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Looking For SEO Content Writing Services?

Usually, I write about opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry but today I am doing things a little different on this blog. And that is offering my services to any of you that need help writing your blogs. That’s right. If you like my style of writing you can hire me as your content writer. All of the content is written SEO friendly and I aim to write the best articles I can at the best possible price.

Why hire me to write for you?

Why not? It will free up more time for you to do other things like marketing, or working on other parts of your blog or heck maybe just go to a park and chill out. I love writing and it’s something that I already do for other people in my spare time so why not take advantage of my writing services?

What will you get if you hire me as a content writer?

First, all of my work is written the way you want it to be written. I do all of the research and insert all of the keywords so you really don’t have to do anything. My rates? To be competitive and to not deliver shoddy work I do charge $15.00 for the first 500 words and then each additional 500 words is $10.00 each. Compared to what you might pay for a content mill or some other “professional writer” you are getting a great deal. And besides, you will be forming a relationship with someone in the affiliate marketing industry.

Additionally, I can also give you one on one tips on how to write effective content yourself that attracts readers. This is invaluable in the affiliate marketing industry and I have 5 years’ experience in the business. I aim to write the best content I possibly can for anyone who hires me.

As you already know, affiliate marketing is hot right now, people are flocking to the industry hoping to cash in big time with their affiliate websites. But there is a step by step process to building a successful website and I hope maybe I can help. I don’t want to just take your money for a blog. I want to help you make that blog a winner by giving you some tips and suggestions I think will take your website up to the next level.

Don’t have time to write content for your website? That’s perfectly fine. You can hire me to write it for you. It’s what I am already doing for others and would love to do it for you!

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