My Points Survey And Opinion Program. Is This One A Winner?

Chance are you have checked out some of the many opinion and survey programs online. But have you found any that work? Today I decided to take a look at the My Points program and what I found out may be of interest.

What Is The My Points Program?

Obviously, if you have ever checked out a survey for money program, you have probably found them to be something that sets of the “Scam Radar” or the “Waste Of Time Radar” which is understandable. So many of these things pop up online and turn out to be total scams or wastes of time. I get pretty annoyed when I try one of them and it’s designed to just take your money by getting you to go through some kind of “process” to collect on them. That process usually means you have to sign up for this or that Rewards Scheme and then put in a credit card that won’t be charged unless you cancel within 30 days. Really? That’s what I call a major hustle!

My Points is one of those programs that on the outside looks similar. You earn points and cash for completing surveys, answering emails, playing games, etc. You have to buy something to earn points in a lot of the stuff they got available and that set off a red flag for me. To qualify you have to purchase something and that kind of defeats the whole purpose I would think of you trying to make a buck. Below is what the rewards looks like. d40784283283768e02e72bd1c392b532 cropped - My Points Survey And Opinion Program. Is This One A Winner?

Yea, so not so impressive but it says it’s been online for the last 22 years as of this writing so I don’t know. If you read the fine print which I highly suggest, you have to complete a qualifying purchase before you can earn rewards. I guess you can take that however you want.

The signup process for this My Points deal is pretty simple too. You don’t really have to do much, just an email and name and you’re in. Take a look at this review I found on the program and let me know what you think. CLICK HERE

Now after doing some research I found one user that said after using My Points for over a decade spent 22 K on purchases and was rewarded with 5 K back. I only wonder how many little knick knack purchases he had to do to spend that much. I don’t think it’s like buying a car with a few grand off. No, this means you get points back for purchases through Amazon and other online venues that sell games for Xbox, cheap yoga pants, Chia Heads, stuff like that.Stuff I don’t need.

This doesn’t mean it’s a total scheme or scam though. In my research I actually found that My Points sits high on the review scale. People actually like the program in general. It scored about a 4 out of 5 which was kind of impressive.

Would I Do My Points?

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Ehhhh, I doubt it, but that’s only because my days of getting all stoked about buying little trinkets and stuff is pretty much gone. I just don’t see the purpose in impulse buying stuff unless it’s something like..well….underwear or deodorant. Lol

But I do know that a lot of people may want to earn some points and cash for stuff they buy for kids or grandkids or whatever, a pet iguana. For those people My Points may be worth checking out. I have heard that some people do fairly well with these types of internet (uhhh hem) legal programs. But then I have know people who made a killing dumpster diving too. It’s all what floats your boat.

Are You Trying To Earn Online Or Jumping From Scheme To Scheme?

I don’t want to shoot My Points down at all, in fact I think it could be a good way for some people to make some money. I just don’t think it’s something that I personally would do. I am more in to creating a business online which is what I have been doing for the past few years by blogging on this website. What do I do? I research other online programs that are out there are try and find ones that are the best and some that aren’t worth the paper they are written on.

From my experience if you really want to make a living online I suggest building your own website and offering a service or products. And that’s the way I make money. I offer readers a way to earn online by building their own website in affiliate marketing. For me it’s proven to be fun and I have made some decent commissions doing it.

How Did I Get Started And Is It Easy For Anyone To Do?

I started by joining Wealthy Affiliate back in 2016. It’s a company that teaches people how to make a living by selling products and services to others. And it can be anything from selling snow skis to offering services to paint your toenails. I promote the learning platform which teaches people how to become affiliate marketers. HERE is the link to check it out.

Another thing I learned in the online business world is success is dependant on how much you put into your business. If you put an hour a day in, you will get an hours pay for your work. If you’re serious and want to really become successful, you need to put the time in. And that’s the way businesses work all over. You get what you put it.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything you need to learn how to become successful at affiliate marketing with lessons, videos, a site builder and free hosting and a free keyword tool. What you do with all of that is up to you but if you keep building your website out, eventually you will become successful. You just can’t throw in the towel because it may be at that point that you are on the brink of success. bdea2efbf5a4f02693fd0007bd102547 cropped - My Points Survey And Opinion Program. Is This One A Winner?

