Red Tea Detox Program. Is This Deal A Scam?

Red Tea Detox Program. Is This Deal A Scam?

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Red Tea

Have you heard of the Red Tea Detox program? If you haven’t you may want to check and see if this is a legitimate opportunity or just another fly by night scam. This is a new weight loss program that you can find on Click Bank and is a detox tea that’s supposed to detox the body and help you lose weight. But on further review I found that there was much more to this program than just using Red Tea.

In reality the red tea is a great product but the program is an affiliate program which pays you, the affiliate to promote the African tea. The initial program costs $37.00 which is pretty much the norm for a new sought after program and you can earn up to 75 percent commission on all that you sell. There are also four up sells which you can promote and earn up to $200.00 per sale. You can also earn money  by promoting the program. Take a look at the Red Tea Detox Program for a more in depth look here

Why This Program Could Be Hot!

The Red Tea Detox – Huge New Weight Loss Offer For 2018! Jan Launch! (view mobile)

Created By 2 Of The Highest Performing CB Vendors (red Smoothie Detox & 2 Week Diet) Comes A New Weight Loss Phenomenon. Fully Tested Vsl Proven To Convert. Jump On The Multimillion Detox Tea Craze! 4 Upsells & You Get 75% On All! Get Tools At
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Avg $/sale

$23.49 | 74.0% | $6.58 | 75.0% | 265.18
Health & Fitness : Diets & Weight Loss
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Now, I personally think this red tea detox program looks fairly decent because there is a product and yes you can earn money with it. And the fact that it is a new 2018 affiliate program makes this look like it could be pretty popular. The launch was right around the first week of January 2018 which makes me feel like if you’re going to get into it now would be the best time.

Do I think this is a program that will last? Maybe but you will have to put in some work to promote it. And that may be the toughest part.  If you’re looking to start your own niche affiliate website and earn that way I suggest checking out what I use to earn as an affiliate marketer which teaches you how to promote products like this.  Click Here For My Number #1 Suggestion!

Affiliate marketing is hot right now and I do think that promoting the Red Tea Detox program may make you some decent income. Anything new that’s out is bound to have people want to try it. How it pans out in the end is really up to the quality of the product and how well it fares on the market. But, for affiliate marketers looking to earn some income I would definitely say give it a try or check out the number #1 suggestion I put up for affiliate marketers looking to start their own business.

What Are The Benefits Of The Red Tea Detox Program?

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Learn Marketing

I think there are a few benefits to this red tea. This high grade tea is made in Africa so I think it’s safe to assume it does have some redeeming detox qualities to it. But, as far as some of the claims about weight loss I think you need to take into consideration that the only best way to lose weight is to find a decent weight loss program and diet and stick with it. The thing I like about this Red Tea program is the fact that it gives you an opportunity to actually earn an income with it’s affiliate program. And from what I read it has been making sales for those who got into it so far.

Are there better affiliate programs out there that you can earn an income at? Probably but that doesn’t mean this one isn’t worth checking out. One of the main ways to earn as an affiliate marketer is to build your own website and then promote a product like this tea program. Or you can promote just about any product on Amazon or Clickbank. In fact there are tons of different affiliate programs online that offer their members a commission on all they sell. 

If you’re looking to start your own website promoting your own products or products from companies like Amazon check out my #1 recommended program to start your own business here!

The Red Tea Program would be a great product to promote if you just don’t know what niche to get into or have been searching for a new program for affiliate marketers to promote. I just think you have to do a lot of social engagement and probably would be best to have your own website versus just sharing your affiliate link via social media. But who knows, use your imagination and promote however you can.

Can You Really Earn With This Affiliate Program?

Honestly I don’t see why not. I mean people are always looking for ways to lose weight and take care of their health as best they can. So, it’s definitely in a good niche to tap into. What kind of money are we talking? That I really don’t know but I would think you could really earn as much as you can but it will take some work. You will have to promote to a number of different niche groups, friends who will bother to listen and then some. It’s not a slam dunk, you do have to put effort into it. I would suggest visiting their homepage first where you will find a video which explains exactly what this program is all about and how the tea can melt fat off of you. Click here to watch the video.

I do believe that if you find a good affiliate program you can and will make money. How much I don’t know but in my experience marketers who run their own websites have a much better chance of making recurring sales than those who don’t. And that’s pretty much a given because as your website ages you get more traffic and people trust those websites that have been online for a while. And building a website that will generate long term revenue is what you are after. I’m not sure you will find that with the red tea detox system unless you build a website that promotes tea in the #weight loss tea” niche.

And if  you are or considering building your own traffic generating website and learn how to become a lead affiliate marketer I would suggest checking out my review of the platform I use to not only learn marketing but to write effective content that drives conversions. You can see that review here.

Are You Ready To Earn Some Big Bucks?

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Earn Money Online

Sure we all are right? If you are looking at the Red Tea Detox affiliate program than I can honestly say you are searching in the right spot to earn an income. I think this could be a good deal to get in on and yes you may lose some weight but more importantly you are tapping into an affiliate marketing niche. And weight loss while being a hot niche does have some serious competition. Just don’t get discouraged and keep pursuing your dreams whether it’s just to lose some weight with tea or build an awesome niche website.

Do you need any experience to promote something like the Red Tea Detox Program? Nope, not at all.  If you use the platform I recommend you could be building a niche website today and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact you can realistically sign up today and be earning money in a pretty short period of time depending how much you put into your website building efforts.

Definitely check out the Red Tea Detox program and consider using it. And take advantage of the opportunity to promote it and earn commissions up to $200.00 per sale. This is a great opportunity to make some money promoting a new product through Click Bank. And speaking of Click Bank, if you build a website you can promote any of the thousands of products on the site and earn commissions. It’s a win win solution for affiliate marketers.

I hope this review of the Red Tea Detox program was helpful and gave you some insight as to how much you can earn with just one product. And if you want to build a website through the platform I use that gives it’s members all the tools and training to build a seriously awesome money making site be sure to check out my #1 recommended website builder and learning center online. 

And did I mention you can start building your website for free? You can with the free trial that gives you two free websites to start building completer with the 10 training courses for newbie members. It’s a win win for affiliate marketers!

Here’s To Your Success!

Dave @ Blogging Tips For Newbies




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  1. jlclayton1 says:

    I’m looking into affiliate marketing to supplement my income going into retirement. I’ll look into this program!

    • I don’t think it can hurt. Both programs outlined are good for affiliate marketers. This red tea detox looks pretty good as well as the platform for affiliate marketers to learn on. If you check it out please come back and let me know how it worked for you! Thanks for the comment!

    • Can’t hurt. It’s got some redeeming qualities and looks like it’s making it’s mark. Best and comment back if you try it!

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    I had my doubts too then I decided to look into it for myself.

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