Work Home Business Ideas That Work In 2020

Work Home Business Ideas That Work In 2020

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You landed on this page because you were looking for work home business ideas that work. And that’s great that you’re interested in pursuing an opportunity to start your own at home business. As you may know, times have been a bit confusing as of this writing with massive job losses due to the pandemic.

That’s a huge bummer for those who have been laid off due to not being able to return to their normal jobs. Add the social distancing thing and it doesn’t look like things are going to get much easier any time soon. As we go into the middle of May 2020 we are starting to see the economy open back up but it’s more of a trial thing. No one knows what really will happen for sure going forward. 

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What’s The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses?

What’s The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses? cropped logo - What's The Best Affiliate Marketing Training Courses?

Looking for the best affiliate marketing training courses? I have the answer even though you may think I’m another person trying to hustle a buck. I really am not. I am just a veteran trying to make a living as an affiliate marketer.

Here’s the problem as I see it in affiliate marketing. First, you need to have a dependable site builder that works easily. You don’t want to be using a bunch of drag and drop junk that’s confusing and time consuming. You need a simple site builder that can insert links and pictures on the drop of a dime.

Second, you need to find hosting that’s affordable. And that means you need shared hosting because it’s much cheaper than dedicated hosting. And it needs to have some good tech support that responds in minutes, not hours or days.

Third, you need to be able to get a domain. Free is great but you should be able to get the domain on the same platform as your site builder and hosting.

Fourth, you need some good training. Not some rehashed garbage. It needs to be current with updates often.

Fifth, you need to have a support team available to help you figure stuff out. 

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