Is Six Figure Mentor A Scam Or Not? Read My Honest Review!

Six Figure Mentor. Is It The Real Deal?

Is Six Figure Mentor a scam? Well, since I ran into this program and saw that it was under blogging programs I figured I would check it out and give it an unbiased review. One thing about many programs that offer a six figure income I noticed is they don’t stick around too long. Now, I don’t know about this one so I went to their website to have a look. What I saw on the home page was this. 

Obviously this didn’t show me much other than some guy that looked like he was rolling in dough and has all the answers in the world to making money in the digital world but I want to give it a chance. I saw that to actually really get into what this program is about you have to sign up for the free trial and then they will really explain what the program is about and what you will learn. Hmmm…..ok, but this sounds like some of the other fly by night programs I have heard of before.

I went down the page because I really wanted to see if this Six Figure Mentor is a scam or not. I did see that they are more geared towards marketing which is fine Here is what it looks like once you get towards the bottom of the free trial signup page.

Now, you can see that it says it will teach you the easiest way to make money online as well as teach you about “Marketing Funnels.” I don’t like that last part. Anything that is geared towards collecting emails so you can spam the cra( out of people is not what I call effective marketing. And then it says you will learn what it is to have a digital life.

Ok, that sounds a bit weird but let’s go with it.

Overall it looks like you will be doing a whole lot of marketing with this program but what is it that you are selling? I suspect it may be the program itself. So, I went and further investigated what people were saying about this program and looked at some of the reviews on Six Figure Mentor and here is what I found.

I won’t screenshot anything here because I really didn’t find any review page with stars or anything. However I did find some reviews of people who are either in it or have been in the past. The reviews are mixed and it looks like there are a few different memberships with the lowest price being 19.00 a month. Not too bad but what are you really learning is what I wanted to know. I dug a little deeper and found this. 

That last membership is way out of my price range but it does have an affiliate program which is a plus. And the student test drive option is not too over the top in price so I would say if you’re looking to start a program that at least gets you in the door with digital marketing it may be ok to check out. I didn’t see any reviews that were really all that bad. In fact some people say that while it didn’t pay out at first they were glad they stuck it out.

Would I Try Six Figure Mentor?

Honestly? Ok, I’ll be honest…I probably wouldn’t sign up for anything more than the $25.00 a month option and that would only be if I started making money with this. I would check out the affiliate program because from what I see this program has been around for a few years which tells me people are still interested. So, maybe it does have some good qualities. I would not say the Six Figure Mentor is a scam.

But Is It For Bloggers?

That I don’t know. As a blogger who writes tips for newbie bloggers and reviews some of the many scam and legitimate programs out there I would say that it may not be for all bloggers. Now the marketing side may be ok but I would really need to know what it is in fact you are selling on the Six Figure Mentor to recommend it for bloggers. I have more questions. Like is there a platform for blogging and marketing? Is there lessons in writing compelling articles in the program? Is there onsite support? How about the member base. Do they help with expertise?

These are questions I have as far as this program goes but I guess I would have to try it out before really being able to make a real opinion. From what I read and researched it looks like a good program for marketers but maybe not so much for bloggers looking to make money as affiliate marketers.

What Would I Recommend?

Considering I have been with one platform going on a couple of years soon I have to say that as an affiliate blogger I would stay with the one I have. Don’t get me wrong the Six Figure Mentor may very well be a great program if you’re looking to market but maybe not on the blogging end. I use a program which too has a free trial plus two free websites to start and site support and training. It’s worked well for me. Here is what you get with the free and paid memberships of the program I use specifically for bloggers looking to get into affiliate marketing.

The one thing I will say about both the Six Figure Mentor and the Wealthy Affiliate is these are programs that teach you the fundamentals. Signing up will not make you rich and they are not get rich schemes. You will have to work to be successful. So, keep that in mind when looking at signing up for any online program. You will have to do work to make an income.

Make A Decision And Stick To It Long Term!

I say this because if you don’t you will end up going round and round joining program after program and losing out every time. I chose the Wealthy Affiliate because it taught me everything I needed to know to learn how to earn as an affiliate marketer. Your decision may be different but if you are a blogger or love to write and want to learn how to put that talent to use, I would consider using the program I do. It’s a great way to learn and a long term way to grow your business and make money.

Sign up for the Wealthy Affiliate free membership today here or check out my review here!

To Your Success!


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