Make Cash Scam Alerts! Stuff You Don’t Want To Hear!

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Spread the loveMake Cash Scam Alerts. Ugggh! I’ve seen a lot of scams out there online and have to admit, many of them are pretty insane. Remember Coffee Shop Millionaire, Empower Network or how about

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Make Cash Scam Alerts. Ugggh!

Say No To Failure
Say No To Failure

I’ve seen a lot of scams out there online and have to admit, many of them are pretty insane.

Remember Coffee Shop Millionaire, Empower Network or how about the old fashion chain letters from way back in the day?

How about the Natural Cures book that came out claiming to be able to cure any ailment you have by following a few simple steps?

Chances are if you have been online for any length of time, you have been subject to seeing a few online scams. So, when I hear “Make cash scam alerts!” I head for the hills.

What’s Real And What’s A Scam?

Normally, I don’t like to write a lot of scam alerts or really compare programs that require blogging.


Because I know there’s a lot of b.s. out there. I also know that there are people who create a program who could talk a homeless guy out of his last dollar bill.

Some of these hustlers got some serious game and don’t give a sh*& who’s life they mess up.

They just want money. No morals, no ethics…..just hustling dirtbags.

So when I write on this blog I normally don’t like to write about the newest scam out there. Occasionally I will write about scams but not too often.

I do know that there have been scammers online and offline as long I have been alive and that’s all I need to know. I’m wary of anything that crawls.

But, what is a scam and what isn’t? I guess that’s the question of the day. I’ll be brief when I explain about the “make cash scam alerts.”

99 Percent Of The Stuff Out There Is Junk!

Most of the programs you see that require you to blog for an income may not be scams but they are junk. Even places like will nickel and dime your earnings from you. So, I stay clear of there.

If you live in a developed nation where living costs are expensive you won’t make it with any of those writing deals unless you are fast and can write quality content.

You won’t make money with push button formulas.

You won’t make money with Ponzi schemes.

You won’t make money will programs that require little or no work.

Most of the stuff out there available really is just garbage rehashed over and over designed to trick you into paying someone for confusing information.

How To Avoid The Make Cash Scam Alerts Deal

Blogging Can Make You And Income
Blogging Can Make You And Income

The best way to avoid these online make cash scam alerts that seem to play more on emotions than anything else is to look at the reality.

Does it require you to have patience, work hard and follow a step by step procedure? If not I call scam.

In fact hard work really is the only way you are going to make money as a blogger. And of course patience. And a good product.

For me personally I chose a platform that allowed me to learn how to blog in a step by step process. I also wanted to learn marketing.

Marketing was important but I also wanted to do it on my own. I didn’t want to copy someone else’s formula for success.

So, I started Blogging Tips For Newbies. And I used a platform which helped me to put it all together. But, the platform can be used for any niche, I just chose blogging.

Looking To Start Your Own Blog?

Now, this blog has been online for a year now. That’s a good amount of time for a blog because realistically most people give up after a few months of writing.

I guess they lose motivation. But, I am glad I didn’t.

If you’re serious about starting a blog I would suggest checking out my review of my #1 pick for bloggers. I have been a member of this platform since I started this blog and I couldn’t of picked a better one.

But, if you’re going to blog for an income, you’ll need to sacrifice some time. Time to write and time to learn. And success doesn’t come overnight but it will if you keep at it.

My # Pick For Bloggers Who Are Sick Of Scams

Check out my review of my #1 pick for bloggers looking to find success online. I won’t say this program doesn’t take work because it does.

I won’t even say you will get rich but you could.

I won’t say you will succeed because I don’t know how motivated you are.

But, I will say it cost nothing to try out and build your first two websites. And you get full access to training and member support for the first week.

That’s worth checking out so I am glad it’s available for starter members.

Before you give up blogging and think everything out there is just another fly by night hustle, check out my review of my #1  pick for bloggers. You may surprise yourself.

As always I welcome your comments and suggestions as to how I can make this site better and what topics you would like to learn more about!

My Honest Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate.



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