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What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?


What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?blogging 336376  340 - What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?

Looking for a great website domain hosting provider but falling short? I know, I’ve been there. While there are a lot of different hosting providers for your website out there it’s hard to figure out which one is the best. For some hosting providers they offer you a great start up price but when it’s time to pay the next month of service you may be surprised when the bill is way more than you expect.

Why is that? Well, some providers will give you a cheap first month of say $1.99 but then the monthly cost can be anywhere from $10.00 a month and up and to top it off they will sign you up for a yearly commitment. So, don’t be surprised if the cost is over $100.00 after that first month. These shared hosting providers can be as cheap as $4.95 a month but that doesn’t cover any more than the hosting and the backup and security these providers give may be substandard.

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What’s The Best Hosting For Small Business? Are They All Equal In Quality?

Best Hosting For Small Business

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If you’re looking for the best hosting services around I gotta tell you there are a lot of good ones. But, for the purpose of this blog I’ll give you what I think is one the best hosting for small business that I could find anywhere.

In my blogging journey I had to figure out what hosting company I should go with and it wasn’t easy finding one that fit. I tried Go Daddy which was fine and then I started looking at some others that included the domain, web builder and the hosting all in one package.

A lot of it seemed confusing and I didn’t really know what the best course of action to take was. I also tried 1&1 which had some good packages but the hosting wasn’t what I expected. The site builder was ok but I kept searching as I learned more as a blogger and what was out there.

I was also looking for a place to get an SSL certificate that was cheap with absolutely no hassles. So, searching for hosting and domains and I finally found one company that really worked well. It’s called Interserver. (more…)

Best Blog Hosting Sites To Use

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Best Blog Hosting Website?

Is There A Best Blog Hosting Website?

If you are looking for a blog hosting website, you’ve probably checked out all the different sites that claim to be best for your blogging site. But, while most of these will do the trick, it’s important to read the fine print to figure out what’s the best route to take. It’s pretty crazy how many people think you have to mix and match providers to get the perfect blog running. Some will go with a separate hosting site and website builder and then another online resource to learn how to blog effectively. Then comes marketing which entails finding another online resource. It’s pretty crazy how much money and how detailed everything can get if you look to enough companies to get your blog setup just right. So, what’s the best blog hosting site? Read on and I’ll give you my first choice.

Is Go Daddy Really That Great?

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It’s Always Best To Shop Around
Ok, Go Daddy is a very popular hosting website that offers customers the ability to buy domains and hosting all under one roof. They also offer a pretty cool website builder that you can really get you pointed in the right direction. I personally used Go Daddy when I first started my website “Dave’s Blogging Service”. It served me well for a few years until I figured out that there was other options available that would actually teach me in simple terms what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong while writing and developing my website. But, I found Go Daddy to be a great resource especially when first starting to sell my blogs online. And to be honest, if you’re just interested in running your own blogging website offering your blogging services I would highly recommend Go Daddy. It really is that good and it actually does have some tutorials in there that can teach you some tricks to get your website optimized, etc. I also think their support is pretty good. Now, if you’re looking to get a website started and don’t really know anything at all I personally would be looking elsewhere especially if you’re blogging about affiliate marketing or selling products like those found on Clickbank and Amazon.

What’s Your Motivation And Will It Be Worth It?

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Find A Blog Platform That Works!
All companies will charge a hosting fee as well as a domain charge. Thankfully, it’s really not that expensive to get this up and running but it can be confusing at first. I would expect to put a little upfront money to get this going but not much than $50.00 to get the whole noodle from sites like Go Daddy or Even 1&1. The true cost of building your website will come out of something else from you. And that’s time and effort it will take to not only write your blogs but to keep your website up to date. Put it this way, you can have the best blog hosting website but it will be completely and utterly useless if you do nothing with it. Your success will ultimately fall on you and your ability to keep your blog full of new fresh content. And that’s going to take some work. Sure, the hosting and domain is important but that’s all you get, not a content writer which is what will make or break your website.

Find The Best Blog Hosting Website And Stick With It

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Are You Motivated Enough?
Whether you use Go Daddy, 1&1 or some other hosting and domain site I will suggest you do a little soul searching before you even sign up for any of these. Will you be able to sit down and write a blog a day? Do you have the time to market your blog. And more importantly are you passionate about blogging for a living or just looking for a fast buck. The old saying, the turtle wins the race really is true in the blogging world and a lot of people just don’t want to accept that. Your success will depend on you and your drive and motivation and not just having the latest and greatest best blog hosting website. So, think about that before you dive in and spend your hard earned pennies. But if you are ready, you may want to consider using the blog hosting website I use here. My First Blog Hosting Recommendation