What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?

What Makes For Successful Bloggers In The Affiliate Industry?cash - What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?


How is this for a scenario. You work tirelessly writing blogs, using affiliate links and six months down the road you haven’t made one sale. Sound familiar? Well, if you have been blogging tirelessly and seeing no results chances are you are pretty darn frustrated by now.

So, why is it that some succeed  and others never become successful bloggers? I have an idea of why that is. Consistency and attention to detail. Yep, while writing is a great way to reach out to people, to become a successful blogger you have to offer some great information or product to actually reach that point where people really dig on your stuff.

And that’s tough for bloggers.

Why is that? I guess the best way to put it if you’re in the blogging for income industry you have to go back to how you did when you were in school, high school that is. If you were like me you did the bare minimum and passed your classes but never really overachieved. You did what you had to do but others seemed to rise to the top and they made it look so easy.

It’s the same when learning affiliate blogging, those who give it more than the average are the ones who will succeed.

But what is it that those who succeed differently that separates them from the average. Below I’ll list the steps you should take to become a success at this thing we call blogging as an affiliate marketer.


Five Tips To Blogging Success!five - What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?

1  You need to be consistent with your blog writing not for just a few months but for at least a year and maybe even a couple years at a minimum. The reason I say this is because your average affiliate blogger from what I noticed will write a few blogs and within a few months quit because they see no sales.

Typically a blogger will have to stay the course for over a year and up to 18 months before they start seeing some results. By results I mean getting organic traffic and comments to their blog which will equate to sales. That’s because it takes that long for your blog to really get noticed.

2 You need to stay engaged on your blog. I know life happens. It’s not easy sitting down and writing everyday. There’s just too many distractions. But that is what it will take for successful bloggers. You have to make a long term plan and stick to it week after week and month after month. Find things to write about that you enjoy and make it a habit to keep writing when you just don’t want to.

Take breaks but never give up, even if you only write one blog a week.

3 Find a support system. Whether it’s a blogging platform that offers a site builder and a forum based member chat help, use it! This is what helped me stay the course as a blogger.

Keep in mind no blogging platform is perfect and you will have to work at building your own blog you can do it easier with some support. Check out my review on the platform I use here.

4 Don’t compare yourself to others! Now, this is something a lot of bloggers do. They start blogging on a platform with other bloggers and compare themselves. This is not the way to become successful. Make your blog your own and work it at what feels comfortable for you. If there is training involved like the one I use make sure you go through the lessons and don’t rush it!

Newbie bloggers have a tendency to want instant success and that makes the road very tough. Take your time and go it at your own speed, your own style and learn your own way what works best for you.

5  Look at your blog as an ongoing success story. Because if you are consistent it will become just that! And since it’s not really a nine to five job you can do it on your own terms. Before you know it time will pass, your blog will build and you will definitely get noticed on the net by others looking to embark on their own journey blogging.

Ready…Set…Go!start - What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?

There you have it. Five steps to becoming a successful blogger in the affiliate industry. While there are a lot more tips I could give you, these are the basics of what will help you move forward. Blogging for income as an affiliate really is a great way to earn online and anyone regardless of how old you are can do this. I started in my 40’s after a career of military and manual jobs so if I can do it anyone can.

And so can you. You too can be a success if you follow through, enjoy what you are blogging about and look to the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak.

Check out this link on building your own traffic producing website.

I hope this little blog helped you get an idea of what it will take to become a success in the blogging world. Sure, there are hurdles to jump but in my experience it’s not those who are necessarily smarter that find the most success rather it’s those who stay the course and are consistent.

To Your Blogging Success


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15 thoughts on “What Makes For Successful Affiliate Bloggers?”

  1. Google loves content and you are right about be consistent, there is a lot of work at the start but it can be very rewarding. At what point do you suggest to use affiliate marketing on your blog?, because at the beginning if you don´t have traffic it can have a negative effect on your affiliate partnership as Amazon, because if you subscribe with them and you don´t sale nothing in 6 months they cancel your subscription.

    1. Thanks for the comment Ruben. I didn’t start adding Amazon links until I had over 100 blog posts. Its not easy gaining sales on new sites so I’m would consider that.

  2. Your tip on consistency is a huge one. If everyone could just be successful after a couple months of blogging well everyone would do it, right? It takes time and you have to stick with it. When you do, Google recognizes quality content and you start to be EXACTLY where you always wanted getting the traffic your posts deserve.

    Nice tips 🙂

  3. Hi David,

    I think you hit the nail on the head with consistency and staying the course for as long as it takes. Not as easy as it sounds but your post keeps it real and provides the encouragement needed to build a successful blog. Thanks for a great read!

  4. Great post, I agree with everything you’ve said!

    Success takes time!

    Comparing yourself to others will only hurt yourself and therefore your progress. Not that you shouldn’t look at others work and evaluate what they are doing to be successful.

    Thanks for putting this together!

    1. No problem man. I’d rather put out info that’s true then sugar coat it. Working as an affiliate marketer takes some skill but most importantly patience and consistency. Its important to have fun too which will keep you interested. Granted its not like working a brick and mortar store or working a nine to fiver but after a while you will see results if you keep at it. Best to you!

  5. I am also a newbie and actually, I am not a patient guy. I know that this will take my time but is there a time rule for success? For example, I have been blogging for 11 months and did not get the results which I desired. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. Thanks for the comment. I would definitely take a look at making some changes by going back over your content, web design and structure of your site. Do you offer a good product? Are you blogging consistently? What about keywords and are you inserting them in each post? I would have someone take a look at it and maybe give you some structural criticism. It can’t hurt. Best to you and hope things turn around soon for you. Dave

  6. I think these are great tips. I started my blog over two years ago and haven’t looked back. The naysayers, the haters and the doubters can all kick rocks. Do what feels right and most importantly, write about something you have some passion for!

  7. Yea. I agree. Haters and doubters, I steer clear. Writing does take time and the who process involves patience but if you stick out out your will be unsuccessful. Unfortunately I think only about 10% of the population has the patience or willingness to keep at it if they start. Sad but that’s what I have noticed. That’s why the ones who stick it out for a long time make it and those who quit keep stating over with that new quick dollar maker which never pans out. Live and learn I guess. Thanks for the comment !

  8. Great tips. I’ve only been trying blogging for about 2 months & you have given me the incentive to see it through. Everything you say is so true. I think 2 months is like that wall they say you hit when running a marathon. You either break through and carry on or stop because it’s to big to break down !
    Cheers keep up the good advice

    1. True. Its kind of hard to hear that its going to take a while but that is half the battle. You really need to look at this long term or you probably shouldn’t bother even starting. Thanks for the comment!

  9. Absolutely. The main difference between successful bloggers and unsuccessful bloggers is one thing only. That is a commitment to your blog, prioritizing your blog. You can’t just half heartedly post a blog once a month. If you are committed and consistent, you will succeed. It’s a long term thing you need to be in for for the long term.

    1. Yep you said it. But its amazing how many people do start and still quit before their website even begins getting traffic. Its really pretty amazing I have to admit. Reminds me when I went in the Marine Corps, after a week a lot of guys wanted to go home. They wanted to quit because it got too hard. Blogging is not hard. Its easy. You just have to stop talking and do it. Thanks for the comment Benjamin!

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