it. Oh, and I did say the program was free to join. And I forgot to mention that I have been a member for about two years and am available for your questions when you need some help.

What’s the cost? Free to join. And while you do get the free lessons and support for a week you can upgrade to premium eventually once you get your website up and running. And if you don’t want to upgrade, no problem. You can stay a free member as long as you want. But take a look below at what the two memberships offer first before you decide on anything.

Why Join And Why Listen To Me?

Well, I guess you could just blow me off and move on to the next shiny object but think about this. Have you ever found training in anything that starts out free? Maybe OJT for a job but do you really want to go that route? Fighting traffic. Crazy people on the road. Irate bosses. Flat pay. Disgruntled employees. Hell No!

Listen, I’ve been a U.S. Marine, a tow truck driver, an electrician and a slew of other hats in my life. Most if not all of these jobs were back breakers and pretty much were a pain in the you know what. Did I earn money doing them? Sure. Was it enough to live comfortably? No.  That’s because we live in an expendable society. You lose your job and two months later you could be on the street. Does the company care? Nope…it’s business as usual for them. They don’t know if you’re living in a cardboard box and eating top ramen or worse. That’s reality and working for someone else comes with a price.

On the other hand if you start now as an affiliate blogger and study through the first ten lessons on the Wealthy Affiliate for free you can have a money making website up and running in just a few minutes. Oh yea, and they do supply you with the Word Press platform to start blogging on your website after setting it up. It really is the easiest way to get started as a blogger earning an income. And starting your first website is as easy as clicking here.

Who Can Do This Affiliate Blogging Thing?

Anyone who wants to start their own money making website! You can be anyone at any age at any income bracket. All you need is the desire! Take a look at who can benefit from this blogging platform.

Retired People

Disabled People

First Time Working People

Young and older people

People On Limited Income

The List Goes On!

Starting to see the big picture yet? It’s simple. You build a website and begin blogging on it, add pictures, links to products and you’re good to go. On your way to becoming a successful blogger!

Otherwise you can go with the same ol’ same ol’ J.O.B that takes a lot but offers little. You can keep hearing oh, it’s just not in the budget. My wife is a school teacher at a local private school and there have been times she has gone out of her pocket for school supplies for the kids. Why? Because new stuff was not in the budget! How’s that for ya? Or you can keep working that job, waiting for a raise which never comes and feeling frustrated and worried about losing your job. I was a journeyman electrician and lost my job when I thought it would never happen. Believe me it can!

Benefits Of Starting Blog Income?

A whole ton of benefits! You can begin to build your own blogging empire! Seriously! All it takes is a bit of training which you can do in your spare time. In fact I work on my website as little as a couple hours a day. That’s it. And while I chose one particular niche, you can choose whatever you like. The sky is the limit!

Want to build an awesome website promoting golf clubs? You can with the Wealthy Affiliate websites! It’s easy and free to start.

So, what are some benefits of working from home as a blogger? Here’s a few.

Blog when you want from home

It’s fun to learn especially when you make that first sale!

Anyone can learn to do it!

You can earn as much as you want in your spare time!

No boss over your shoulder!

Learn at your own pace!

Build a business even if you still have a job!

How Much Can You Make And Do People Make Money?

I’ll be honest. There are some people that make a ton of money and there are some that make little to none. It all depends how much you want to succeed. How much you want to quit that nine to five. And how much you believe in yourself.
The last one is important. To succeed at anything you need self confidence. You just do. And starting your own blog may very well be what you need to gain that confidence. All it takes is for you to start. Pick a niche, use WordPress and use affiliate links to build your sales.

Where Do You Find Affiliate Products To Promote?

Heck that’s easy! They are everywhere. Search online in any niche and you will find awesome affiliate products to promote. Even some of the big name retailers have affiliate products like….



Best Buy


Sams Club

And any company that promotes online will more than likely have an affiliate program with links you can promote. So, if you’re worried you can’t find affiliate links, stop worrying. There are tons of them out there in any niche!

Why Bother Learning? I Say Why Not!

If you’re still on the fence on whether or not you should try blogging for an income, let me recap some of the benefits like more time with family, more opportunity to make a real income, work from home in your spare time and learn with like minded people.

And there are millions of people if not billions who can benefit from your website once you get it up and running. At any given time there are billion of people searching online for something. And whether it be a new garden tool, a new surfboard type or even your own original product, you can build a website and promote your product with ease.

