What Are The Best Jobs For People Over 50

Looking For The Best Jobs For Over 50? c68e724e5ef5609e6edd878dce8db4ff1582477862 cropped 1585439379 - What Are The Best Jobs For People Over 50

If you’re having a tough time and still looking for the best jobs for over 50, you’re not alone. In fact, times have been tough for the past ten years or more since the big market crash in 2008. If you’re going through the stay at home order right now due to the coronavirus, it’s even tougher. Maintaining six feet distance, lack of toilet paper have made survival a tough endeavor at this point. And jobs? We all know that companies have an interesting way of putting company goals ahead of employees. Unfortunately, that’s the way the ball rolls in 2020. Add to the added stress of keeping up with payments while not working, it’s enough to make a grown man cry.

But, all is not lost. Having been homeless before I have experienced the dark side of life after getting out of the U.S. Marines. Mental issues, addiction and other personal problems have a way of really breaking a person who is just trying to keep their head above water. What we are going through now reminds me of my dark days back in the late eighties.  Continue reading What Are The Best Jobs For People Over 50

Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

Make Money Affiliate Marketing With Wealthy Affiliate11d98ee3f5d80b76e1641844793563291567608278 cropped 1568231347 optimized - Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

You may have heard of affiliate marketing but did you know that this industry makes billions of dollars for affiliate marketers every year? Did you know that most people who fail only fail because they quit? And did you know that some affiliate marketers make thousands per month just promoting products? If you do and you are interested in making money affiliate marketing then this business is for you.

I won’t go on and on with all kinds of different testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate members as to how great the company is because like any opportunity there will be some of those that will call the industry and Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

And these are people who may have tried to become affiliate marketers and finally gave up after a minimal amount of effort. I was a skeptic at first too. I figured the business was for younger people who were into the whole push-button automated systems which never work and only make the first guy the money.

However, in January of 2016, I figured why not, what could it hurt trying to make money as a marketer. I wasn’t trained in the industry so obviously, I needed to learn the ropes.

 You Have To Start Somewhereda9e61b7af226f069fb88399f25780391568231386 cropped optimized - Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

I told myself I have to start somewhere either learning the business or getting a site built for me so I could have a chance at succeeding. I had nothing to lose and you may be feeling the same way. But, I will say over three years later that I did a whole bunch of work on my website and it wasn’t always easy. As I said in another blog recently, I had become a non-smoker after 30 years. I wasn’t a hardcore smoker but smoked enough to realize that yes, I was doing some damage to my body.

I quit that just like I started building my website on Wealthy Affiliate. I was done with excuses telling myself that smoking relaxed me and that I was b.s.ing myself everyday telling myself lies about how smoking helped me.

With the money I saved from not smoking I have put that back into my business and this website here. Wealthy Affiliate was a great way to distract myself from all the drama outside and keep me from going outside to smoke a cigarette. Because of not smoking and focusing on my business I now have time to go to the gym, do water aerobics and ride my bike and of course fish. While Wealthy Affiliate may not do all of that for you, it is a great way to learn affiliate marketing and start a new business for yourself.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Your Time?

Let me ask you this. Are you working full time right now? Part-time? Is your time valuable to you or do you readily get up and do things for others neglecting your own life?  I used to be like that. As an electrician, I was always ready to go work and did but when the work dried up I was left at home, with no job and no prospects. I thought the company had my back. I was so wrong.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools to learn for yourself the industry inside and out. They provide all of the training, the site-building software, a high-quality keyword tool and a member base of thousands ready to help out in live chat. They also have videos which explain in detail various topics to help you succeed.

The cost? It depends. You can start out as a free member and upgrade at $49.00 per month and have full access to all of the training and other tools or you can stay free and work with the limited account tools. You can also just stay a FREE member as long as you like and keep the free domain and hosting.  I signed up free and within two weeks I became a Premium member. And now it’s been almost four years.

How Long Before You Start Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Here is where I need to clarify some stuff. Wealthy Affiliate only teaches members how to start their own business. You won’t make money by just signing up and you will have to do some homework and of course, build your website.

I know as being a Marine Corps veteran that anything worthwhile will take work. Like quitting smoking, quitting something can be as hard as starting something. But if I have learned anything, I have learned that doing something positive beats sitting around smoking and thinking your life sucks.

Like I said before, I won’t go on and on explaining the whole ins and outs of Wealthy Affiliate right here. If you want to learn more about the program, check out my 2019 Wealthy Affiliate review which covers everything as well as how to get started. Either way, think about where you want to be in a year or two. Would you rather be a manager in a fast food restaurant getting stressed out or working for yourself as an affiliate marketer? For me after working over half my life, the choice was obvious. Wealthy Affiliate can make you a success in the industry or affiliate marketing.

Read My 2019 Wealthy Affiliate Review HERE.

