Looking For Work From Home Computer Jobs?

Are The REAL Work From Home Computer Jobs?

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The age-old question! Are there REAL Work From Home Computer Jobs? I’m sure you have probably scoured the internet and run into some total scams that are ridiculously so scam riddled that it’s surprising that people actually fall for them. But they do and hopefully, I can help you avoid some of the pitfalls that you may find yourself open to if you search for online jobs.

I too fell into a few traps that luckily I got the “bleep” outta there and never looked back. What I take from these scams is that I think it’s incredibly sad but it also makes me angry. The reason it makes me angry is maybe that I’m in my 50’s now and have worn a boatload of hats including the Marine Corps and work as a commercial electrician. Yes, I know the struggle and have had my share of running pipe in the ground as well as inside of buildings. I know hard work so when I took the early out in the construction industry in my late 40’s a started looking around at online opportunities. 

To say the least, I was extremely disappointed that there were so many hustles out there. But at the same time, I wanted to find a way to earn from home on my computer. Heck, I heard people were making bank at home doing some computer jobs but I had no idea how to get in on it. I ran into some bogus programs, MLM scams, Rev Share Schemes and other less than desirable ways to make a buck.

Finally, I learned about something called affiliate marketing. I know, you have probably heard of it. But, before you think it’s a scam listen for a minute. The concept is simple. You build a website, offer something of value as a product or service and then you earn a commission on any products or services purchased.

Affiliate marketing is not hard to sell garbage that I really can’t get into. I get the calls from people selling anything from insurance to baby powder so yea, not impressed at that. But, affiliate marketing is different. There is no cold calling. There is no calling at all. In fact, your website actually does all of the work and all you have to do is keep adding content to it and offering products that you can get pretty much anywhere. As far as I know, Walmart even has an affiliate website where you can sell what they have and earn a few bucks.

There are real work from home jobs and they are in the affiliate marketing industry.

How Do YOU Get Started Making Money From Home? c6a57cb7861be6beeca2d0e57e51a3081548435737 cropped 1559944377 optimized - Looking For Work From Home Computer Jobs?

Ok, I’ll be honest with you. Anything you do takes work and you probably already know that. But, I tell you what I will do for you if you are truly interested in learning the business. I will personally coach you for your first month. It’s not easy and it isn’t for everyone although anyone can get into it. You will have to work hard and not slack off. You will have to be motivated and complain that “It’s not working!” If you want to find success in affiliate marketing you have to start somewhere and I will show you the ropes to get you moving forward.

How can I do this for you? Simple. I have been in the affiliate marketing business for close to four years now and have access to the highest quality training program available out there. I have learned the ropes through this company and it’s made many people just like you become entrepreneurs who are making thousands per month with little out of pocket costs.

Ask yourself if you are in a position to go back to college. Can you afford the tuition and do you even have the time? The world moves fast I know too well and it’s easy to get left behind. The good news for you is that you can learn affiliate marketing on your own schedule, with no long term payments, no classrooms you have to show up in person to. You don’t get a passing grade or failing grade upon completion of the courses. You don’t have to drive anywhere just to “Show up.” And yes, you could theoretically do this in your pajamas once you roll out of bed in the morning.

Does this sound like something you would want to do? Do you want to learn affiliate marketing and have access to the most advanced up to date training available with no long term commitments?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you can become a successful affiliate marketer.

I won’t B.S. you here. Affiliate marketing takes work. It can be frustrating but it can also be extremely rewarding. Success will ultimately depend on you but if you believe in yourself, you can succeed. I know you can.

I hope this opens up your eyes and mind to the possibility that affiliate marketing is not a scam but an opportunity for a REAL work from home job that you will actually enjoy. And I’ll be there to help you. I promise. I won’t leave you hanging. It’s worth checking out and you will be getting all of the tools needed to run your own from home business in affiliate marketing.

Are you ready to start? Are you ready to work? Great! Check out my review of the program I use as well as thousands of others to build their own online business.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this interview! It’s the first time I visit your blog and I’m becoming a more frequent visitor now ! Regardless if it’s a small step or a big one, the main thing is to get yourself out there so that people can connect with you.

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