Are You Poor And Need Money? You May Just End Up That Way Forever!

  Poor And Need Money? Sucks To Be You! You ever been poor and need money and nobody wants to help you? You ever see how many people on the internet are poor and can’t


Poor And Need Money? Sucks To Be You!

You ever been poor and need money and nobody wants to help you? You ever see how many people on the internet are poor and can’t seem to get a break? And you know what happens? They go to social media and spread their problems and hate for the way things are. So, what’s my solution to all of this.

Start meditating man!

Yea, you may laugh but a well known celebrity was given the advice to start meditating when their live spiraled out of control because of some stupid prank they pulled and thought people would think it was humorous. Well, it backfired and the advice given was to start meditating. You say that’s funny? How about if you were that celebrity or maybe you are poor and don’t know where to turn. Can’t get a job. Can’t get along in the workforce. Or maybe you’re too old to keep up and you have to face some honest truths. If you can’t get a job you will more than likely be poor and need money. It’s a fact of life.  So, if that’s you check out this meditation site and get some ideas on how to calm yourself down and then come back here and keep reading. Click Here

I’ve Been There And It’s Not Fun!

Yea, I have been there, poor broke and feeling like a smashed apple. I got the weird looks from people as I walked down the street looking disheveled. I know the feeling of feeling like everyone was out to get me. I know the feeling of being flat broke and trying to scrounge up a buck for a cheap McDonald’s value burger. I know how it feels to not have anything and wanting to scream out for help. And you know what the kicker was? I wasn’t on drugs or alcohol. I had just got out of the Marine Corps and had no idea of what to do and how to get a decent job. I was instantly transformed from a United States Marine to a bum scrounging for pennies and a smoke in my old hometown by the beach. Talk about feeling jacked over!

So, what did I do? Well, eventually I got a job and even bought a house and had a kid and got married and settled down. But, when I reached about 45 and was working as an electrician something happened again. I lost the job and was getting burned out in a matter of a month. It wasn’t the work that burned me out. It was the lack of it and me being poor and needing money.


I Changed My Thinking And Expectations

I had to change my thinking. I didn’t want to go back to blue collar work. No freakin way! Long hours and work that was killing me. I was not going to go down that road again. So, I began to research how to earn online as a marketer. I heard it was a good way to earn a few bucks so I looked at some programs that taught how to do it. And then I signed up for one and it changed my life within two years. Here is what I signed up for. Click Here

You may be thinking the same thing. You’re burned out. You have no job. You don’t know what to do. So, why not learn how to write and blog for a living and become a marketer? There are tons of affiliate programs out there you can find products on. Amazon Associates is one of them. And we all know how may products Amazon has! All you have to do is pick a niche, write some articles around that niche and start promoting products through affiliate links. It’s easy to do and you don’t break your back. You don’t even have to leave the house!

Or you can keep sitting on your hands waiting for things to change. I’ll tell you what. It won’t. It just won’t until you take action. I like seeing people succeed. I like to help them too and my websites are making money now so I can stay at home.

I believe the program I use can help you if you are tired of trying stuff that doesn’t work. I am making more than I thought I would at this point but take a look at these success stories of affiliate marketers that made it using the platform I use. Click Me Here!

I don’t have to go to a J.O.B anymore. That’s not on my list of things to do. But making money by writing and promoting products and services is. So, if you can write something as simple as what I just did here, you can earn money to. Stop being a victim like I was. Take control over your life and try something new. I did it and it’s the best thing I ever did. If you’re on the fence click here to sign up and start your own business website today. It’s free to join to kick the tires and I’m willing to bet you will definitely like what you see!

Click Me Here!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think. I love hearing your thoughts!


31 thoughts on “Are You Poor And Need Money? You May Just End Up That Way Forever!

  1. Great article, you are right, If we want to be successful we need to take action, not just sit there and complain. That is what I am doing with my website, hopefully revenue starts coming soon.

  2. You are right! That is the problem with some people. They just don’t want to try to make their lives better. You have to take action to make a change. I for one have done just that very thing, and things do turn around if you want them to! I have a website that I have been maintaining for a little over a year, no revenue yet, but I know it is close around the corner. I have patience and I won’t give up!

  3. This is so very true. If you sit there waiting for something to come to you, it will not do anything and make the situation worse. In order to succeed, one has to be pro-active and commit to their objectives and goals. What is so hard in creating a website and blogging when you can potentially make money online. Your blogging or marketing a particular product will get someone interested and take your ideas seriously. The more positive you tune yourself, the higher your frequency will get to attract others; hence, law of attraction. I am currently building a website to help others through my experience and providing tips as well as engaging the users to share their experiences. We learn from each other. We adapt to new trends and technology. I have not received earnings yet through my website but that will come eventually. The point is to persist, help, guide, get feedback and grow.

