Retired And Need Extra Money? Why Not Blog For It?


Retired And Need Extra Money?

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Like many baby boomers in 2018 I have found myself in a position on a set income and needed to find a way to supplement that income. For many baby boomers who found success in the 80’s and 90’s the coming decades have been somewhat difficult for them to sustain their way of living. Gone are the days of pushing the body to the limits in manual type of jobs and with technology being more geared towards younger generations of workers, many baby boomers have found themselves wondering what the future holds. But, all is not lost if you are one of these people who feel they have been left behind. In fact there is an industry which is available for those who feel forgotten and can actually boost self esteem and allow themselves to make an income.

That way of making an income is BLOGGING!

What am I talking about here? Simple really and it’s something I started over two years ago when I realized I had too much time on my hands and not enough disposable income to make me feel comfortable in my 50’s. Retired from electrical work and the Marine Corps I found myself saying I’m retired and need extra money. I researched the topic and found that yes, many people do make money as bloggers and that’s all I needed to know. I found that there was a way to create a niche, build a website and make money with that website. Here is what I learned.

Find out how to build your own niche website HEREin your spare time.


Does Blogging Really Make Money?b44cdf4014291218445fd63f589fc4b61525783736 cropped 1528590561 - Retired And Need Extra Money? Why Not Blog For It?

Here is where you have to trust me in what I am telling you. Yes, blogging really can make you money but it won’t come overnight. In fact it may not come for months but if you put in the time and effort you can and will make money at it. You just have to believe in yourself, work hard and dedicate yourself and learn how to apply some basic principles of the industry.

My blogging venture now has allowed me to do what I want when I want. I no longer stress about making ends meet and can see my future becoming brighter with each blog that I write. How does it work? On this website I earn commissions from those who sign up for a free Wealthy Affiliate account. But on my other website I earn when someone buys something through my affiliate links. And that is the way you can earn money with your own website. The key is to keep building your site until it gets traffic which then can produce some awesome sales. You really can earn two ways with the program I use. By building a website with affiliate links to products or earning comissions from people who sign up on the platform used for training to become an affiliate marketer.

Are You Motivated To Earn Extra Money?

Whether you are motivated to earn with your blog or you just really want to try something to see if it’s a fit I would encourage you to check out blogging for an income. And the faster you start the quicker you can earn. It’s that simple. It’s not like digging a ditch or working a nine to five job either. The trickiest part will be learning how to blog effectively and to market that blog. And HERE is how I learned.

I was thinking I was retired and need extra money so I put my mind to thinking outside the norm. I didn’t want to accept I was done so I found blogging. It didn’t cost me alot to learn the process either. About a dollar a day to get full training and a platform that had support and the web builder and everything I needed to get started. And free hosting! All I had to do was go through the lessons and apply them to my writing of my blog. With time this website has grown quite large with good traffic and referrals.

I look at my life now as a blogger who shows other aspiring entrepreneurs how to build their own blog and make money doing it. It isn’t rocket science and it’s a lot of fun. You just have to trust me when I tell you that it does pay off. Whether you’re retired like me or just starting out in the work force I think you can succeed at this. Just give it a chance.

Start your blogging career HERE!

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Make A Webpage Online. How Do You Do This?


Make A Webpage Online. Is It Easy?home office 438386  340 - Make A Webpage Online. How Do You Do This?

Are you looking for ways to make a webpage online? If you are you’re not alone. Did you know that in the United States there are 30,000 people who are illiterate? While that may not seem like a lot considering there are over 200 million people in the country it should make you raise your eyebrows. In a country that has the some of the best academics in the world it makes me wonder why this is so. With that said without an education life can be extremely hard.

Building a webpage online is not tricky and only requires some basic knowledge of writing and comprehension. So, if you’re ready let’s look at how to make a webpage online.

Looking to start a webpage now or a website that makes you money? CLICK HERE


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Is AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Sites A Good Deal?

AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Websites

If you’re looking to build a quality website and know what type of niche you are into you can build an awesome website with the ability to really create a decent income. But what if you don’t really know what kind of a website you want and how do you go about creating a site that generates an income? What if you know nothing about building a quality site and just need a little push to get it moving in the right direction? The AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche site may be what you need.

But, is this the best way to go to build an online business or are you essentially setting yourself up for failure? I took a look at this and found it to be not a bad deal for newbies starting out. I will admit that there was a lot of information that I wasn’t entirely familiar with like the AdSense part. Reason being is I don’t use AdSense because it seems a bit difficult to keep at it if you don’t get enough traffic. And the traffic for newbies is fairly small at first. Regardless the AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche site guys say they will help you set up an account. Here are the basics of what you get on this program. Continue reading Is AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Sites A Good Deal?

Is Followadder A Good Online Program?


Is Followadder A Good Online Program?

For you bloggers out there looking to find a program which works well for affiliates I like to research different ones that I think may have some potential. And to be honest even though most don’t offer what I would expect out of a quality affiliate program, some of them are gems in the rough.

Followadder works with Instagram and Utube and basically is an automated software that allows you to schedule posts to the social sites as well as help you gain followers and likes. The reason I liked this platform is because I know of many bloggers who seem to by pass Instagram and even Utube when promoting their sites. Either they don’t see the purpose of going the route of these social websites or they just feel it’s not really going to help them in their road to success. Thankfully, Followadder really makes promoting through Utube and Instagram pretty darn easy. Below is a screenshot of Followadder’s Homepage. Continue reading Is Followadder A Good Online Program?

Why Blogs Fail. My Unique Perspective

words 416435  340 - Why Blogs Fail. My Unique PerspectiveWHY BLOGS FAIL

Ask anyone who blogs for a living why they do it the answer may be ” Why Not?” I often get asked why I blog and why blogs fail and what can they do so their blog is successful. My answer is usually not what they want to hear but it’s the truth.

Blogs fail because of the writer and nobody else. Sure they may have picked an unpopular niche or maybe they just don’t know how to write engaging content, but it’s usually the writers fault.

My answer to why blogs fail is because nobody finds any usefulness out of them. Take this blog website for instance. I have written tons of blogs and have included a lot of tips for newbie bloggers but had I written just one blog, my site would of failed. And there are I’m sure many of my blogs that just don’t really drive a lot of traffic to them. But, collectively they have made this blog site successful.

I tell people to go slow when blogging, have a plan and keep trying when one thing doesn’t work. It’s all trial and error. Continue reading Why Blogs Fail. My Unique Perspective