I Need Job Now! Are You Crying Yourself To Sleep?

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You need a job right? Are you screaming I Need Job Now!? Well, hate to break it to you but that’s just not gonna happen overnight. Why do you say? Well, let’s see for you can’t seem to get a job people. If you apply for a job there are a couple things that need to happen. The first is you have to get yourself a background check from the company. Even jobs that pay 8.00 an hour in the U.S. are going to have you do a background check. Then you have to go through the company orientation that requires you to listen to some long boring speech about what the company policies are, what the H.R. does and how you will be getting paid, what’s expected of you and bla,bla bla. (more…)

How Do You Build Website Free For Affiliate Marketing Income?

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You probably found this website while looking to increase your income. And as you know, many people are struggling to make ends meet all over the world. Because of this many of us are scouring the internet looking for programs that offer an answer to that problem. But what would you think is the best way to get started and where are there some build website free platforms? Are there any?

There are but you are going to have to find them.

I say this because if you look at alot of the different options out there for building websites, you will find a gazzilion of them. And yes, they say they are free but there’s a catch. First, many of these web building companies will try and upgrade you to a “better” website or if they are completely free, they don’t offer the tools you need to get your website seen by search engines. The result is you may end up paying for something you don’t really need or you may end up with a website that looks ok but is worthless as far as coming up in search engines. And this is bad especially if you’re looking at making an income with affiliate marketing.  (more…)

Looking For Work Home Online Opportunities? This Is The Way To Do It!

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You’re looking for work home online opportunities but don’t really know where to start right? What do you do? Most people I have noticed try a bunch of different online opportunities only to get jaded and quit thinking everything is a scam. But some people don’t see things that way and they don’t look at their business as a way to just make a quick buck. To actually earn online you need to get away from that type of thinking.

What do you do then?

First off, it’s important to view working at home as something you want to do. Not something you have to do. That’s why when you choose what you will be doing working at home be sure it’s something you can see yourself doing for months and years. I mean what would you be doing otherwise? Sitting around waiting for something to happen? Working a low paying job that’s totally frustrating, bad for the back and an overall pain right? Who needs that.

Ironically, many younger people now when asked what they want to do in life say they want to make “Quick Money”. Ok. That’s fine too but I doubt that attitude will generate much money unless of course you try and run some scam and then you will eventually get outed anyway.

You need to find something you like doing. Like blogging or vlogging. How many people are making huge bucks running blogs on Utube? A whole lot of them. And why are they making so much money? Because they put the cart behind the horse and not the other way around. They have a passion, work hard at it and eventually that passion helps to make them money.

The same applies to you and I too for that matter.

What’s hot in today’s market place for work home online opportunities? Affiliate blogging is mega hot right now. Big time. I know people who are making six and seven figures just writing blogs and sending visitors to products and services they are looking for. And yes, they are getting sales and yes some are getting rich off their efforts. But, it all started with a passion to help people with what they were looking for.

Affiliate Marketing Works If You Do It Rightbc4510c9b9a29f5d754fb1fb0432e9b01549291156 cropped - Looking For Work Home Online Opportunities? This Is The Way To Do It!

Some say that online marketing is done, finished, washed up. I beg to differ. For those who are serious about earning online, many have found some serious success with affiliate marketing. They don’t even have to leave the house to do it either. It’s a business you can do at home in your spare time when you want.

What’s the best way to start an affiliate marketing business? Learn and build on one platform. Don’t use a bunch of different services that will hike up your overhead. Start small and scale your business but a word of warning. If you want to keep it as a work at home business, try and keep it all under one roof meaning don’t go outsourcing everything and try and cut corners. Sure, it takes work but you will appreciate the effort you put in and it will show down the road.

What’s the best platform to learn on?

Wealthy Affiliate has been what I have used for three years of builiding my affiliate websites. It is an easy platform to learn and build your website on. The hosting is there for free, the site support. the site builder, a high end keyword tool. You name it, when it comes to affiliate marketing and learning the ropes, this is the go to platform.

Right now is the time to join if you’re serious about starting your own affiliate marketing business. You don’t want to wait until the time is right if you can. If you act now, you can get in on Wealthy Affiliate and learn and build your business in no time. Fiirst week is free and first month after that is just $19.00. You get all of the benefits of a high quality site builder and free hosting. You get Free tech support 24/7 and access to a very active affiliate marketing community. I can’t even begin to explain here what you get on the platform that will catapult you to affiliate marketing success.

But it’s not for tire kickers, not at all. It’s for people like you who are serious about making either passive income or a full time income. I started three years ago and my site has been making an income for two of those years. The first year I worked hard, learned from my mistakes but now it is generating a decent income for me. And that is what most of us in the work at home industry are looking for. Wealthy Affiliate helps you achieve that.

Don’t Knock It Till’ You Try It!85d349b17c81dc737fa0a907870c56b31549291230 cropped - Looking For Work Home Online Opportunities? This Is The Way To Do It!

