Retirement Blogs Baby Boomers Should Read! Learn Something New And Money At It!

Retirement Blogs Baby Boomers Should Read!542d177fe9a09d56e731c95578537d0d1529263677 cropped - Retirement Blogs Baby Boomers Should Read! Learn Something New And Money At It!

It’s no surprise that baby boomers are starting to wind down their working careers and begin the next journey of their lives. But how many of us baby boomers have managed to save enough to live a half way decent retirement with what we have saved? Sadly many have not saved enough money and are looking to Social Security to supplement any pensions or money saved. What does this mean for all of us baby boomers and what is a blog? Check the video below.

We may just end up living on the measly Social Security benefits which on average amounts to about $1200.00 per month. And that’s not much in today’s economy. in fact the average rent across the country would eat that money up earch month. Yes, we are a generation of people who lived well through the 80’s and 90’s but since the 2000’s we have suffered job loss due to lower wage workers who were picked up by low ball employers and other shady people trying to save a buck. The result is many baby boomers even in their 50’s can not find work anywhere. Call it age discrimination which most will not admit to because that’s exactly what it is.

What’s The Answer To Earning Extra Money For Boomers?f49d2c4d9ce120467ac95a5acb7e8e921529263762 cropped - Retirement Blogs Baby Boomers Should Read! Learn Something New And Money At It!

If you’re like me you worked hard in your working years and thought you were doing the right thing. Work hard, collect a check and pay your taxes. So, what happened? The generation of hard workers disappeared and were replaced by keyboard clacking enthusiast who figured out ways to make a buck not doing much of anything. That’s right. The digital age is upon us. And for baby boomers who aren’t tech savvy, they will more than likely not be able to compete in this new economy.

The good news is anyone can get into the digital workplace if you learn some basic principles of how to earn online.

How does this digital marketing work for retirement for baby boomers? Simple really. You build a website and add products to it. You learn how to write content like I am doing here. And then you promote or have someone promote your website for you. It’s simple, won’t break your back and millions of people are doing it across the globe. Your job is to find a niche you like to write about and then just do it!


Start Your Retirement Journey And Make Residual Income For Life!b44cdf4014291218445fd63f589fc4b61525783736 cropped 1529263853 - Retirement Blogs Baby Boomers Should Read! Learn Something New And Money At It!

I know you’re thinking c’mon, is this another scam? Well, that’s what I thought when I started looking into digital marketing. I thought there’s no way an old dog like me who had been in the Marine Corps and then made a living as an electrician after my stint in the service could learn this digital marketing stuff. But, I was determined to learn something new and I dedicated myself to the learning process.

How long did it take me to earn any money? Honestly it took a few months before my website started generating traffic but when it did I was literally astonished at how simple yet effective this who thing was. I went step by step and learned how to blog, insert links and promote my blogs on my website. As my website grew I had more traffic and then at about the year mark I made my first sale. At that point I was convinced that learning the digital economy was the way to go.

And that is the story of how I went from being retired due to not being able to work in my field to learning something new and succeeding. This website generates enough income so I don’t have to worry about looking for more work outside of my home. I like it, it’s fun and I have met many people like me who do the same and build their own websites and make extra income for retired folks. You can do it and I know it’s the wave of the future!


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