Start Small Business Online In Affiliate Marketing.

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Why would you even want to start? What are the benefits of starting a small business online when so many businesses fail? I want to explain something I learned over 50 years of living on this earth in relation to business. Bear with me, I’ll try not to bore you.

In 1981 when I was 17 I went in the Marine Corps and served four years active duty. When I was done and didn’t request to reenlist, the Marine Corps gave me my walking papers and I never heard from them again, unless it was ads from companies trying to sell me something.

I also worked as an electrician and climbed the ranks to journeymanship after spending four years in apprenticeship school. Once I became a journeyman and released from school, work was hard to find because the school got me the work. 

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Best Part Time Summer Jobs For Anyone

Best Part Time Summer Jobs For Anyone

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Are you looking for a part time summer job that won’t cause you too much time and effort? Summer is the best time to chill and not worry about tests and deadlines. It’s also a time to cut loose a little and actually have some fun. It seems that either you’re very busy or not busy at all in life. And summer is the best time to start your own business part time.

What am I babbling about? Start your own business online is what I’m talking about. It’s easy and you can turn this gig into a full time income. It’s called affiliate marketing and a ton of people are doing it and making some bank.

What is affiliate marketing? It’s an easy way to start your own business by building a website and populating that site with products you get from companies. You don’t actually get the products, the company ships them and you write blogs on your website to promote the products. 

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I Need A Job In Affiliate Marketing That Works

I Need A Job In Affiliate Marketing That Works2020 05 31 4 - I Need A Job In Affiliate Marketing That Works

Looking for an affiliate marketing job? Are you looking for something that works and isn’t a bunch of round and round garbage. Well, good luck… Bye!

Nah, I’m not going to do you like that. In fact I’m going to try and give you some hope if you’re looking into getting into affiliate marketing. What’s it all about? Affiliate marketing is pretty hot right now but if you’re going to learn, do it right. Before I go on, check my review on the platform I used to build my affiliate websites here.

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Work At Home During Coronavirus. Is It Possible?

4b2c475ad0e90be5eb5cf8ea11fd00c71586191879 cropped - Work At Home During Coronavirus. Is It Possible?Looking To Work At Home During Coronavirus?

Is it possible to make money during this coronavirus without creating some scam like the Baker preacher guy who got busted years ago? Is it possible to ride this thing out scrambling around the house looking for old Top Ramen’s that you saved for a rainy day? Life as we knew it has changed and now that the coronavirus (covid19) has arrived we are in a state of panic. Unless you have a boat load of money saved up or are rich from having a loaded family, you probably feel SOL.

So, what do we do, throw up our hands and jump out the window? Not if you’re smart. If you’re smart, you will just sit where you’re at and ride this crap out and hope it gets under control. Going out in public is pretty sketchy at this point. In fact yesterday I went fishing and an old lady came a sat probably 25 ft away with her husband and was hacking up a lung. There isn’t anywhere safe and the lake was the last place I figured I would be at risk.

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Make Money Home Blogging. How Can You Do This?

Make Money Home Blogging?

How do you make money home blogging? There are a number of ways to do this and hopefully, I can show you how to do this without pulling your hair out (In my case I don’t have this problem as of now I am an official cueball head lol) The traditional way to earn money as a blogger is nothing really too confusing. You simply write blogs on a website and monetize them with links. It’s easy to do and set up and you don’t need a bunch of high tech stuff to accomplish your goals. Check out the video below to get some great beginner tips!


Now that you have an idea of how to get a blog started, it’s time to put together the pieces of the puzzle right? We all want to make enough money to be healthy and happy. Unfortunately, making money isn’t the way it used to be for many. Some may have aged out of their field or some may have just had some really really bad luck. The result ends up with feelings of desperation, despair and depression. Not good at all. From there it’s really hard to focus on anything positive. 

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