    1. Very true Sam. Anything worthwhile takes effort, patience and a desire to be a part of something awesome. And you never know when your work will payoff for you in ways that may not be monetary. Just today I logged in to find more referrals to this program. And it’s because after two years I truly believe it works and it shows I hope. I think with the right positive mindset and the ability to avoid distractions anyone can succeed here. And you will too if you stick at it. I wish you the best Sam!

    1. Sometimes I can be a bit brash I know. My last employer said that. But sometimes we have to be pushed out of our comfort zone to become happy and fulfilled in life. I thank you for your comment and wish you all the success in the world Missy!

  4. what a great article, you have basically out lined what everybody has been thinking but out of all its the action in one person to ensure that the outcome meets the expectations of that individual.

    Thank you for the share very inspirational.

  5. Wow that was a brutally honest post and a bit of a kick to get started with doing something. How long did it take you to start making money online?

  6. Wow, sometimes the truth is harsh, but the truth can set you free! Great job in breaking down what you can do in order turn your life around and take control! More people should be like that!

  7. You have an inspirational story.Thank you for sharing. This will no doubt help many people to find it in themselves to take their lives into their own control. Online marketing is definitely a game changer 🙂

    All the best!

  8. I love the brutal honesty in this article. I know for me, the best way to motivate myself is with a kick in the butt with a heavy dose of reality. Setting goals and working hard to achieve them is the perfect recipe to making you dreams come true. Nothing like a motivational article like this to kick start my morning. Thanks!

  9. Great article and the absolute truth! Meditation is wonderful in helping a person visualize their destiny. But, ultimately, you have to have a positive mindset and work! You must know that things are going to work out for you, because they will with hard work and perseverance. There is a saying, “The harder I work, the luckier I get”. Yes, don’t we all. Thank you for your article and all the best to you in your life and business endeavors!

  10. The mind is powerful. At some point in our lives most of us will face financial difficulties. The key is to take action and shift your mindset. Once you shift your mindset doors will open from places you never imagined.

    Working online is definitely one of the best doors to financial freedom. There is nothing like the feeling of working for yourself and you have outlined here ways we can do that.

    Thanks for sharing.

  11. That was very helpful and certainly describes my situation at this time. I wouldn’t get discouraged, IF I saw a light at the end of the tunnel, however, that is certainly NOT guaranteed. I was shocked to read “…even if you ONLY write one blog a week …?” Only ? 18 months of writing at least one blog a week, can be tasking, but I understand that one needs to build a brand. I call it a tough way to make an easy living !

  12. Very encouraging post. It is best to fill the mind with positive thoughts, so meditation moments can help. That’s not all though, some other action is needed to make a change in the situation. Start writing is a good one, because you can share your experiences. Never know who it might help.

  13. That is really incredible wisdom. I will start to apply it to my own life. It is so important to be constantly making progress and moving forward. If we do not do that, then life can seem aimless. Thank you for sharing.


  14. Hi Dave, great article and encouragement to anyone wanting to escape the current bleak situation they may be in. Most people to a certain extent have been to a stage of being so unhappy about our current situation. That’s the easy part – being dissatisfied. The key is what are we going to do about it? No one owes us a penny or anything. We have to get out there and fight for our future. I like the clarity and directness with which you address this problem and solution.

  15. So true. Our energy is going where is our focus. We focus on being poor, than no money as a result. Taking action with a focus on the goal, instead of complaining, can create a desirable result.
    It is always easy to complain rather than take responsibility for actions we are taking ( or not taking). Successful people take action. Thank you for sharing your path for making money on-line.

  16. There’s a certain power in what you experienced. As much as we fear and try to flee from anything that brings pain, we gain somehow a strength through it, that then translates into everything we do afterwards, and everything we are.

    Thanks for sharing how you found your way. Gives hope to all of us.

    Is there an article just on meditation on your site? I do it myself, but always like to hear more about how people approach it….

    1. Hi thanks for the comment. There are some links on articles that can take you to the right direction on meditation. I also have some meditation books and free music on there. It’s pretty powerful stuff. Best.

  17. Great perspective! The way you think has such a huge impact, and meditation could certainly help with that. I have been trying to start meditating a few times now, but it seems like I have to really make it a habit to benefit my business. Thanks for the insight.

  18. No lie, I was in the exact same position before I quit my job earlier this year in order to pursue blogging myself because I love to write. I am always looking for new ways and aspects of thinking and this post did just that for me! Very nice.

  19. What a great first headline, “…Sucks to be you” lol. Great post! Nicely written. I enjoyed the positivity in your writing. Great take on the importance of meditation as well.

  20. Great article and it’s so true that you have to change your thinking first if you want to change anything in your life. Wealthy Affiliate is a site I also use to blog about the law of attraction so interesting that I have been ‘attracted’ here. Thanks for the insight.

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