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You’re blogging daily and trying to see some results but nothing really seems to be happening. You just can’t seem to get any sales or conversions on your website and you feel like quitting. What do I say to that? Just Quit! No seriously. I mean if you aren’t seeing any results than maybe you should quit. Maybe just maybe you aren’t cut out for all this. So Quit.

Obviously, if you’re blogging and trying to earn an income at it you may be going about it the wrong way. But before you throw in the towel I have compiled a list of reasons why your blog is a disaster or while it may seem like a good blog you aren’t making any money. Here goes.

1 You try to hard to sell a product. If you feel like you are blogging into oblivion and trying to sell a product than look at what you are selling. Is it something people can use? Is it worth what you are selling it for? Do you believe in what you are pushing on people? If any of these things don’t add up to your true expectations you need to move on to something else.

You don’t know how to connect with an audience.  Remember in school when you were taught about presentations and delivering a speech? The same rules apply to blogging. If you don’t know how to write content that has a purpose and direction you will lose readers. Consider taking a writing class or learn how to write with intent before you start spewing words on paper or your computer editor. Check out this informative video and blog on writing with intent. It may just open up your eyes to what you are missing. Writing With Intent

You don’t believe in what you are selling. We all remember the pet rock. You know whoever thought this up probably did it as a joke at first and then kablam…the thing sold like hotcakes. Here is an instance where sure the product was pretty funny as a gag gift and the person may have not thought it would sell but it did and made the person rich. Pretty funny actually. Think about what you are selling and if you don’t believe in it then do something different.

4) You don’t have time to write. Really? I mean how long does it take to write a blog? 20 minutes? Tops and hour? If you have the time to comment on all the rediculous Facebook post online then you can certainly blog for an hour. And that’s all it takes to write a decent blog. Otherwise you really should quit blogging or you may need to keep practicing. Find the time to write a blog at least a couple times a week and your blog may just take off. And that’s something to be excited about. Check out this article on blogging taking too much time. Blog takes too much time?

5) You don’t use available resources. I am totally guilty of this. I just can’t seem to realize that no man is an island. I have often felt that way but I encourage you not too. In fact you can’t do everything by yourself. It’s an impossibility. It really is. So, if you are using a platform to blog on that’s great but also connect with like minded people to make that blog a success.

Don’t Give Up Just Because You Cangiveup - You Need To Stop Blogging. Here's Why

You don’t need to give up blogging just yet but I would suggest learning how to blog effectively and use a platform that works before throwing in the towel. I had the same problems when I first started blogging and I quit a few times. I just didn’t want to keep trying so hard and see no results. I checked around online for some blogging platforms that taught what I needed to learn to blog effectively and market a product. It was not easy but it did make sense after a while. I would suggest checking some blogging books before really diving in full bore into an income making blog. I have a few listed here that I recommend. Blogging Books

Use A Platform That Works For Bloggersoffice - You Need To Stop Blogging. Here's Why

I’ll be honest. There are alot of blogging programs out there that claim to be able to help you make an income. My only problem is the price on some of these is way overpriced. I mean to the point of being an outright rip off. I chose one that actually taught me everything I needed to know to start blogging but I did have to do the majority of the work. I only used the platform as a tool to learn and get support through my blogging venture. And it does work but only because I learned how to use the tools. It’s not for everyone and I don’t recommend it for people who just want a quick buck.

This is for long term blogging business seekers. I won’t say it’s free. It isn’t. It cost $49.00 a month but the first week is free to check it out. And the first month is only $19.00. It is perhaps the best put together training program for bloggers in the world right now and many people are successful at it. If you think you’re ready to actually earn as a blogger I would try it out for free. Give it a week and see what happens. Click here. Learn And Earn At Blogging


2 Comments on You Need To Stop Blogging. Here’s Why

  1. Hi, David!

    I have been blogging for a while and aren’t seeing the desired income I want. But after reading about what you’ve said on blogging, I think maybe I do need to change my approach because money is always at the forefront of mind instead of “value”.

    I think I need to try harder at making that connection with my audience and helping them with their own needs. 🙂

    Giving up is not in me because when you’re hungry for online success as a blogger and affiliate marketer, and you need that financial freedom, it keeps you on track.

    But for those who do throw in the towel so soon, it’s as good as giving up on their goals and dresms.

    Thanks for your guidance, and that blogging platform is certainly what I’m in need of.


    • Yea, it’s a fine dance I guess. If you can forget about the money aspect and try and focus on putting out some helpful tips that works best. It’s hard if you find yourself with little to offer I would think but learning that this life is a give and take platform helps me. Lol. I have worn quite a few hats in my life but what works best now is slow and steady versus go go go. The Wealthy Affiliate lets you learn at your own pace. The consistency no matter how slow you go is what’s important. Best and thanks for the comment! Dave

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