Looking To Make Money Quick? Is There A Surefire Way?

Looking To Make Money Quick?

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Online Sales Are Booming!

Looking to make money quick? Is there a surefire way in 2018 to make money fast online? In my years of blogging I have run into a ton of programs promising quick cash through automated systems, lottery type systems, ponzi systems and rev share systems which for the most part are just ways to separate you from your money. What do I say about these programs that promise you the big bucks quick?

They are all a bunch of crap!

That’s right I said it. They are all a bunch of rehashed garbage that someone thought up and created some weird confusing hustle with a bunch of bells and whistles, testimonials from paid actors and a price that just can’t be beat. I call b.s. on these scams because not only do they not work but they prey on people trying to make money quick online.

And that’s messed up. In fact I know of people who have lost thousands of dollars trying to cash in on some auto pilot program that really was just a bunch of junk. Who suffers? The person who paid money out of pocket and the bad guy in most cases get’s away. That’s not cool.

Is The Get Rich Quick Hustle Played Out?

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Are Online Hustles Over?

I would say it is getting pretty freakin’ close to getting played out because people are sick of the scams and schemes they find online. I know I was. I started a blog service years back and even the buyers were trying to hustle me for longer articles and free articles all for the peanuts they were willing to pay.

I look at it like this. A hustle is a hustle and there are more hustles out there than I care to talk about. It really ticks me off because as a US Marine I was taught to have morals and ethics and now you have people who would sell you a dog turd if they could get away with it. Yep, and it’s not getting any better. Look deep enough into the cesspool of the criminal mind and you will find most of them are on the make money quick bandwagon.

How Do I Avoid The Hustle?

The only way I know to avoid the hustle is to work hard and don’t quit until you succeed. Regardless of the business you are in always keep you head on straight and avoid that hustle mentality. It only makes you look greedy and stupid.

Now that you know that online hustles are a dime a dozen it’s time to think about how you can make money online legitimately right? I say build your own business. And I don’t care if it’s an online business selling women’s panties and bras or selling weight loss products. If you believe in what you are selling then you will get sales and you will be successful. And no you don’t have to go the get rich quick avenue to do it and I hope you don’t think you do.

Online business is booming in 2018 and the key to success for many is affiliate marketing. It’s not too difficult and just about anyone can do it. In fact I believe anyone can do it if they put forth the effort. If you want to make money the quick way you may end up getting hustled. But if you are serious about making an income online you only have to build a business and keep up with it.

Amazon accounts for nearly 50 percent of all online sales which is good news for affiliate marketers. My suggestion. Build an awesome website, populate it with some really cool products and promote your site. It’s that simple. The tricky part is sticking it out but if you do it’s amazing how much you can make with your online business.

Make A Plan And Stick It Out!

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Make A Plan!

I say this to all of my readers who leave a comment or subscribe to my updates. The key to success online is to have a plan and stick it out until you make your first sale. And I don’t care if that takes a year or two to do it. If you keep building your website out eventually it will start getting regular traffic and you will make sales. And that is when you can sit back and watch your sales grow.

Learn from your mistakes and move forward and don’t give in until you find that sweet spot. You will know when you are going to succeed. You will start seeing organic traffic and then BOOM you get your first sale. And then you know you’re on to something and that’s how you stay motivated and succeed.

I don’t mean to let you down with the news that learning to make money quick may be a long shot. Unless your into some unsavory type of hustle chances are you won’t be making money fast online. But, if you are serious and want to build a business that generates an income build a business and  keep at it and don’t stop until you make your first sale!

Here’s to your success!


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2 Responses

  1. Matts Mom says:

    I love what you said about sticking it out! That itself is great advice that I intend to use. My website has been out for about a year, and I am a blogger. Some days I get pretty frustrated wondering if it will ever pan out. I have made a few sales, but nothing that amounts to much…..yet! Patience is a good virtue to have as a blogger!

  2. All I can say is keep plugging away and try and have fun with your blog. If you love what you do success will follow!

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