Supplement Social Security Income Disability Benefits. Is There A Way To Do This?

Supplement Social Security Income Benefits

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Why Do You Want To Blog?

If you’re looking for a way to supplement social security income benefits it may seem like an impossibility.

Why is that?

Well, like it or not, receiving disability benefits while seemingly a positive aspect of being disabled does little for self esteem. And that leads to complacency.

It’s a sad fact of life and getting off these benefits and finding a way to earn an income may seem like a waste of effort. But, what if you could find a way to earn an income online without losing your benefits?

Wonder if you built up a business which over time could replace those benefits?

It can happen.

And the government would rather you not be on benefits and actually pay into the tax system.

Whether it’s disability through age or even a mental impairment, these benefits are a safety net when it seems like the world just doesn’t give a crap about you.

But wonder if you could replace these benefits by working your own online business?

Have You Considered Blogging For Income?

It’s a known fact that your chances of becoming disabled increase with age. But, what’s the choice when you have to work?

While I don’t have all the answers to this question I do know that there are choices to be made when you become disabled.

Do you lay down and wait to die collecting a meager income from the government that furthers your anger, depression and anxiety?

Do you do something drastic like think about earning an income by means other than the norm?

Or do you use your creativity and make a new you and a new source of income? Blogging may just be the answer!

How Do You Blog For An Income?

I’ll put it simply for you. You create a website, you blog on that website. You then add your own products or services and include them on you site. You keep blogging, using certain online tools to make that blog site grow into a bigger site.

After a while you start getting regular traffic and then it takes off. You become an online blogging success story.

Now, it’s a bit more in depth that just that but that is the basic premise behind becoming a successful blogger.

The key is to be consistent and that’s the way to supplement social security income. It’s that simple.

And if you’re on social security or any government assistance program I say what have you got to lose by trying? Would you rather live like people you see going to the mall, buying what they want, driving good cars?

Or is it easier living in a place where kids are yelling and screaming, cars getting broken into, hoodrats casing the neighborhood? Is that living? Really?

Because that’s what can happen unless you can supplement social security income.  A whole bunch of nonsense and yes, poverty.

I’ve seen it. Young wannabe thugs walking around with their pants hanging low. Broke, angry and no direction. That’s what happens often when you live on Social Security income especially in the tougher parts of towns.

More problems.

But blogging can change that if you try and work hard and give it a chance.

How Do I Start Blogging For An Income?blogging 645219  340 300x200 - Supplement Social Security Income Disability Benefits. Is There A Way To Do This?

First off, if you are living on disability or any government program chances are you aren’t working. But, you get enough to get by.

That means you can pay to live in that place you call a home, but cigarettes, 12 pack of cheap beer. Yea I get it. Been there done that.

If you could access training to become a successful blogger would you give up that 12 pack of rot gut beer for some top notch blogging and marketing training?

That beer and those smokes aren’t going to give you anything but cancer and cirrhosis in time.

But for the price you’re paying for smokes and beer in a couple days you can get the best training available for bloggers looking to earn. And that my friend is a great way to supplement social security income!

Now I’m not saying you are pounding beers and smoking 3 packs of smokes a day. In fact some disabilities are pretty darn serious. I know…I ended up on disability after a bought (real bad!) of meningitis.

Whatever brought you to that point I’m not judging but idle hands are not a good thing. So, why not use that mind to make some extra income?

You can do it and it only takes an hour or two a day!

What I Use To Supplement Social Security Income

Here is where I’ll give you some info on the program that taught me how to earn as a blogger. And if you sign up for free after the review (shown below) I will personally guide you through the process to begin a blog. Additionally, I will be available for any questions 24/7 on the platform to help you succeed.

It’s easy, fun and rewarding. It gives you something to do. And you can build an awesome blogging website. Check out my review of this program and get to know who I am here!

My Honest Review Of The Wealthy Affiliate.






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