Retired And Need Extra Money? Why Not Blog For It?

  Retired And Need Extra Money? Like many baby boomers in 2018 I have found myself in a position on a set income and needed to find a way to supplement that income. For many baby boomers who found success in the 80’s and 90’s the coming decades have been somewhat difficult for them to … Read more Retired And Need Extra Money? Why Not Blog For It?

Is AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Sites A Good Deal?

AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche Websites

If you’re looking to build a quality website and know what type of niche you are into you can build an awesome website with the ability to really create a decent income. But what if you don’t really know what kind of a website you want and how do you go about creating a site that generates an income? What if you know nothing about building a quality site and just need a little push to get it moving in the right direction? The AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche site may be what you need.

But, is this the best way to go to build an online business or are you essentially setting yourself up for failure? I took a look at this and found it to be not a bad deal for newbies starting out. I will admit that there was a lot of information that I wasn’t entirely familiar with like the AdSense part. Reason being is I don’t use AdSense because it seems a bit difficult to keep at it if you don’t get enough traffic. And the traffic for newbies is fairly small at first. Regardless the AdSense And Amazon Authority Niche site guys say they will help you set up an account. Here are the basics of what you get on this program.

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Why Is Blogging So Popular?

Why Is Blogging So Popular? stock photo 40507556 friends running along the beach - Why Is Blogging So Popular?

It’s becoming an age old question a lot of my readers ask me. Why is blogging so popular? I think it’s because it gives people a voice and is a great way to express yourself.
On the other side of the coin blogging has become a way people can actually make an income. But, contrary to what you might think not everyone who starts a blog will become successful and even make any money at it.
Why is that?
Honestly, it’s because people just give up blogging when they don’t see results, plain and simple. And not to pour salt in the wound it’s estimated that 81 percent of people who start a blog quit. I know, not good odds. But, you really have to look at why these people aren’t being successful after a year or two of constant blogging.
One of the main reasons is they pick the wrong niche and aren’t familiar with blogging or marketing that blog. And a lot of the people I hear from say they have been working so darn hard and just can’t make it work.
So, what’s the secret to becoming successful at blogging? Glad you asked!
It’s consistency!
As popular as blogging is in our world today most fail due to consistency. And to succeed you have to be consistent in not only blogging but in engaging with others and updating your website frequently.

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Is HubSpot Marketing A Good Platform?

HubSpot Marketing. Is It Worth It?

I recently was looking around for some marketing programs that could possibly help my blog website grow. I didn’t really want to spend a whole lot of money but wanted something that worked and not just some run of the mill hustle marketing platform.

While I am sure there are a lot of marketing platforms that are worth checking out, I am still pretty new to the indepth marketing of a website.

I figured I would just write a ton of content and that would be my marketing tactic. But, after a year while I still get some good traffic to my site it really wasn’t exactly what I was hoping for. So, looking around I found HubSpot which seemed to look like something that might help me promote my website.

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How Do I Succeed At Blogging. Is There A Method?

How To Succeed As A Blogger   You want to succeed as a blogger but….you have questions. How do you do this? I’ll let you in on a secret. And it doesn’t involve any particular method or deception or anything shady. In this context I am talking about succeeding as an affiliate blogger or bloggers … Read more How Do I Succeed At Blogging. Is There A Method?

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