Looking For Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof? Boom! Here It Is!

Where Can You Find Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof?

If you have been checking out Wealthy Affiliate or any of the affiliate marketing training websites, you probably are looking for some proof that this works right? But where is it? Besides looking directly into Wealthy Affiliate by signing up for a FREE membership, I can provide you with some info that yes, it does work.

HERE is a success story of one highly successful member of Wealthy Affiliate who has recently made $12,000.00  in income for the month. This is a great example of Wealthy Affiliate income proof!

The platform has made many people the masters of their own destiny by following the training set forth by Kyle and Carson along with 25 Wealthy Affiliate staff who help maintain the business side of things. And I know that you need to have some proof that this program in fact works before you are even going to consider joining. I support that thinking because over three years ago I was very sceptical about joining Wealthy Affiliate. But three years later I now know that it does work.

I think it’s important to let you know how exactly you will be making money using the platform. It’s pretty simple and the lessons in both the Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp will teach you how to be successful either promoting the platform or choosing a niche on your own and promoting products. 

Check out below the courses you will be taking with the basic Wealthy Affiliate niche website building phase.

wATUTORIAL - Looking For Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof? Boom! Here It Is!

The getting rolling phase lesson 1 is where you begin your journey learning affiliate marketing. Here is where you will learn exactly what you are going to be striving for to become successful. Take a look HERE for more information in Lesson 1 on the Wealthy Affiliate learning university. This first lesson will give you all the information on what you will learn, how to apply certain aspects of the training to your own website and how to create a stunning website that’s designed to get tons of traffic!

In the Entreprenuerial courses of Wealthy Affiliate there are ten solid lessons with ten modules to each of them. You will want to go through each one slowly and not rush through them. You also want to go through them beginning with lesson 1 and continuing on through all of the training without skipping through any lessons. This is how you will become successful with your website. Follow the steps one by one and apply what you learn on your website.  This is one phase of training which is niche training. The other type of training is Wealthy Affiliate’s Boot Camp training which I will outline in the next part of this blog.

Earning With Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

Another great thing about Wealthy Affiliate is it teaches you in one phase how to build your own niche website. And that’s enough to get you moving in the direction of making some incredible income. But there is also another way to earn as a member of the platform. And that is earning an income simply promoting Wealthy Affiliate. While there is a free membership option, there is also the Premium membership which at $49.00 per month is hundreds of dollars cheaper than many of the affiliate marketing training options out there. The platform sells itself with it’s in depth training and numerous ways that are taught to generate an ongoing income. Promoting the platform as a free member also pays a hefty commission so you can join Wealthy Affiliate for free and still earn an income by promoting the platform with the free two websites that you get when you sign up as a free member.  Check out the screenshot of the Wealthy Affiliate Boot Camp Training Courses Below.

waboot - Looking For Wealthy Affiliate Income Proof? Boom! Here It Is!

Wealthy Affiliate’s Boot Camp training focuses on getting you referrals through building a website that promotes the platform. The boot camp training has a total of 10 training lessons with various modules to learn from inside. This training will give you all the tools you need to start earning commissions on your Wealthy Affiliate Premium sales. The training is simple yet complete in that all you need to do is follow the steps of the training and you’re on your way to earning $23.50 for each Premium membership you get. That’s 50 percent of the total price of the platform and that gets paid to you every month as long as you are making commissions. And for those who stay a Premium member, you get that $23.50 each and every month they stay a member. Just two Premium membership sales and your making your own membership cost!

More Wealthy Affiliate Success

What I showed you above is an example of a success story on Wealthy Affiliate but also how you will be producing either a niche website or boot camp website through the lessons in each beginning with lesson 1. I can’t stress how important it is to go through the training step by step beginning with the first lesson. But don’t worry, you can always go back through them if you miss something.

Wealthy Affiliate does not build your website for you. That will be your job. But you will get the most recent up to date training in affiliate marketing by signing up. You don’t have to rush through the training either. Take your time and ask questions via the Live Chat feature on the platform where you will find may people there available to help you with your progress. Earning as an affiliate marketer is exciting and you will know the feeling when you make your first sale whether you’re promoting your own products or promoting Wealthy Affiliate’s amazing platform.

Remember, you will also have full access to the site builder, free hosting, the Jaaxy Keyword tool and 24.7 technical support any time of the day or night. This is a platform that can help catapult your affiliate marketing success and I look forward to helping you out.

Finally, take a look at Eddie and his amazing success story with Wealthy Affiliate. Aside from commissions made in affiliate sales he has also made close to $4000.00 in one month in Wealthy Affiliate commissions!

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