Above is what I made using Wealthy Affiliate’s affiliate marketing program in just a few days. Not a whole lot but it’s passive income that anyone can make. It just takes some time and effort to start making money once you learn how to blog on your website. If you are looking to earn with MY POINTS, it may happen but maybe not. With Wealthy Affiliate you will make money if you are serious and want to build a website that is successful. The sky really is the limit and it’s easy to do. 

The choice is yours obviously to go with what works for you but for me building my own website has been far more rewarding than working for others or trying to make some passive income by doing surveys or opinion posts. It really all depends on what works for you. If you are looking for a legit way to make an income by building your own website it can’t hurt to check out Wealthy Affiliate. HERE’S the link again. 

To Your Success!

8 thoughts on “My Points Survey And Opinion Program. Is This One A Winner?”

  1. Hi that’s a great and quite fair review of yet another time consuming survey site. I can say for sure even a legit survey site is not going to pay much. However you hit the nail in the head when you talk about WealthyAffiliate. I would ask you, if one was to sign up, how long roughly does it take to start earning money from affiliate marketing? Thanks. 

    1. Thanks for the comment Kenny. Honestly, it took me about three months before I saw anything in return when building my website but now it’s making money regularly. I have been working on it for three years. Now, if I had put more time into it I may be seeing more income, in fact I know I would. Some catch on quickly, others not so quick so I think it depends on the individual. The good news is anyone can learn how to do it if they just keep learning.

  2. Hello there. Thanks for sharing My Points Survey and Opinion Program. I think this Programme is similar to some other Programmes like Ebates where we can save some money while buying things online. I think it should be a winner for those that do a lot of shopping online and want to save some money while shopping.

    I saw you talked about Wealthy Affiliate. How sure are you that I will do well with Wealthy Affiliate and how long does it take to start making money doing business with Wealthy Affiliate?

    1. Hey Barry. It really depends on how much you put into it. If you look at this website, it has about 400 posts on it and is three years old. And it is still considered relatively small however that doesn’t mean a new site can’t be successful. Some people start making money in their first month. It depends on the niche you choose, how well you connect with your readers and how motivated you are. Thanks for the comment and feel free to ask me more questions if you need to. 

  3. Hey Dave,

    Thanks for the review. It’s great to know more about MyPoints, I’ve always wondered if the program was of good quality or not. I usually don’t trust these kind of products, but it seems that for once this one is not a scam.

     By the way, I’m also a member of Wealthy Affiliate but don’t earn as much as you earn, so… props to you! You did a great job with your website. Keep it up!

    1. Thanks so much Ben! Well, I have been at this for three years now. I am glad I joined when I did and kept pushing through. It’s fun too. I wish you much success!

  4. Good day,

    Thank you for the article, lots of information. The article is a little long but very interesting and informative.

    WOW, you actually have earnings, how long have you been with WA?  What are you doing to get all these?

    So this earnings is by giving your comments and opinions about?  I understand and it’s a little annoying but

    This is a full time job. For a person like me that has two jobs and a family to care for the most I can give is 

    About 2 hrs some of the days of the week. I am working on my website and try to do all the things here at

    WA like: give comments, do a blog in WA, take the course/lessons, create articles for my website, do product 

    Review for the product I use and know and suggests. Yes at time it a little frustrating but I always hope I 

    am going in the right direction. 

    Can you give me some tips on how to do more with the less time I have. I do use a schedule and a Passion 

    Planner to get my items done for WA and website but maybe I am missing something. Would greatly 

    Appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you for your article and very best on your endeavors,

    Lady Esther 

    1. Hey Esther. I have been with WA for three years. It took me three months before I saw anything and a full year before I could see that it was worth keeping at it. It takes time but it can be done. It depends how much time you can devote as well as how dedicated you are, how well you connect with readers, etc. Like anything in life I guess. The key is to keep moving forward no matter how slow you go. Hope that helps and I thank you for the comment Esther.

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