Looking For Retirement Income Jobs? Have You Tried Blogging?


Looking For Retirement Income Jobs?b44cdf4014291218445fd63f589fc4b61525783736 cropped 1529532339 optimized - Looking For Retirement Income Jobs? Have You Tried Blogging?

One thing about retirement is you find yourself with a lot of time to do whatever you want. But, the problem with this is you have more time to spend money and less time making it. So, the status quo says. However, for many retirees they are finding that they barely have enough money to make ends meet with paying bills, insurance and a mortgage or rental. It sucks every penny out of many of retirees. It’s at this time many need to look for retirement income jobs.

Being retired at an early age I found myself in a similar situation where I wanted to downsize and was really over the whole chasing the dream thing. I had done everything I felt I could physically to make a living as a US Marine and then as an electrician. At the end of the day I never really had a lot of money, couldn’t really save enough for a decent nest egg. 

When I hit my late 40’s I realized that it was over for me as far as the manual work went. A bout of meningitis broke the camel’s back and I was back to square one. I began to simplify my life and put the working for the man behind me and looked to the future. 

But what future if I didn’t have enough money to enjoy what it was?

Change Your Direction, Change Your Life!95bada6b43b2ca25806f7bf93150bb531529532359 cropped optimized - Looking For Retirement Income Jobs? Have You Tried Blogging?

I realized at my late 40’s that my life had changed directions. I needed to accept the change or be destined to be living on a meager set income the rest of my life. In all honesty that didn’t bother me too much. In my case less was more. But I wanted to still be productive and try and earn some extra money. 

I had heard about blogging for an income online and promoting digital products. I wanted to learn more so I searched out some blogging platforms and began writing for companies. Eventually I found affiliate marketing and that was when the light turned on. I could write my own content and promote my own products online. I joined a leading blogging platform and the rest was history. 


Once I began learning the way affiliate marketing works, I began to blog ironically about how to blog and earn an income. That’s when this website was born. On my little small desk in my modest house. At first I didn’t know what I was getting into but I kept blogging and eventually at about a little over six months in, I made my first comission. It wasn’t much but I proved to myself that I could make an income doing something other than busting my butt. 

Retirement Doesn’t Have To Be Spent In Poverty!

With the way the economy is and a lack of jobs for people over 50 many are living on just over $1000.00 a month scraping by each day with little hope for any long term dreams coming true. And the clock keeps ticking. I realized that and now my website is over 2 1/2 years old and is making money. Not a ton and I’m not rich but this blogging for an income has helped me more that just in the money department. 

I have gained some self esteem, learned all about the digital marketing industry and have met some awesome people. I have also found that yes I do still have some skills left and I am really pretty content with life now. I don’t worry that I won’t be able to earn money on my own. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing I encourage you to give it a try. This is one of the retirement income jobs that works! 


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