Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option? Or Are They Somebody Else’s Digital Hooplah?

Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option?

laptop - Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option? Or Are They Somebody Else's Digital Hooplah?

Most of us who have been online working as bloggers have probably checked out the different ways to make an income by checking out premade websites for sale. If you have checked out you know what I’m talking about. This website has tons of websites for sale at a wide range of prices. And you can also build your own website and sell it on the platform as well.

One thing I did notice is that all of these premade websites for sale are available but you do have to check out the statistics on them. If you’re looking for a website that’s under $100.00 then you will probably just be getting a basic run of the mill site with a few pages and with minimal traffic and probably no sales since they are very new. But does this mean they don’t have potential to make you some decent income down the road? Absolutely not because building a website is like building a structure, it needs a foundation and then as you add to it, it becomes stronger and more stable. That’s the way you have to look at building a high quality website. You keep adding to it until it reaps you rewards. 

What’s Your Goal With Your Premade Website?

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Arrow and Bullseye. Setting goals

Now that you have bought this shiny new site in a particular niche, what the heck do you do with it? Hold on to it until it ages? Nope, not if you just let it sit. Because when making a website and maintaining that site you have to constantly be adding to it. The almighty Google likes that and will reward you with rankings. Add a service or product and your site may be on the way to making some serious money. But, think of a website as a long term project and not something you throw up on the net and start banking.

A premade website may be a good option for someone looking to earn long term as long as they keep adding and updating the website. That is the key to success when building a money making website. The time you put into learning how the internet works when it comes to making an income and applying those techniques will pay off in the long term but not the short term. I tell people who ask that to become successful you will have to work at least a year on your website and learn the techniques before you will see any real income. Your goal with a website you make or a premade websites for sale  is to look at the long term and make that website an enjoyable experience for your readers.

Why Do Websites Fail?

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Failure Is Not An Option!

Why do websites fail? Do you know? I do and it’s simple. It’s because people simply give up working on them or just quit the whole idea of making money as a blogger. They call it a scam and tell everyone they know it’s all a load of b.s. I have heard it before and I have to admit I don’t get surprised either. I remember in the Marines we had people quit. In electrical school people quit. They either didn’t want it bad enough or they thought it wasn’t worth their time. And that is really the only way you will fail as a blogger. If you want to succeed, learn to write decent content. Learn to type faster and make your sentences flow. Learn how to develop your own style of writing. Learn SEO or learn about your niche in all aspects. There are tons of things you can do to make your website a success but it won’t happen if your desperate for money right now and can’t see the long term goal. If you can get past that type of thinking you will be on your way to earning a good income as a blogger.

Premade Websites Can Make You A Full Time Income!

If you’re still on the fence on building your own website or buying a premade site I think you should really take a look at the industry. It’s absolutely booming! This is the new age of digital learning and whether you know it or not it’s happening as I write this and you read. You just have to look at some of the statistics. Take a look a and see how much some of the websites are selling for and you will get a good idea. It’s staggering how much some of these sites are selling for!

And if you don’t really know how blogging can make you money, check out this video I made on making money blogging. I tell you in basic terms how people actually make money in the industry and give you tips on writing and maintaining your website.

Finally, the best advice I can give anyone looking to become successful at blogging is to not give up and develop some confidence and determination to tell yourself that you can and will succeed. As much as we hate to admit it, we shine when we tell ourselves we can shine. If you tell yourself the right things you can overcome virtually any obstacle! I hope this blog has been helpful to you and gave you an idea of how premade websites for sale or websites you build on your own can equal great success. The rest is up to you!

Here’s to your success!

2 thoughts on “Are Premade Websites For Sale A Good Option? Or Are They Somebody Else’s Digital Hooplah?”

  1. I would not have considered a premade website. I prefer building a site from scratch and creating a masterpiece. Great advice for us bloggers. The video was very helpful. I’ve heard if bloggers many years ago making lots of money fast but I’ve learned the truth of hard work.

    • Premade websites are ok. I prefer to do it myself though from scratch. It’s more rewarding and even with a premade website you will have to keep going and blogging on it. Most premade sites have 10-50 blog posts. Barely enough to get going. Thanks for the comment Candice and I wish you the best!


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