If you need help with blogging and you sign up for a free membership with the Wealthy Affiliate I will be there to help you all the way until you get set up and rolling. I’ll give you my personal email and profile messenger where you can access me at any time. There is tons of help with thousands of members and some are extremely bright and know their stuff. All at the click of a button and the live chat feature.

Strapped for cash but still want to learn how to blog and earn an income?

No worries. Stay a free member as long as you like. While some of the premium membership benefits are not available with the free membership you can still continue to build your website with what you learn with the first ten lessons on Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a win win and kicking the tires to this program is a must if you’re looking into making money as an affiliate blogger.

Ok, that’s just the tip of the iceberg on what you get with the Wealthy Affiliate program that teaches you how to get starting blog income online. In fact in your first week you will have an awesome website up and running and ready for business. But, you have to start now to get your blog moving in the right direction.

You want to earn money as a blogger right? I just laid out the best way to do it and all you have to do is trust in yourself and get started. Don’t overwhelm yourself either. It’s a simple platform, easy to use and understand and if I can do it, you can too.

Whew, that took a lot out of me writing all of this. But, before I go I want you to think about where you want to be in a year. Do you still want that old nine to five grind? The traffic and the nagging boss? Or do you want to actually start to earn an income and build a blogging business? The choice obviously yours but I guarantee if you start and keep going you will be successful at blogging. You will make money. And you will learn something that is something exciting that you can do at your own pace.

Want to know more?  Take a look at this get started video and let me know what you think. Got questions? Submit them in the comment section below.

Ready to start building your own website for free today? Without further ado…sign up to change your life today right here!






6 thoughts on “Looking At Starting Blog Income? Can You Handle The Truth?”

  1. Great post on affiliate marketing. I have also worked with Wealthy Affiliate, and I run a martial arts blog that’s listed in Feedspot’s top 20! Aside from that, I’ve met a number of amazing people that have helped me to stay motivated (which is necessary when you’re working alone on a computer). I’ve learned so much from them and can attest that it’s the best marketing investment I’ve ever made!

  2. Thanks for all the good information on your site.
    I own and operate a BBQ food truck but decided to try making some money online not long ago. I haven’t seen any money yet but like I said, it hasn’t been long, about 2 months. I am tired of working long hours in a plume of smoke for sometimes not much money. Do you think by working online is a good way to make some serious money? I have tried other ideas before and seems like I get tired or burnt out and they fall by the wayside. What do you suggest to keep me motivated until the money begins to come in?
    Thanks for the site and look forward to your return comments soon.

    1. Thanks for the comment. Your question is tricky because for some they may find success sooner. It depends on the individual. Some learn quicker while some may start to learn but get frustrated and quit. I think most do quit in fact. Its hard to keep going she bills are do and you see nothing for your effort. So, yea it does work but depends on a variety or issues Best

  3. You have written an educative article. Blogging can be profitable if one gets the right start. There are several courses online and not all of them are good as the one you are recommending.

    Wealthy Affiliate has a lot to offer. The Free Keyword Tool is as good as can be. All the tools and support you need to start a business are included in the Premium Membership.
    Thanks for the lovely post.

  4. I think that the single most important question that anyone could ask themselves when it comes to starting is blog is “what is it that you like to do and would love to write about?”

    If you do not enjoy what you are writing about you will never succeed. It takes passion, excitement, and persistence to keep going when the going gets tough.

    I once came across a young man who was writing about hemorrhoids because he thought it was an excellent niche. He soon became discouraged and lost all interest and stated that “blogging doesn’t make anyone money!”

    I 100% guarantee that if he had chosen a niche that he was excited about he’d still be writing to this very day.

    I firmly believe that ANYONE can start and build a successful blog when they choose a topic that they TRULY enjoy.

    I come across some of the most unique websites these days. Drone, essential oils, traveling, how to’s….. the list goes on.

    What’s the one thing all these very different websites have in common? They are passionate about the topics they chose.

  5. After searching for ways to make money online for some time, I soon came to realise that there is no magic, quick and easy way to do this. It’s good to see you explain that its not gonna be an over night success and that we need to put the work in to succeed. The thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that they provide you with everything you need to succeed but ultimately it is down to the individuals will to succeed, rather than just giving up. Great post, thanks for sharing.

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