Supplemental Income For Baby Boomers. Is There Any Help?

Supplemental Income For Baby Boomersf5e0cc71c2171a5f1f321ed7a02ecf2d1528125912 cropped - Supplemental Income For Baby Boomers. Is There Any Help?


I am a baby boomer and now at the ripe ol’ age of 55 and pretty much retired. I worked many years as a manual worker in the US. Marines and as an electrician and now I am done with that journey of my life. I’m fine with that but in all honesty it can be difficult making ends meet still and staying busy at the same time. Maybe you’re in the same situation and don’t really know what to do with yourself and you could use some extra jingle in your pocket. Whatever the case, there are ways to find supplemental income for baby boomers.

What am I talking about? Blogging for passive income. And who is it for? Anyone who doesn’t work in a traditional job anymore or people who are between jobs. And baby boomers now more than ever are finding themselves in situations where we are told to not worry about anything and everything is taken care of.

Really? Is that what happens when you’re no longer needed? Sadly, that’s the way the cookie crumbles but us baby boomers have to stay alive and still have hopes and dreams for our futures. Blogging for me was a good way to earn some passive income and keep myself busy by using my mind. It sure beats sitting around twiddling my thumbs.

How Do You Start Blogging?bb61909df6ac336bed4b4454345090f51528126536 cropped - Supplemental Income For Baby Boomers. Is There Any Help?

It’s pretty simple really. You just start with a blog on a platform like WordPress and keep building on that blog in any niche you want. It can be a hobby you have like gardening, a sport or something like travel or hiking. The sky really is the limit on what niche you can start with.

My niche is in The Earn Online topic so I write about blogging tips for people looking to earn an income. It’s simple and easy and I can find the time to write a few days out of the week, do some easy promotions and the rest takes care of itself. I learned my blogging techniques on a platform called the Wealthy Affiliate which at first I thought sounded like a scheme because of the name of the company. But at 2 1//2 years into building this website, I now make enough money to keep myself engaged and motivated to keep going.

I won’t say I’m rich or will even ever get to that point but the money I have made has certainly helped me move forward in life and kept myself living in the present moment.

What’s the platform like? Take a look HERE and you can see what is offered.

Blogging Keeps You UpTo Date!

It’s true. With all the negative news going on in the world it’s important to keep true to yourself and your dreams for the future. And blogging has kept me up to date with other bloggers who share the same interests, I have met some great people and got connections that I otherwise would of never gotten on my own. I especially like the fact that I can do this on my own time with no one over my shoulder asking me if I did this or that and all the drama that comes from working for someone else.

Can you really make money with this blogging thing? Sure! I have and I honestly didn’t think I ever would but I kept at it, wrote a few times a week, and learned through lessons on the platform I signed up with. It did cost me a few bucks a month for a Premium Membership but it paid for itself through sales and referrals in a relatively short time. I liked the fact that this business was started by a couple of young guys over a decade ago and is still going strong with close to a million members as of this writing.

You Can Find Success As A Baby Boomer!b844483cf00a984bc4fcaa374097d1ad1528126698 cropped - Supplemental Income For Baby Boomers. Is There Any Help?

When I stopped working as an electrician almost ten years ago I thought I was done and set out to the pastures. But, I wanted to learn more and make the most of my time so I took a chance, joined the Wealthy Affiliate platform and am glad I did. I now make enough money to not only pay my Premium membership but to also buy things I need without worrying anymore. It’s a win win for this baby boomer!

I encourage you to not give up on your dreams even if things feel bleak and you’re doing nothing but surfing the net or going on walks through the park. We are all on different journeys in life but having something to do that connects you with great people is something that will make your life much more fulfilling.

Maybe consider starting a blog and learn how to market your masterpiece. You can do it. I know you can because I was looking for supplemental income for baby boomers and found it by joining the Wealthy Affiliate. Join me in an awesome journey and check out my review of this platform for bloggers HERE.

PS. Be sure to leave me a comment below and I’I’ll get back with you asap!

Here’s to your success!


9 thoughts on “Supplemental Income For Baby Boomers. Is There Any Help?”

  1. Hi, I am new to Blogging too. I really like the ‘you may also like’ section at the bottom of your post. It’s a great feature, and now I’m going to read about rev shares, because I’d never heard of them before.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful review of Wealthy Affiliate! As a member as well, I wholeheartedly agree that this is one of the best platforms. I had no idea how to blog when I started, and cringe at some of my earlier posts. But with perseverance and a strong will, anything can be accomplished. How long did it take for you to be comfortable blogging? Thanks for the info!

  3. Good post
    I too have just started blogging and i feel your posts will keep me on track
    Looking forward to more such stuff from you

  4. Great advice Dave! I’m not a baby boomer but I am also looking forward to building a passive income through my blog while sharing my passion with the world. These are great tips that will help people like me who are new to the blogging world. Thank you for sharing your story with all of us!

  5. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for a great article and nice to hear your personal story to where you are today.
    I am really interesting in starting a blog for my daughter who is really keen on archery. I have seen other articles about the Wealthy Affiliate site and may consider using it.
    Thanks again,

  6. Hi I just read your blogging tips for newbies site and i like what is all about. There is very good info in there ion how to blog properly and the explanation that goes into writing a good blog. I am not a newbie but still learning to write a better blog. I will bookmark your site and refer to it when needed..thanks for the info..Good job! Good Site!.


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