What Is Powered Dzoic Handshakes Professional Blogs?

What Is Powered Dzoic Handshakes Professional Blogs And Why Is It So Popular?  If you have been blogging for a while and are not getting a ton of traffic, the blog website Powered Dxoic Handshakes

What Is Powered Dzoic Handshakes Professional Blogs And Why Is It So Popular? 

If you have been blogging for a while and are not getting a ton of traffic, the blog website Powered Dxoic Handshakes Professional Blogs is a good example of what can happen if you stay the course and don’t sway from your dedication to blogging. The blog is titled Kareninaworld’s Blog and in reality, it’s much more than just your typical blog post by some random blogger.

Searching through this website you will find all kinds of content, software links, pictures and other useful information pertaining to coding and other links. The only kicker is that the blog starts in October 2006 and ends in 2008. While it has tons of information, most of it at this point is probably obsolete. Nevertheless, the site continues to get massive traffic for it’s age. It’s touted as the best social network portal in PHP.

Looking at the content in powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs website I found a ton of shareware, links to software for creating content and editing as well as using images. It’s a rather technical blog which I honestly got a bit confused at much of it. I understood the basics of it and it really got me thinking about how far we have come with technology in the past ten years.

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Does Older Technology Still Work In 2019 with computers?

Apple Computer

Well, I guess that depends on who you talk to but if I knew then what I know now I guess I would be considered a genius. Maybe not, because in today’s environment of creating blogs, using software for creating content and websites has become unbelievably easy.

I use a platform to create content and publish my blog on a simple easy to use platform through a 14 year old company called Wealthy Affiliate. I know, the name sounds totally cheesy but I wanted to find something that would allow me to create an awesome blog site without having to know too much technical stuff. I remember working for Intuit nearly 30 years ago and it was pretty confusing back then to figure out how to use their software. Obviously, there were many bugs to fix and thankfully over the years that happened.

Wealthy Affiliate has a platform that basically allows you to create a website easily by using it’s own site content creator as well as access to a high quality keyword tool which shows you all of the competition, other competing websites and basically everything you need to create a quality professional blog. While Powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs website is older, looking through the content I realized how much technology did know but it was so much more complicated learn.

I am not associated with powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs in any way shape or form. I simply stumbled on it while searching online. As you can see by this blog, I offer a service that helps people create websites designed for affiliate marketing or basically anything you want to promote with a website. It could be a service, a list of products, etc. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is I get all of my hosting services, domain, site builder and keyword research tool on the same platform.

Talking about computers, back 30 years ago we were working with Windows 98 and boxy  outdated monitors on a dial up modem. 2400 baud was the way to go and wireless was not even a sparkle in someone’s eye…or maybe it was. Regardless, I really found the difference in the blog website Powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs versus what we see today online.

Sure, the same WordPress platform is the go to platform for bloggers but it’s come so far from even the late 2000’s decade with updated themes plugins and tools. In fact, anyone now can create a professional blog with virtually zero experience.

Content Is Still King Today

Content Is King

When it comes to blogs websites whether you are promoting products and services or just creating a daily journal, high quality content is still king. Promotions are great, paid ads still work but there is something about organic traffic that overpowers all other forms of online promotions for traffic. And that’s a good thing. Powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs website proves that over ten years later by showing us that regardless how old your website is, it will produce some high traffic. Not bad for a website with that still displays “Just Another My World Press Blog.”

I encourage you to check out the website I just wrote about and see what I’m talking about. It’s got a full archive of blogs if you want to call them that, many look to be just short write ups on software’s and a link to go to. But more than that maybe take a look at the traffic it still gets. I found that pretty cool and it shows us that you never know what can happen with your blog in ten years.

That’s why I started this blog four years ago. To build something that someday may become something and maybe help other floundering wannabe entrepreneurs like I was at the humble beginnings with this website. While I get traffic it doesn’t compare to that old website I wrote about here that still gets tons of traffic. But, as time goes by, my website has grown with little leaps and  bounds and I’m thankful for that.

I hope you enjoyed this little writeup on a website created 13 years ago that’s still relevant today even though it’s content is aged. Apparently, it is  relevant because it gets some good traffic even to this day.

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