Do You Like To Blog?

th 5 - Do You Like To Blog?
Writing Away!

We live in a strange world where blogging for income is possible. While there are still tons of brick andd mortar stores out there selling retail products, it’s important to see the potential these stores have for bloggers. Blogging for companies is big business but and may be something you can excel at.

On the flip side many people make a living by letting the blogs generate income for them. This type of business works by letting someone else write the blogs and the company  makes money off people who click the blog post or link on the post. This type of business can generate long term income for the company.

Whatever you decide to do, whether its write your own content or have someone write it for you, it’s pretty simple to get a blogging business up and running. If you work hard and consistently you will see results!

I have been blogging for companies for close to five years writing blogs about products and services. I have probably written well over a thousand blogs and find it to be educationaland financially rewarding. It really can be fun! I also write blogs on my own time promoting Amazon products. This too is a rewarding endeavor and it could be for you too. See here for more info!  Click To Earn

Refining Your Blogging Skills

th - Refining Your Blogging Skills
Don’t let blogging drive you crazy!

Blogging is a relatively simple process. You start writing about a certain interest and eventually post to your website. But what if you are writing blogs for someone else or maybe even a blogging business of your own? Would you know if your blogs are written well enough for your client or to gain traffic to your business? Here’s a couple tips to refining your blog posts!

  1. For starters think about the more simple aspects of your blogging work. Is your blog written in the right font size? Generally you will want to use the 12 point font for your blog. Personally I use 13 point for my Title of the blog and make it bold. Secondly are you using spell check once your blog is finished? This is the most common error of writers and is easily fixed. Always use your spell check!
  2. If you are writing for clients always be in the know of what content they want! This is so important. When I first started blogging for companies, I failed to contact the client if I had questions. Big Mistake!
  3. When blogging for clients ask them for additional links and information when they submit their request for work. Links can be a useful source and give you an idea of what exactly the buyer is looking for in the content.
  4. Always write original work! There’s no way around it and if you try and cheat you will get caught and lose work and your reputation!  This is often the root of many problems when blogging for a living. Nobody like copied information in blogs, they want it original and with the writers own style.

These are just a few tips which may help you on your road to a successful blogging career. There are many more but by abiding by these few your chances of becoming a top notch blogger will increase threefold! Happy Writing!    WorkAtHome


New Blogging Product For Entrepreneurs

Ok, as you probably already know if you have checked out this website you know I review products designed to help you move forward as a blogger. Listen, there is no shortage of demand for quality bloggers out there. Website owners need people who can write. So, if this is your niche you need to get your hands on the best blogging tools out there.

Amazon lists a wide number of blogging products designed to help you become a better writer. From tips on how to engage your client to information about marketing tactics there are a ton of books out there designed for you to succeed. Your job is to simply learn all you can but it doesn’t have to happen overnight. In fact the key to becoming a top notch in demand content writer is to practice and learn from your mistakes.

I found another low cost book that I think could be a blogging entreprenuers dream. This book covers practically everything you need to get started on your blogging career. It’s 79 pages and has tons of positive 4-5 star reviews. I think this one is a winner for newbie bloggers. Take a look here.

Using Videos In Your Blog Posts For Stay At Home Workers

thPMCTGEUN - Using Videos In Your Blog Posts  For Stay At Home Workers
Videos Help Your Business!

Using a video in your blog post can also increase your daily views especially if it’s interesting and on topic. If the video is clear and not grainy your chances of success are greater too. Videos add a more interative aspect to your blog as well. If you do video reviews of products you may find yourself climbing the ranks and your blog post traffic increasing.

Adding video is easy especially if you use WordPress as your writing platform. You simply go to Add Media and choose the video file. Your video will appear in your posts. Personally I only use video when I need to show how something is actually done. But video is a great way to add to your blog posts.

I found a book that can help you to increase your views by using video in your daily blog posts. This book also covers all other areas of blogging from social media to writing unique quality content. It also has high ratings on Amazon with 4-5 stars. If you’re looking for another great blogging for income book, this may be it. Check this book out here. <

Blogging About Products

If you’re a blogger that sells your blogging skills to others chances are you are going to be writing about something you may not know anything about. You may not even be interested in blogging about the product or service but think about this. If you develop a passion to find the best product out there you will find your success will increase. Don’t write about something you don’t endorse. So, when clients want you to write an article on something you don’t think is a good product or service, just decline the offer. Simple and to the point.

I like to check out what people ask me to blog about before agreeing to do the work. Let’s face it there’s alot of junk out there on the market that probably shouldn’t be for sale. Blogging about something I think is garbage is not in my game plan so I refuse to do it. Be selective in what products you choose to blog about and you will find yourself in a happier place on your blogging for income endeavors. Otherwise it will feel like your just wasting your time and it definitely won’t be as rewarding even if you do reach your financial goals. That’s something to consider.