Looking For A SiteBuilder Review? I Have The Info You Need!

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Spread the loveWhat Is SiteBuilder? Looking For A SiteBuilder Review? What exactly is SiteBuilder and what can it do for you? Are you looking for a site builder review?  That’s what I was asking when

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What Is SiteBuilder?

Looking For A SiteBuilder Review?

What exactly is SiteBuilder and what can it do for you? Are you looking for a site builder review?  That’s what I was asking when I first checked out this website. This is a simple to use site content builder and editor that you can use for your website building. When I checked the ratings on this site I saw that it has a 96 percent rating which is very high and actually placed 3rd out of the top ten listings for top website makers. They also have 10,000 theme templates to choose from which is very good and is known to be a very easy web making platform for people just starting out. You also get a free domain when you join.

The SiteBuilder is easy to get started and you get walked through the process easily and quickly and can get your blog/website up and running in no time. I think this platform is designed more for the beginner and has the basics to get you started but I wondered if this platform was good for running a professional business site versus a personal site for blogging and sharing.  Here is what a review of this platform looks like if you’re interested. Sorry if it’s a bit hard to see and it’s cut off a little but you can see it has a five star rating which is really all I was interested in.

Sitebuilder Picture
Sitebuilder Picture


Is SiteBuilder Worth Trying Out?

I have to say that I think this is one of the better site building platforms around today online. It’s easy to use, it’s free to join, you get a free domain and it’s got some really high ratings. Do I think its for the professional website owner who may be putting some products up for sale on their website?

Yes, if you go through with their upgrades and pay for a personalized domain and access to their better services on the site. The old saying you get what you pay for comes to play here and if you are going to be building a professional website then you will probably end up paying for some of the services.

And that’s not a bad thing. I mean if you have better services and a better website and tools to make that website then you are bound to be a bit more successful at running a business if that’s what you intend to do. So, for a personal blog for sharing with family and friends I recommend definitely joining Site Builder. It’s free and easy to use and I think a lot of people are using it with little to no complaints. But, if you’re looking to build an online site that generates an income with say affiliate links or your own product I would suggest looking at the link ahead.




Do You Have The Right Tools To Succeed?

Now, that I have given you a brief rundown on what I think of SiteBuilder I think it’s really up to you to decide which is the best platform for you to use. Their are a ton out there and SiteBuilder is extremely high on the list of platforms to get started on a free website. I like the ease of use but I personally need more online tools to keep this website running effectively.

Sure, I pay a little for some upgraded services like a powerful hosting service, a GREEN LOCK  SSL Certificate and support and access to one of the best site content builder you can find anywhere. But, if you’re running a website designed to sell anything you need these extra tools. I get that with the platform I use but I also get piece of mind knowing if my site goes down there’s a site support that’s there 24/7. I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform and have for the past two years. You may have seen some reviews of this site and yes it is what they claim to be. A platform for entrepreneurs who want to build a business online. And they have been doing this for twelve years. I used to use Site Builder and I liked the tools they had but to be productive and learn how to market my website I had to go with a platform that not only had a content editor but also a training course for marketers. 

Why I Recommend The Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder

I recommend the Wealthy Affiliate because I know it has the tools I need to make my website as good as it can get. And I know that the updated training is great for business owners who need help in building out their websites. It’s done me good and I really like using the platform.

Weathy Affiliate Membership
Weathy Affiliate Membership

I do think it’s best for those who are serious about making a website geared towards selling and not just a blog site for friends and family. The price is affordable too. Just over a buck a day for access to up to 25 websites, training and support plus a top of the line site builder. Here is a breakdown of the FREE and PREMIUM memberships on the Wealthy Affiliate.


The Premium membership has much more than just a site builder and hosting. In fact here you can get your personalized domain, powerful hosting, a site support, the training which is really going to help you understand how and why you are doing what you are doing as you build your website. Training gives you tips on writing awesome content that converts to sales and you learn marketing techniques that every business website owner needs to know. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Take a look at the Get Started page which introduces you to building a website that is beyond the normal and geared towards making you a full time income.

Wealthy Affiliate Start Page
Wealthy Affiliate Start Page

This is a powerful program which accelerates the learning process regardless of what learning curve you have in building a professional website. The course teaches you the fundamentals of building your website, marketing that site and scaling to get traffic and sales. It also has weekly videos that teach you how to do anything from learn SEO to writing articles with intent and purpose. This is probably the best platform you will find anywhere that has the built in site builder, classes that teach you writing, editing, marketing and more. It is for the serious though and if you use the PREMIUM membership you must use it to it’s full potential.

I won’t go into a whole lot more about this awesome site builder I use but I will say that for professional web builders looking to take it up a notch and actually learn how to make their site generate an income, this is the go to site. As for SiteBuilder, I say it’s a great platform and would definitely recommend for newbies who are just needing a personal blog website. It may also be good for professionals if you upgrade. The choice is yours but If you join the Wealthy Affiliate you get the site builder and so much more. It really is an all in one web builder, training grounds for sellers and all the hosting and domain you need all under one roof.




2 thoughts on “Looking For A SiteBuilder Review? I Have The Info You Need!

  1. Hi there!

    I’ve never heard of SiteBuilder, before but what I am reading gives me the impression that this is a very basics site builder.

    I’m looking to create a simple, static, no-frills website for a small business. The business already has a domain and emails. Would you suggest SiteBuilder for that?
    Also, can I use that domain using their paid plans?


    1. Hey Marios. It’s a pretty basic site builder. You can use site builder for all of their services and domain paid plans. The reason I stuck with Wealthy Affiliate is because I knew how to build a site, I just wanted to learn how to market it and write effective content. Building a site is easy, it’s the other stuff that’s tricky. Wealthy Affiliate takes the guess work out of it all. Best to you and your business.

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