Looking To Find An SSL Certificate For Cheap?


Let’s say you have an awesome website and need to find a way to boost your rankings on Google and gain some trust with your readers. Maybe you have already looked at getting this but took a look at the price and said “Woa! That’s not the price I was looking for!”

I did just that when looking for an SSL certificate and honestly was floored when I saw the price. I mean really floored! I did find a company that was relatively cheap at $59.00 for the basic SSL certificate.

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To be honest I didn’t really want to pay that but I found a few sites that were way overpriced. On one the price was a whopping $995.00 a year! I knew that wasn’t in my budget and if you paid that much than you have been hustled big time!

What did I do?

I kept shopping around and found the best way to get this certificate was to get it through the blogging platform I use. And the certificate was encrypted and had the green lock icon on the top of the browser when I accessed my website. And how much did I pay?

Absolutely nothing!

That’s right. I paid nothing because the blogging platform I used finally started offering the SSL Certificate cheap at no cost to members.

What’s more since I am already a blogger and needed to find a platform to blog on that offered not only the certificate but hosting and domain registration. Thankfully the platform offered that too so I got everything I needed to start my blog and maintain it all under one roof.  My advice to newbie bloggers is to see if their blogging platform has these options. If not, it may be time to move on depending on the price you’re paying.  Finding a platform that offers free SSL certificates, affordable domains, hosting and training to sell your products is a gold mine in today’s blogging world!

Why I Picked the Wealthy Affiliate

I like this platform because I can pretty much get whatever I need to keep my website running smoothly without having to go anywhere else. I like the fact it’s transparent and has been online for over a decade. And I like the fact that I am in charge of my website and how I go about running it.

I also like the fact that it’s cheap…$49.00 per month with an option to go yearly and knock $20.00 off the monthly price. While I’m not saying go sign up and start as a Premium member I will say that if you sign up you can check it out for free. As a blogger it was the best decision I ever made by signing up. It really was. Check this link on SSL certificates for FREE on Wealthy Affiliate! (credit Carson- Wealthy Affiliate cofounder)



Being retired can be tough because I have to keep myself busy but by using the Wealthy Affiliate I can learn as I go through the lessons, apply it to my blogging and actually monetize my site. Yes, anything you purchase from this site I do make a small commission but if I didn’t believe in this platform I wouldn’t promote it. Seriously!

Do You Want To Earn Off Your Blog?

I know a lot of people are looking to earn off their blog but don’t know where to start. I also know that there are a lot of places to learn blogging. But, some of these programs charge a lot of money. I’m not into spending extra cash I don’t have. But, the Wealthy Affiliate is cheap and probably the most indepth as far as training to be a successful blogger goes. You really can’t lose with it.

If you’re looking to earn as a blogger I highly recommend checking out this platform or just browse through the tips on this site that may help you become better at your trade. Plus, if you join now you can get the first month for/$19.00 with all the websites, tools, training and the (green lock) SSL Certificate to create a professional website for a little more than a dollar a day!

I wish you success in all you do! Click the banner below and start building your online blog business today!

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