Looking For Part Time Jobs For Seniors In Affiliate Marketing?

Looking For Part Time Jobs For Seniors In Affiliate Marketing?c03b73016d87e541e70bac6cb24c58901521730467 cropped 1530984688 - Looking For Part Time Jobs For Seniors In Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re looking for part time jobs for seniors I may have the perfect opportunity for you. Being 55 I realized that I no longer can work the type of work I did years before nor do I want to. In a never ending changing world that’s becoming more and more complicated for seniors I got to the point where I realized I had to start thinking differently to compete in this era. What did I do? I became a digital marketer promoting affiliate services and products.

If you can’t seem to sink your teeth into a great job for seniors and find yourself back home wondering what to do, don’t feel alone. There are many of us who worked hard during our working years only to realize that through raising children and supporting families, not much money was left over at the end of the day. It’s understandable and unless you come from a well to do family you may be seeing your financial future as being somewhat bleak. I say don’t settle for despair!

Find A Problem And Offer A Solution!

How do you make money to supplement your income in affiliate marketing? Find a problem and offer a solution! That means that if you can get what people are searching for an offer it at a decent price then you can make money doing this. And affiliate marketing may be the way to go in 2018. Why is that? Because affiliate marketing is a job you can do from home in your spare time without shelling out a bunch of money work at home.

All you need is a computer, the internet and some writing skills or know someone who does.

What would you be doing to make money as an affiliate marketer? Simply build a website and pick a niche. Build a basic website and then promote products or services with that website. Sounds easy and it is! See below the steps to take to build an awesome affiliate marketing website. And yes, seniors can do this. Anyone can at any age!

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How do I know affiliate marketing works? I know because I have 2 1/2 years of building my own niche website and now it is earning money every month! I’ll admit at first I was skeptical but I figured being on a fixed income wasn’t exactly living large on the beach drinking Mai Tai’s but that’s not what i wanted anyway.

I simply wanted to make enough money to be able to do stuff I needed to do like fix my car, or buy my son a present or my wife something for the house. Nothing too over the top. And as I progressed with my website I learned through the Wealthy Affiliate platform exactly how to build my website and promote it through different avenues. And now at 2.5 years I have accomplished just that. Take a look at how to pick a website niche which will be your first step HERE

Being A Senior Doesn’t Mean It’s Over!

I mean it here. Even if you have an illness or a disability or just have been replaced by younger workers and dont know where to turn I can tell you that working from home on your computer is an option. I recently began doing water aerobics at the local community center and it has done wonders for my health and self esteem and it’s fun. It also helps me to stay motivated in other areas of my life.

And learning blogging and affiliate marketing has not been an isolated event.  I have met a ton of people who I now consider friends and all the while made money doing it. But it’s not just about making money. It’s about trying to build my own online business and I have succeeded at that. It hasn’t been an overnight success either but it’s kept me busy when I could of been watching the latest Dr. Phil drama unfold on the tube. I wanted to feel useful and I accomplished that by learning affiliate marketing and showing others how to do the same thing.

I want to stress that looking for part time jobs for seniors is not easy in the workplace these days. I know that businesses want younger workers that can hustle and make the company money. I did it for years as a US Marine and then as an electrician. It took it’s toll on my body and spirit just trying to stay above water. Working as an affiliate marketer has so many options it’s countless the different types of websites you can build!

Learning Affiliate Marketing Is A Process

It’s a process that involves not only building a ncihe website but also researching keywords. The Wealthy Affiliate platform has dedicated itself to offering the highest level of training, hosting and support to make anyone successful. All it takes is dedication to building a quality website and going through the process of gaining traffic to your website. One of the tools you will be using as an affiliate marketer is the Jaxxy Keyword Tool which is included in the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Take a look below at what this looks like.

e98a1505a5921f5b77bedd6072d3ca04 cropped - Looking For Part Time Jobs For Seniors In Affiliate Marketing?

The Jaxxy platform comes free with a paid membership to the Wealthy Affiliate. Similar keyword tools can cost you upwards of $100.00 per month but is free when you sign up for the monthly $49.00 Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership. But with the paid membership you also get free hosting, a top of the line site content builder, 24/7 technical support,weekly videos along with ten courses that teach you the affiliate marketing tips and tricks. It also includes a free 24/7 live chat where you can get your questions answered. The platform has a free membership but the Premium version is what you need to really dive into building your own at home business in the industry. And at a little over a dollar a day you can have your own affiliate marketing business up and running on the day you sign up. You just can’t beat it!

Are You Ready To Earn With Your Own Affiliate Marketing Business?14399ccf6e32bc7c067715a6019b3ac11530147769 cropped 1530984745 - Looking For Part Time Jobs For Seniors In Affiliate Marketing?

I know you are. Otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this blog. The time is now to get in on owning and running your own at home businesss. You will be using affiliate links to promote your website products or services and will be writing quality content like I am doing here. You simply emulate what I am doing in the niche of your choice. You can sell your own products or those from Amazon or any company that offers affiliates the opportunity to sell their products.  And it works and works well!

You can do this just an hour or two a day!

That’s right. It only takes a hour or two a day to build an awesome website and make money with affiliate marketing. If you can devote this small amount of time in a years time you could have thriving business making you money to supplement your retirement. Don’t think it’s over until you have tried different things in life. I can attest that this is one of the best things I have done, starting my own business and learning affiliate marketing. It works and the sky is the limit in how much you can earn. Sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate Premium membership and you will see for yourself that you can do wonders with your own skills and creativeness.

I started building this website 2.5 years ago and now it is making me money and I have helped others start their own businesses and they are on the same path. But we all have to start somewhere and this could very well be a life changer for you. It was for me and I am no longer searching for part time work for seniors. In fact I found it on my own and you can do the same.

Ready to start? Ready to earn as an affiliate marketer? I know you are and this is how to do it. Click HERE to sign up for a Premium Wealthy Affiliate account today!

Here’s To Your Success!

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3 Responses

  1. MICHELE says:

    I love your post! I think what you are doing is really inspiring and I can’t wait to get my own website fulling running. I decided that I needed a change which is why I signed up for WA. I could no longer see myself working a 9-5 my entire life.

  2. Thabo says:

    This is a great article for seniors. I know a lot of seniors (like my dad) do not want to change according to the modern world but that is dangerous because it means depending on one stream of income.
    I am glad you are showing affiliate marketing can work for anyone.

  3. Maun says:

    Hi Dave
    Great read here. This is one post jammed packed with useful information for newbies affiliate markers and seniors. Most of us do not know how to get started with affiliate marketing. Thanks for the share of this.
    I like your recommendation “Wealthy Affiliate” too, the platform seems really promising.
    Thanks again for this powerful write-up!

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