Make Money Blogging. How Can You Do This?

Make Money Blogging From Home

How do you make money home blogging? There are a number of ways to do this and hopefully, I can show you how to do this without pulling your hair out (In my case I don’t have this problem as of now I am an official cueball head lol) The traditional way to earn money as a blogger is nothing really too confusing. You simply write blogs on a website and monetize them with links. It’s easy to do and set up and you don’t need a bunch of high tech stuff to accomplish your goals. Check out the video below to get some great beginner tips!

Now that you have an idea of how to get a blog started, it’s time to put together the pieces of the puzzle right? We all want to make enough money to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, making money isn’t the way it used to be for many. Some may have aged out of their field or some may have just had some really really bad luck. The result ends up with feelings of desperation, despair and depression. Not good at all. From there it’s really hard to focus on anything positive. 

Blogging as many people will tell you is therapeutic. It allows you to write down your thoughts, dreams, problems and seek ways to find solutions. If you’re not blogging, you may want to give it a try. There are many platforms out there that will teach you how to blog and make money with it. The one I used for this blog is Wealthy Affiliate and I started it over three years ago as a way to learn how to blog and monetize my website. Below are the lessons I followed to create my website when I first started. Simple and effective!

Wealthy Affiliate is one of those rare gems that come around every once in a while and has been teaching people how to become successful at blogging and marketing websites for over 14 years. That’s a long time for sure and their reputation has allowed them to stay current over the years. The learning platform teaches you exactly what you need to do to create a marketable website. It’s fun and I wouldn’t have stuck it out if I didn’t find some amazing value to what they offer.

Of all of the platforms that teach blogging, affiliate marketing and has a site builder and hosting on the same platform, Wealthy Affiliate is the best, most affordable one I have found anywhere. Compared to other blogging platforms that teach you how to do this, at $49.00 per month for premium continual support, hosting, domain and tutorials you really can’t lose. Plus their keyword tool Jaaxy is the best you will find anywhere. Check out this amazing video on Jaaxy which comes free with all Premium memberships.

After viewing the video above on  Jaaxy I know you will see the value in this software. With it you can research virtually any type of niche topics, check the competition and get the best keywords and keyword phrases to use for your blog posts. How does this help your blog? Easy. It helps you understand the market, your niche and what is trending online. It’s a must for bloggers and affiliate marketers. I highly suggest using a quality keyword tool like Jaaxy.

Experiment With Your Blog!

That’s right. Ask any blogger what their key to success was and many of them will say it was all trial and error. They experimented with different techniques in their blogs. They didn’t limit themselves to one thing. They incorporated different things in their work like videos and personal experiences of failure. It all leads to success. Ask anyone who found success and they will say they failed 1000 times before becoming successful. That’s all life is. Try something until it sticks and when it does, you have found your path.

I hope this short blog was somewhat helpful to you. Wealthy Affiliate has proven itself time and time again as being the go to platform to learn blogging and it can do wonders for you as well. It’s got over 1 million members, the online chat room is full of successful entrepreneurs and you just can’t lose. Sky is the limit.

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