Looking To Get Domain Free? I Found One.

Looking For Free Domain? 142ba3561e888d738f35e9671543bc071560689797 cropped optimized - Looking To Get Domain Free? I Found One.

Have you been looking for a way to get a free domain? Many of the lower cost startup website builders offer this to people who sign up for a blog website and while they may be free, there always seems to be some kind of catch in the end. What’s the catch? Simply put, you sign up and get a free domain and possibly a site builder but then you get bombarded with offers to purchase additional ad-ons which in the end spell big bucks out of your pocket. Why? Because the companies are in it for the money, that’s why. 

What should you look for in a free domain? Look for free domains that don’t offer a bunch of stuff you don’t need like SEO services, editing services, site evaluations and the like. This is how these so called low cost free domain and free websites work. Eventually they will get you to sign up and that’s when you realize that your free domain ends up being, well, not so free. 

What did I do to find a free domain? I researched online how to build an affiliate website and ended up getting hooked up with Wealthy Affiliate. And that was almost four years ago and I am still with them. The free domain? Yea, you get that for a free membership plus you also get free hosting, a site builder and a lot more. What’s the catch? Like other companies, they do offer an upgrade but that is for those who are looking to get into affiliate marketing. 

I signed up for the free domain and in no time I was building my site which included free hosting too and realized that I could just stay a free member on Wealthy Affiliate if I wanted to. I didn’t have to upgrade to their Premium membership either. Sure, for the first few days I got some messages explaining the benefits of a Premium membership but I didn’t pay it much attention. I was happy with getting the free domain and hosting. 

What’s So Cool About Wealthy Affiliate And A Free Domain? 

Honestly, I think it’s the only platform around that offers it’s members something with no strings attached as long as you stick around. And I also understood that the company makes their money off of new Premium memberships which was fine. Being a wannabe affiliate marketer I decided to check out their training and found that it fit what I was wanting to get into. Eventually, I signed up for it’s Premium membership and learned affiliate marketing which is probably why you are reading this page. If I hadn’t searched for free domain in the first place, this blog would of never been written. 

Your reasoning for looking for a free domain might be different than mine. At first I just wanted to get a free domain for my blogging website and see if it was real. But once I dived deeper into affiliate marketing I eventually bought a more personalized domain for my site. For the beginner though, Wealthy Affiliate’s free hosting and domain is a win win situation. Mostly because you don’t have to go Premium if you don’t want. You can stay a free member for life. And that’s what’s cool about the platform.

Does A Free Domain Work With Affiliate Marketing? ffbe678534523bc2734cf34fef38bac81560689852 cropped optimized - Looking To Get Domain Free? I Found One.

It does if you build with Wealthy Affiliate’s generic domain which has the siterubix extension. An example of your website would be joecrabshack@siterubix.com. And then along with the hosting, you’re on your way to building a free website. Check out this info on building a niche site with free hosting and domains. 

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by promoting affiliate links on your website. Wealthy Affiliate teaches that stuff and they really went above the call of duty to offer the best training in the industry. The free stuff is a way of getting you to join but after the first few messages showing you how cool the Premium membership is, they leave you alone. And that’s where being a free member will pay off. Now, if you do want to learn affiliate marketing and start with their two free websites, hosting and domain, then you can do that too as a free member. The only catch is after a week you no longer have access to the Premium stuff. And that means you have limited access to their training. 

I guess the point of this short blog is to let you know that you can get free stuff out of Wealthy Affiliate. Looking to start a free affiliate website? You can do it with this company and once you get past the first few messages asking you to upgrade, you won’t be bothered again. And you can keep your free stuff. Not a bad deal if you ask me. 

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