Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

My latest search for affiliate programs where you can make money online brought me to a website called Before I get into this I’ll tell you that this program has alot of information and products to promote so I’ll only focus on a couple of them. The site basically sets you up to sell anti-aging and sexual healthy products which in today’s economy with an aging baby boom generation is going to get tons of traffic to websites. Naturally some companies will jump on the earning wagon and try and sell these types of products. As an affiliate marketer this means that if you pick some decent products and promote well you could easily end up earning a six figure income in a relatively short period of time.

Take a look at the leading platform for bloggers and marketers and tell me what your thoughts are!



So, what is Sell Health? To put it in general terms it’s a website that connects with other companies and allows affiliates to promote their health products. I think this is a great niche to get into and I would think it’s a pretty lucrative program. Take a look below at what Sell Health looks like from  their website standpoint.sellhealth - Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?


You can see that they have a number of products that you can promote plus up sells. The products displayed above are just a few of the Men’s products related to health and aging so this is definitely targeted to people who are probably 40 and above. Once you click on the product it will take you to another website where you can buy the products. As an affiliate of Sell Health you can choose to pick from a number of niche’s and promote products within that niche. If you do make sales you can make around 30 to 40% commissions on whatever you sell. Not too bad for commissions I have to admit. Below is the types of products you will be selling in the skin care niche. sellskin - Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?


Does Sell Health Look Like A Good Company?

Honestly I think this is a pretty new company so considering the niche and the high demand for products related I think if you can make one sale you can make one thousand sales. The products are in demand regardless of how well they work. Personally I think that the key to good health is probably diet and exercise and not smoking and cutting out the stress but unfortunately we live in a fast paced world and don’t treat our bodies like a temple, maybe more like a tool. Regardless, the public really seems to eat these products up and you probably can make money online with Sell Health.  Below I screen shot the payout deal with Sell Health for your viewing pleasure.sellpay - Is Sell Health Affiliate Program Worth Your Time?

I think Paypal is probably the best choice with the payout of Sell Health Commissions. It’s easy and the company pays bi weekly. All in all it looks to be a legitimate company that offers clients the ability to promote some quality health products and you should be able to earn a pretty good income with them. Of course it will take some hard work with Sell Health to earn a decent income but if you like what you’re doing than it won’t seem like work. And that is the secret to success. To earn at something you love.

Pros And Cons Of Sell Health


Easy to sign up

Tons of products related to health

High Commission Payouts

Has products for both men and women

Uses Paypal as a processor



Looks a bit overwhelming at first

Some products may seem a bit outlandish

You have to sign up for niches independantly

You should already be an affiliate marketer or have a website


My Final Take On Sell Health

What I gave you in this post is a pretty basic rundown on what Sell Health is about and how it works and what you can expect as an affiliate marketer. It’s not rocket science and with some hard work and dedication I honestly think you can make money at this. I would suggest that you pick just one niche whether it be anti aging products or men’s or women’s health products and not for all of them. That could prove to be a bit too much. But don’t worry there are tons of products in each niche. Interested in Sell Health commissions through their awesome affiliate program? See this link. Sell Health Affiliate Link

I would also suggest that you already have a website ready to build and promote your Sell Health Products with. You will need hosting for your website as well and I think having some basic skills in affiliate marketing will help you tremendously. Other than that if you are experienced and ready to have at it I say go for it. For those who are looking to learn affiliate marketing and need the website and hosting in an all in one platform I would suggest learning on a well know platform that has a solid reputation. From there you can promote any product you want including products on Sell Health. Here is my #1 recommendation for learning affiliate marketing in 2017.

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To Your Success!


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