Will Rev Shares Get You In Deep Trouble? Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This!

Are Rev Share Programs Worth It? No matter what you do online you’re bound to run across some new deal that catches your eye. And some of the things people come up with are pretty

Are Rev Share Programs Worth It?

No matter what you do online you’re bound to run across some new deal that catches your eye. And some of the things people come up with are pretty unbelievable. The imagination of the human mind is amazing but it can be used for good or bad. As far as the internet, there’s a lot of bad and a lot of people who use trickery to get your money from you. It sucks that people can be this way.
As a blogger I have run into a number of schemes and scams and one of the schemes I guess you could call it is the rev share industry. Now, here is an industry (if you want to call it that) that really gets people pumped up.
Why is that?
Because it offers fast money that’s compounded by the purchase of ad packs. What’s an adpack?
An adpack is a form of advertising hence the name “adpack” and you buy these things and they earn more than what you put into it. Take for example you buy a $1.00 adpack and let that mature until all of it’s earnings are paid out. The earnings would total 1.20 per pack and you keep buying more adpacks with the earnings you get from that. As you move along you can buy bigger adpacks of $5.00, $10.00 and on up.
But, does it work?

I guess you could say it works if the people that run the scheme are honest and don’t run for the hills with the huge payouts they get that go into a “pool”.¬† Like many online “programs” offered to bloggers and internet income seekers, this is nothing more than a scheme but most things online are schemes in my humble opinion.

Are Rev Share Programs Legal?

Here is where things get a bit dicey. Are rev share programs worth it and do they work for most people? My answer is no they don’t work for most people because folks get greedy and cash out too soon. But, for those who keep their money in and cross their fingers hoping the “KING” or owner of the site doesn’t hightail it outta town they can make some money at these things.
For the heck of it and out of curiosity I joined one over a year ago with some extra few bucks I had. I figured if it worked it worked and if it didn’t I wouldn’t lose much anyway. What happened was interesting.
I started compounding my adpacks and they started to grow. I had 100 $1.00 shares which matured and I bought more $5.00 shares with the profit. I kept at if for six months and had a nice amount of adpacks which were making me about $30.00 a day which I then bought more adpacks with. Initially I started with about $200.00.
Then all hell broke loose and Paypal started to investigate the program. Other rev share programs started dropping like flies when Paypal outright denied them to use the processor as a payment option. It looked like the end of the rev share industry. It looked like it was an illegal operation to the processor company and they wanted out.

What Happened Next?

What happened to the rev share company I was in? Did I lose everything? Well, what happened was the company agreed to cancel with Paypal but also looked to legitimize their rev share business. Paypal funds were held for six months and finally when the funds were released the owner of the rev share had made the site more legitimate and legal in the eyes of whoever might be questioning the legitimacy of the program.
They had to actually be selling something in return for payment otherwise it would look like a Ponzi scheme. So, finally they figured stuff out and the rev share company revamped things and are still going strong. But, they had to really change some stuff. the other rev shares pretty much fell by the roadside.
Now, I still am a member of this rev share and it does make some money but it’s not a get rich quick scheme to me. Like blogging it takes time to get anywhere which is how I can relate this stuff to my blogging journey.
Is There A Better Way To Earn Online?
I guess I have always took chances in life, where’s the fun if you don’t right? Now, rev shares are ok for someone who has money to burn and doesn’t care if they lose a few in the process. Because some people who stick it out can really bank on rev shares. But, is it sustainable long term? That’s where you just don’t know especially since you are dealing with the online world. But, blogging has and will be around for a while and if you can figure out how to monetize that blog you can earn for years to come.
But, is it easy? Not really because you have to write like I am writing this blog. You have to put the work in and then keep going promoting what you believe in. My products I promote are not a huge range because of the nature of the niche I chose. I do promote some good hosting programs which you can find on my products page here as well as the #1 blogging and marketing platform I believe is around today.  I truly believe in this program because it taught me a lot about blogging and marketing and I would highly recommend it to anyone.
But, it’s not a get rich scheme and it’s more of a slow go type of deal where you have to keep blogging. See here for info on this program. [sbscrbr_form]




One thought on “Will Rev Shares Get You In Deep Trouble? Don’t Sign Up Until You Read This!

  1. Hi David,

    I’ve never heard of Rev Share Industry. It sounds like you don’t need to spend too much to start and when you start earning it’s best to not cash out what you may have earned and left it in to earn more profit?

    I would become concerned after learning that PayPal stepped in to investigate the program for fraud. That would be enough to keep me away from this Rev Share.

    Thank you for sharing this review.

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