Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?

Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?

As an affiliate blogger and marketer I am always looking for some good affiliate programs to promote. And ShareASale is one that sparked my interest. But is ShareASale A good affiliate program? I checked it out and at first glance I was a bit confused. There was a lot of information to absorb once I clicked on the link. This program basically allows members to promote up to 4000 different affiliate programs that are connected to it. Below is what you will see on the ShareASale homepage. ShareASale - Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?


See what I mean? Definitely a busy homepage. But once you see what they offer and how the program works it’s pretty simple and they have a ton of affiliate products that you can promote through them. I think this is perfect for anyone looking to blog in a particular niche. You just search for affiliate programs in any particular niche and the links will show up. Use the link and insert it into your post. I typed in the merchant search engine the keyword “Blogging” and here is what showed up in the results. Sharesearch - Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?


The affiliate products listed are just the first few. Total affiliate products are over 150 on the total search. You can see that you have the option to Join Program which when you do it’s instantly approved and you get access to the link. Very easy and straightforward. I would warn to not get over eager and just start promoting anything you can see. There’s a lot of programs out there so do your do diligence on ShareASale and take your time. More important is to stay within your niche on this program. All in all I would answer yes is asked Is ShareASale a good affiliate program.

Should I Sign Up For ShareASale?

I say why not. It’s free to join, easy to understand and you can make a good amount of money promoting the affiliate links. It’s a win win for both members and ShareASale because the earnings are shared…hence the title ShareASale. I signed up with them a while back and have to say they pay on time and are a professionally run program. And the minimum payout ($50.00) is low so you don’t have to wait to make a boatload of sales before getting paid.

Like any affiliate program you will have to find a vehicle to promote ShareASale through and I recommend one that gives you a website and training in affiliate marketing. I use this one and it has really changed my life.

Interested in learning more and signing up for ShareASale? Is ShareASale a good affiliate program? If you’re an affiliate blogger it’s well worth trying out for free. See here to join this program today.



4 thoughts on “Is ShareASale A Good Affiliate Program?

  1. Hi David. Thanks for the info! I haven’t come across that one, but it’s good to know that it’s not a scam or anything. The last link you’ve provided tho, I’m familiar with. It’s one of the few online courses that I’ve actually put my trust in. Good to see that other people are also finding the way to the program 🙂


  2. I actually signed up with them but have not tried any of their links. You are right it was very confusing when I first logged in. But I found with my niche they really did not accommodate what I wanted.

  3. Thanks for all that information you shared. Seems a lot helpful for online job seekers. The Affiliate program looks worthy to give a try and it does not seem like a scam. so I would enroll in signing up for that. I need to find that out. Is it hard for the beginners to know about the process of creating a business out of it?

    1. Thanks for the comment. Yea , Shareasale is good but its important to not go over board. Take your time researching products. Nest of success to you!

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