How To Make Money Blogging For Free. Is There A Way?


How To Make Money Blogging For Free

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Build Your Own Website For Free

For those of you who have been looking for ways to earn online and trying to make money blogging for free you probably are asking yourself this question. How the heck do I do this? Well, there is no real secret behind blogging for an income and pretty much anyone can do it if you have a little bit of know how and some drive. That’s really all the secret is. And if you are looking how to start for free, check out this blog post on how to start.

The key to becoming successful as a blogger really isn’t as difficult as you may think. The problem most have when starting is impatience and wondering when they will get paid. Most blogs take a while to begin to see results and newbies may start blogging with no real desire to wait to see some desired results. They want success now and when that doesn’t happen they give up. It’s true and it’s why most bloggers fail. What can you do about that? Look long term when starting your blog and don’t expect results or any money for the first six months.

I know that sounds brutal and it is if you’re down to your last five bucks in the bank and can’t find a job any where. I was in the same boat and finally found a platform that I could start my blog for free and build from there. It took some time but I can say that now I am making enough to be able to chill and not worry so much anymore. Besides writing and maintaining a blog should be fun so if you’re not having fun with it, it may be time to try something new. Check out this blog on creating a niche website here.


Never Spend A Ton To Build A Website!

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Don’t Spend To Build Your Website!

In fact I would say that you should never spend anything to build the website except for your computer and you internet connection. Forget all of those site builders that state they will create a stunning beautiful website for you. Why? Because those sites never get any decent traffic. They aren’t set up for SEO with meta tags and all the internal stuff you need to rise above in the Google rankings. For this you need to build your own website using a platform like Word Press which is free and use the plugins and SEO settings to make sure your website has a fighting chance. 

But what about training to promote your website? What does it take to become a successful marketer of your products and services? What does it take to promote affiliate products? You can build a free website but to make that website make any real money you need to learn the basics of marketing and writing effectively.

That is the key to producing a website that makes money. You have to make that website a winner in not only your readers eyes but also in Google. If you check out the link above on how to create a niche website you will learn what I am talking about. It’s not hard but there is a process to learning to make your website make money online.

In a nutshell I would not be spending a bunch of money or any if you can on building a basic website.

Why You Should Start A Blog Today

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Why Wait?

Let’s face it. We are diving into an era of digital everything. Everything we do involves digital sales and marketing. Turn on the television and you are inundated with commercials selling you food, alcohol, health care products and more. It’s a repetitive cycle that pulls every single one of us in. It’s been going on for decades. So, instead of becoming the consumer why not try to get in on the action with your own money making website? All you have to do is get involved and start promoting your own products or affiliate products from companies like Amazon. It’s easy and it’s the way millions of people like you are earning a living.

How do you do it and when should you start? Start by learning the basics of writing and marketing your blog and website. You can do it and start for free if you know where to look. It really is that simple. I encourage you to check out the blog on building a niche website. Here is the link again.

When should you start building your website? Now! Because now is the time to get busy building a website business that’s successful. Sure it will take some time depending on how quick you learn but I assure you if you start now it will be that much sooner that you make your first sale and that’s an awesome feeling. Some people are building websites that generate enough income that they don’t have to ever go back to working a full time job. Some have bought houses, cars and a lavish lifestyle all from building their own niche website and you can too. It just takes YOU to start!

Here’s to your success!




4 thoughts on “How To Make Money Blogging For Free. Is There A Way?

  1. Great post, it really gets you motivated and intrigued to start a blog! Love the desing, really simple and friendly to read, good photos and the blue colors also fell very friendly. Great job!

  2. Great article about the honest truth about starting a blog to make money. It is definitely not a get-rich-quick scheme. It does take quite a bit of time and dedication to do it right. I agree, it takes a good 4-6 months before you can expect to start making any money.
    Thank you for this useful information.

  3. I do think people get scared off because they feel starting a website and blogging/writing content will be too difficult. They are just really overthinking it and there are programs out there like Wealthy Affiliate that make it so easy.

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