Best Free Website Creator Small Business Owners Need

 The Best Free Website Creator Small Business Owners Need142ba3561e888d738f35e9671543bc071560689797 cropped 1560995452 optimized - Best Free Website Creator Small Business Owners Need

How long have you been working on your website? Or maybe you don’t have a website and need one that’s free to get started. Whatever stage of web building you are, don’t fall victim to paying high prices for a web builder that you can more than likely get for free. Why is that? Well, think about all of the websites out there today and how much do you think each one cost to create?

Many of them are created for free and you would not be able to tell the difference between a high priced site and one at rock bottom prices. In fact, there are many platforms that offer people in search of websites, a basic website at no cost at all.

What’s the catch?

That’s what you have to watch for. While these websites are free, you may find yourself being the target of multiple upgrade offers which can take that free website all the way up to a costly endeavor. What should you do if this is the case? Stay away is my suggestion. The best website creator small business owners need is what I used but I’ll get to that in a bit.

Basically, if you want a free website builder with no catches, you’re going to have to do your research. Luckily, I have had the honor of finding a site builder that’s free and it uses WordPress as the platform for web creation.

You may know already that WordPress is already free aside from having an internet connection and a computer to do your work on. But, some people may not know how to use this platform and that’s where what I found may help you. Continue reading Best Free Website Creator Small Business Owners Need

Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What’s The Best Ones?

Best Affiliate Marketing Courses286387954a890d94695dc7cc17ea1c9a cropped optimized - Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What's The Best Ones?

If you are looking for some of the best affiliate marketing courses, look no further than this blog to learn what they are. Are you driving yourself crazy trying to succeed as an affiliate marketer?

Have you been writing post after post of quality content and getting nowhere? Are you trying to do all this on your own with no success? I was, so I had to do something. I was killing myself trying to make a sale. So, I started looking at training courses.

After months of scouring different affiliate courses, programs and I’m sure some major schemes, I found Wealthy Affiliate which I thought at first may have some promise.

What I found was something that for your average person may look ok but it kind of looked like a scheme to get you to sign up for their premium option which included their affiliate marketing best courses.  Continue reading Affiliate Marketing Best Courses. What’s The Best Ones?

What”s The Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure?

Wealthy Affiliate Structure. What Is It?

I often get asked how does the Wealthy Affiliate structure works. And this is usually by people who are looking to build an affiliate marketing site on the platform. I decided to writew this short blog explaining exactly what it is and how you can make money promoting the platform and how much you will make. What’s the Wealthy Affiliate Commission Structure? Read on to find out.

To begin, you have to understand how it is you will be making commissions on the platform. Those who promote the platform will find that Wealthy Affiliate actually pays out 50% commissions on all sales of the Premium memberships. This means that for each referral you get you earn $24.50. And that commission gets paid out each and every month as long as your referrals stay a Premium member.

No where else in the affiliate marketing industry will you find this kind of commission structure. It’s virtually unheard of to earn a whopping 50% commission on promoting a high quality product like Wealthy Affiliate’s university. This high referral commission tells us that the owners of the platform are actually looking out for their members best interest. They could easily only offer 25% commissions and still have a successful business. What does this kind of percentage mean for members? It means that you can potentially make thousands of dollars per month promoting the platform. And the reality is, many members are making this kind of money on a monthly basis. Take a look on this post and lesson on the referral system put out by Kyle, one of the owners of the platform.

Pay Outs On Time Monthly!

In 14 years of running the Wealthy Affiliate referral system, payouts have been on time every month which is really pretty amazing. In my time with Wealthy Affiliate I have had my commissions paid on time every month with no interuptions. It’s really cool especially when you make your first sale.

Is all of this legit? Absolutely! I wasn’t raised to b.s anyone. Being a Marine veteran I have always tried to be true to my word and I can attest that anyone whether you are retired, disabled, between jobs or laid off can do this. I know people on the Wealthy Affiliate platform who are 18 all the way up to 80. And you know what they all are looking for? A way to create an income from home working on their own schedule. The platform offers that not only in the training but also by promoting the platform. Two ways to earn. By building your own niche website or by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

I will say that building your own business takes work and success is dependant on your efforts. But I ask you this. How hard is it to write a couple blogs a week? It takes me one hour a day to write a blog. It takes me a few minutes to post a tweet of my latest blog post allowing thousands of people to see the value of Wealthy Affiliate. And just doing that minimal effort has allowed me to make monthly commissions that are paid out on time everytime!

Give It A Shot. Earn Some Great Commissions!

Now that you know what Wealthy Affiliate is, think about your current situation. Are you in control of your financial situation? Are you happy with what you are earning? Do you think you can do better? I have a feeling you can. And the good news is you can by just doing some simple blogs promoting a platform that has an amazing value.

Not sure where to start? Simple. Just sign up with Wealthy Affiliate and start building a new website. Just give it a shot. There’s no risk and you can begin earning as soon as you get referrals or make sales in your niche. Have any questions? Email me at dave@bloggingtipsfornewbies.com and I’ll answer any questions you have, Finally, check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate HERE and you will get an idea of what this platform can do for you.