Is A Scam Or Legitimate Affiliate Opportunity?

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Ok, as a blogger I am always looking for programs that offer affiliate marketing training and courses. Recently I looked into the program and wanted to see if it was something worth signing up for. I really wanted to know if this was a decent program that offers anything of substance or just another scam.

 Here is what I found out.

What Does Moreniche Offers Members? is an online affiliate marketing program that offers members a few different types of products designed to help get the member on the track of making money as an affiliate marketer. Most of the products associated if not all are in the health niche. The pay a pretty hefty commission of up to 40% which is very rare. And they also offer free products to give away.  They have a pretty good solid product list that you can promote.

At first glance I noticed that they offered free courses which was a plus in my book. However, I do think that free courses almost always means there is some kind of a catch.

What comes down the road with or not I don’t know. They do offer some pretty good products which basically offer users the ability to work with WordPress websites and a pretty complete training manual. At first glance this looks to be a pretty enticing program to get started with. I also noticed that the company has offices in both the USA and the UK. Whether that has any bearing on the legitimacy I really can’t say.

Products vary on Moreniche and they do offer a pretty good program for affiliate marketing. They have digital marketing training, getting started with Facebook Ads and Insta Basics. To learn more about the training go here. 

Here is a list of products on you can access. Just click the highlighted text to check them out.

Immune Defence

Crazy Bulk

Male Extra





Bauer Nutritian


Forskolin 250

The above products are all health related. For most you can get an idea of what they are by the name of them. The products, I have not tried them. They are offered by merchants connected to Moreniche. You can do what you want with them. Promote them through Moreniche, buy them or not. The good thing about this company is the offer products in the health care industry that may actually help users. And the company has been around since 1999 which is a good thing. I have trust it the company as of right now

The products are what will make you a commission and that’s how Moreniche makes their money as well. I did not have to pay money to sign up.

Moreniche products

What’s The Real Deal Here?

To put it simply Moreniche has two things to offer. They have training. I don’t think they have a web builder, keyword tool or real extensive training in the affiliate marketing industry. You can learn the basics and then just promote Moreniche merchants products and gain a commission. It’s pretty simple but honestly, some of us need simple.

For the record I do have an affiliate account with Moreniche but I am a Wealthy Affiliate member. I review many different companies, apps and affiliate programs which I find interesting. Hopefully, I can pass on some helpful stuff to you who read my articles. Moreniche does and did not give me anything for writing this review.

Is Moreniche It A Scam?

Moreniche is not a scam. I checked out some of the reviews on this company and it seems legit. Furthermore, they have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 and that’s very good. Moreniche reviews

What Do I Think About

I would personally recommend Moreniche because they have good products, some decent affiliate marketing training and the sign up is free. I think it’s best for newbies affiliate marketers. But, that’s ok because we all have to start somewhere.

I will say that regardless of what company you choose to learn or promote products with, the industry can be very competitive and you should have some knowledge of writing and promoting products. For the newbies who know absolutely nothing about content, SEO and promoting, I would check out a more full in depth option in training.

As I said I am a Wealthy Affiliate member and learned everything I have on their platform. I have been with them nearly five years now. It’s not a get rich scheme, just a way to learn how to earn commissions off of products you review. Either way, whether you choose the easy platform, Moreniche or want to learn on a more complete training platform like Wealthy Affiliate, the choice is yours and neither is a bad one if you want to get into the business.

So, before you go please check out my honest review of the platform I trained on to become successful at affiliate marketing. CLICK HERE

Do me a favor and leave a comment or questions below about below. I will try and find the answers. And if you’re looking to get into affiliate marketing, leave me a message too. I’ll help you get started.

Here’s To Your Success!

15 thoughts on “Is A Scam Or Legitimate Affiliate Opportunity?”

  1. thanks dave for being so honest about moreniche company,but it seems you like better wealthy affiliate program ,it that because you promote what ever you like or they are legit company as well?
    my question is : how you get an income through wealthy affiliate ? and how it took you to see it and what do you recomand to start with as niche ?
    my email:

  2. Hi Omar. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to earn with your website with affiliate links to.other’s products or you can sell your own. The platform has everything you need to get started like the site builder, hosting, keyword tool, tons of training, member support, tech support. I could go on. But the key is to think of this as a long term project for your future and not a get rich quick scheme. Try the free sign-up and start building your website and see how it goes. Ask a lot of questions but get an idea of how affiliate marketing works first and then go for it! Thanks for the comment Omar and how this helped!

    1. More niche actually has some good qualities and I would encourage anyone to look further into this opportunity. I only chose not to because I have been with a platform that works for me for a few years now. Had I not found the Wealthy Affiliate, may have been the next choice. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Okay…that is good to know about moreniche…I had no idea. It looks like you would kind of be stuck selling for the merchants on their platform – or at least most of your time would be consumed with that work. That would be my concern anyway. Good info on Wealthy Affililate, thanks!

    1. I would definitely look further into if you find it to be interesting. I did not sign up only because I use the Wealthy Affiliate and it has worked for me quite well. Thanks for the comment Donna.

  4. I will say that following a specified training program, such as wealthy affiliate, has really helped me stick with consistent blogging. Prior to that, it was hit or miss. I wasted a lot of time and made next to nothing. A good affiliate course will lead you to success.

    1. You nailed it spot on Melinda. Affiliate marketing does take work but the better the training, the better the results and chances of you sticking with it. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hey David! Lately I’ve been wandering if I should really join this site or no, and I am glad to see your post which I loved to read. Thank you for sharing it with us.

    However, my question is: How recommended is for a newbie on the business?


  6. Hey David! Lately I have been wandering if I should join or not and I am glad I found your post. It was a pleasure to read.

    However, my question is: Is moreniche recommended for a newbie in the industry?


    1. Hey Hekuran. I would think it’s more geared towards those who have at least some experience. I chose the Wealthy Affiliate because I honestly had no clue how things worked and I wanted to join a company that had been around for a while and didn’t cost a whole bunch. I don’t like things that are vague. But yea, I would think MoreNiche would be better for someone with some experience but that’s just my opinion. Best and thanks for the comment!

  7. Hello David. Thank you for the great review. I feel myself I would not be happy with this platform it sounds as if they would be pushing more to sell their products offered which would leave me the feeling of not being able to work a niche I would like. That’s not to say that others may be happier with that type of platform. Thank you again for the review.

    1. No problem David. I don’t want to diss this opportunity either. There are some very good attributes to this platform and I would suggest anyone checking it out to really look at it in full. Thanks for the comment and I wish you the best!

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