Looking To Start Blogging Income Strategies? Read This First!

Looking To Start Blogging Income Strategies?

Learn Blogging Strategies

Over the course of my sometimes on and off again blogging adventures in pursuit of a moderate income stream I have learned quite a bit on the pitfalls of being a blogger. It’s not that I can’t write a decent sentence but it’s the fact that it took me a while before I learned a few secrets (I guess you could say) before I really started to see some results. Bloggers do have the potential to make a lot of money but many of them fail. And they don’t start out with the intention of failing, they just forget to do some crucial things to make their blog a success. Once you start blogging income strategies you will find that you can and will be a success in the industry.

So, what’s the secret?

Well, if you want to call them secrets I guess you could call them that but I think they really are just some realistic tips on how to make your blog a successful one. And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put all this stuff together. You just need to do it.



What Are The Blogging Income Strategies?

Ok, like I said these aren’t really secrets but they are some strategies I have learned over the years to make my blogs a success. So, without further ado let’s get on with it.

1) The most important thing you should know is that blogging for an income is an ongoing process. Look at your blog like it’s a building and little by little you build that thing into a huge empire. This means blog on a regular basis and try to write at least a blog every couple of days.

2) Don’t expect an income in the first six months. This is crucial because building your blog is going to take time and dedication. Many bloggers come out on fire writing blog after blog day after day and in six months are completely burned out, haven’t made any money and give up. Don’t let this be you. Pace yourself and learn as you go how to write more effectively and stay the course for at least a year.

3) Don’t think of blogging for an income as a race or competition. It’s amazing how many bloggers think they are competing against other people. This is a surefire way to failure because we are all unique and have different styles of blogging. Be yourself and make your blog an extension of you.

4) Use social media but know your limits. The worst thing you can do is post non stop tweets and FB posts as soon as you finish your blog. Use a site like Google Plus to promote your blogs but only post once or twice a day and post to groups that are relevant to your niche.

5) Get encouragement from your friends and family. Because you will probably be blogging from home it’s important to have some local support. Let your friends and family you are trying to run an online business blogging and that you need time and support to do this. Most will understand. Those who don’t ignore them.

6) Get feedback on your website. It’s important to know where your readers stand on your work and if they think it’s interesting or boring and a waste of time. Have other bloggers read your blogs, check out your theme and let you know if anything needs improvement.

7) Expect frustration. Yes, I know it sucks but you have to expect it. The only way you will succeed is to stay the course and build an awesome website with well written blogs. And this takes time. Did you know some successful blogs have thousands of posts going back years and years? And yes they went through periods of frustration. Expect it but don’t let it cause you to give up.

8) Don’t forget to have fun too! Yep. You have too especially when you’re hitting the burnout point. Take a break. Go fishing or go for a walk. Exercise. Just do what you like to do and you will always come back refreshed after a much needed break. Life isn’t all about work because all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And we don’t want that.

9) Be sure to get comments on your post. Google likes it. And it adds to your content. Personally I shoot for 20 comments per post but you can do more or less. But at least get some on each blog post.

10) Believe in yourself. I know it sounds cheesy but what you tell yourself will have an impact of your success. If you believe in what you are doing and having fun at it then you will find success. Tell yourself you can instead of why bother or I can’t and you will find your blogging journey fun and exciting.

You Can Do It. Anyone Can!

Stay Positive!

I truly believe if you put your mind to it you can achieve all you ever wanted to. And be happy doing it. Just tell yourself good stuff and get away from the negativity. A positive mindset can be a productive one. I hope the above tips help you on your path to success as a blogger. Shoot me a comment below and let me know if they help you.

Here’s to your success!



7 thoughts on “Looking To Start Blogging Income Strategies? Read This First!”

  1. Great post – so many truths – great advice to someone just starting out.
    20 comments per post is a lofty goal! I would love to be getting that many! I should set my sites a little higher, eh?
    Keep putting out great content. Keep sharing it and success is yours.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I must say I love your narrative style it brought a smile to my face and your funny spins on titles of your other articles.
    This was such a reassuring read for me today on so many levels I thank you for the smile and the motivating boost.
    You bring the most detail to even aspects of life we forget or take for granted. At times it can be forgotten the importance of pace and overwhelm, burn out vs efficiency and that is really tied up really well in your article.

    Along the right side of your banner i was amused by the title, How to not suck at life which was funny. Readability is just perfect!

  3. This is great information for someone starting their journey blogging! It can be very frustrating at times and sometimes stepping away will provide you clarity so you can focus on your message! Lot of great tips in this article! Thanks for sharing!

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