Make A Webpage Online. How Do You Do This?


Make A Webpage Online. Is It Easy?How To Blog About Your Business

Are you looking for ways to make a webpage online? If you are you’re not alone. Did you know that in the United States there are 30,000 people who are illiterate? While that may not seem like a lot considering there are over 200 million people in the country it should make you raise your eyebrows. In a country that has the some of the best academics in the world it makes me wonder why this is so. With that said without an education life can be extremely hard.

Building a webpage online is not tricky and only requires some basic knowledge of writing and comprehension. So, if you’re ready let’s look at how to make a webpage online.

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Why Blogs Fail. My Unique Perspective


Ask anyone who blogs for a living why they do it the answer may be ” Why Not?” I often get asked why I blog and why blogs fail and what can they do so their blog is successful. My answer is usually not what they want to hear but it’s the truth.

Blogs fail because of the writer and nobody else. Sure they may have picked an unpopular niche or maybe they just don’t know how to write engaging content, but it’s usually the writers fault.

My answer to why blogs fail is because nobody finds any usefulness out of them. Take this blog website for instance. I have written tons of blogs and have included a lot of tips for newbie bloggers but had I written just one blog, my site would of failed. And there are I’m sure many of my blogs that just don’t really drive a lot of traffic to them. But, collectively they have made this blog site successful.

I tell people to go slow when blogging, have a plan and keep trying when one thing doesn’t work. It’s all trial and error.Read More »Why Blogs Fail. My Unique Perspective

How Do I Find Blog For Money Sites?

Profit Through Blogging Sites?

Profit Through Blogging Sites?

Blog For Money Sites.

A Ticket To Success Or Failure?

Blog for money sites are all over the internet and while these sites show up in a simple search does that mean they are legitimate? My fist response in no, they are not all legitimate. In fact, most of the sites related to blogging are probably designed to take your money with some kind of catch.

So why do people search for these sites?

Simple, they want to make a quick buck pumping out a few articles and think they will find success online.

What’s the reality and why do people look for these kinds of websites? Here are a few reasons.

1 Looking for quick money.

2 Desperation. They are looking to make money to basically cover their expenses in a fast and easy way.

3 They have been conned into thinking blogging sites can actually help them make a ton of money.

4 They were told it’s an easy way to riches.

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Is Empower Network A Legit Opportunity Or Elaborate Scheme?

The Empower Network. Scam,Scheme Or Legit?

The Empower Network. You may of heard of this program while searching for online programs that can make you an income.

But, is this thing legit or just another elaborate scheme to take away your hard earned money?

Being a network marketer and blogger that writes tips for newbies, I wanted to take a look at the Empower Network and get an idea of what this deal was all about.

I’ve been a blogger for quite a while and like taking a look at different programs that are designed to create a long lasting income for bloggers. But, honestly I haven’t really found many to be anything but scams or schemes.Read More »Is Empower Network A Legit Opportunity Or Elaborate Scheme?