You will always find negative people out there who call everything under the sun a scam. Always. To them I say, go see a therapist because that’s probably what they need. You can put a positive spin on anything if you look for it, look for the negative and that’s what you will get.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for a full 13 years, helping people just like you start and succeed at their own affiliate marketing business. In fact the owners are very active in the online community and are always popping in to offer help in the online chat. It’s a very active platform. But, the work is up to you. You have to build the website, pick your own niche and be proactive in making your website a success. The help is there but you need to follow the courses, videos and of course the advice of some of the more seasoned marketers you will meet on the platform.

I can say that Wealthy Affiliate has to be for me and many others the best way to start an onlie business from home. It doesn’t cost anything up front to check out so there’s no reason not to give it a look. If you want to stay that’s great and I think if you do check this platform out you will decide to stay. It’s a way to earn at home and that’s a sure fire way out of the ratrace!


Ready To Learn Affiliate Marketing? You Can With The Right Tools!

Looking To Build An Affiliate Marketing Business? c6a57cb7861be6beeca2d0e57e51a3081548435737 cropped - Ready To Learn Affiliate Marketing? You Can With The Right Tools!

Are you looking and ready to learn affiliate marketing? Have you been wanting to look into it for a long time but don’t know where to start? Are you ready to change your life for the better?

As an affiliate marketer for over three years now, I will tell you that there is really no time like now to get started. It’s relatively easy to learn HERE and I have found success through some work and dedication. While it’s not a quick buck that some people think, if you learn the right way you can and will be successful.

What is affiliate marketing? That’s pretty simple. Affiliate marketing is simply building a website and adding links to your content and making sales. The niche you choose can be virtually anything from skateboarding to cooking. Building the website is easy as there no longer is the need to learn coding or html or anything technical. You build the website, add content that’s relevant to you niche and promote your website.

Now is the best time to get in on this industry because there is no limit to what you can promote with Amazon, Clickbank and other affiliate programs wanting people to promote their products. And what’s more is you don’t have to carry any inventory. All products are shipped direct from the affiliate company.

How Do You Get Started?f1bcaa4da44ae8df70148221892d4f251548435685 cropped - Ready To Learn Affiliate Marketing? You Can With The Right Tools!

If you’re ready to start selling on your own website, the best thing to do is to get busy building your site. I used Wealthy Affiliate because it’s simple and easy to learn on and build the website on too. You don’t have to overthink things because it’s all laid out for you step by step.

If you take a look at this website I created you will see that I promote Wealthy Affiliate for new affiliate marketers. But you can build a website on any topic and make comissions on it if you just go through the training. It’s been proven to make a lot of people a great passive income by making commissions. You can do it and Wealthy Affiliate makes it easy.

The best advice I can give anyone starting out with affiliate marketing is to take it slow, learn all you can and apply what you learn. There is no easy way to do this but to just get busy doing it. The good news is Wealthy Affiliate’s learning platform is pretty easy to understand. There is no big thing to understand. It’s a simple step by step platform that helps people learn and build an affiliate marketing website. 4f58bd214f2b7e7818dbb33539be7a7b cropped 1548435223 - Ready To Learn Affiliate Marketing? You Can With The Right Tools!

Earn Commissions Promoting Wealthy Affiliate

See that above screen shot? That’s just some of the recurring sales I make each month for Premium members who join the platform. You don’t have to do that route but you can if you want. There are a number of ways you can earn with the platform like building websites for people, teaching others how to blog, or even writing people’s content. And of course you can focus on building your own website like I did.

The sky really is the limit with Wealthy Affiliate. If you want to get in on affiliate marketing this is the learning and building platform you need.

How do you sign up? By signing up with Wealthy Affiliate and learning the ropes. Just like I did three years ago. And I am still learning! Need help with your website? Ask me and I will help.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost? Sign up is free and you get two free websites with hosting. But if you want to continue after one week and learn affiliate marketing with the courses it cost $19.00 the first month and then $49.00 per month thereafter. If you promote the platform only, you can earn $23.50 for each member who signs up. And free members can earn commissions as well.

The choice is yours but Wealthy Affiliate can help you get on the road to building a high quality website that people will go to. And you can make sales if you stay dedicated. Need help, I’m there for you. Take the leap and change your future today. SIGN UP HERE!

Why You Should Learn Online Affiliate Marketing In 2019

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Stuck In A Rut? Learn Affiliate Marketing Online!

There are many people in 2019 quietly suffering with finances, trying desperately to make ends meet. And to compound the issue, many of these same people are turning to the internet to find relief from all kinds of problems by starting an online business. But what the heck kind of business can you do in 2019 that will actually make you money, enough to sustain yourself? For those who are serious about turning their lives around, affiliate marketing just may be the ticket and you can easily be one of them.

Why do I think affiliate marketing is the way to go for people to make money from home? Because think about it. Now more than ever we have a generation of people who are no longer looking for work outside of the home. These people are either disabled, retired or in between jobs and they are getting older. That’s ok, we all are and I am one of them now 55 years old.

Does this mean that older people can’t make money from home? Not at all! In fact as an older worker, you have aquired skills that can spell out a whole new career for you, part time working from home. There is no manual effort needed, you don’t even need to know any technical information to get started. (more…)