Why Blogs Fail. My Unique Perspective

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Ask anyone who blogs for a living why they do it the answer may be ” Why Not?” I often get asked why I blog and why blogs fail and what can they do so their blog is successful. My answer is usually not what they want to hear but it’s the truth.

Blogs fail because of the writer and nobody else. Sure they may have picked an unpopular niche or maybe they just don’t know how to write engaging content, but it’s usually the writers fault.

My answer to why blogs fail is because nobody finds any usefulness out of them. Take this blog website for instance. I have written tons of blogs and have included a lot of tips for newbie bloggers but had I written just one blog, my site would of failed. And there are I’m sure many of my blogs that just don’t really drive a lot of traffic to them. But, collectively they have made this blog site successful.

I tell people to go slow when blogging, have a plan and keep trying when one thing doesn’t work. It’s all trial and error. Continue reading Why Blogs Fail. My Unique Perspective

Blog For Stay At Home Moms. Is It Worth Your Time?


Blog For Stay At Home Moms

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Blog for stay at home moms

Stay at home moms already have a huge undertaking in life. What’s more is this is not a paying position. While it may bring the ultimate joy to a mom’s life to be able to stay at home, it can come with a price.

That price is financial issues.

Yea, I said it. And what’s worse is even working part time really doesn’t cut the mustard because there are taxes taken out, time away from home and stress!

So, is it worth your time starting a blog for stay at home moms? It can be if you take it serious. Continue reading Blog For Stay At Home Moms. Is It Worth Your Time?

What’s The Best Fast Blog Income On The Internet?

Fast Income On The Internet? Really?

Ok, you’re looking for some fast blog income right? Do you think it really exists or is it just a bunch of nonsense? Well, honestly there is no really fast blog income to tell you the truth. While there are ways to make money fast on the net, you really have to put in some serious effort to reach that point. The reason is to get anywhere on the internet and make money you will have to work on whatever it is you’re doing for quite a while. That’s not to say that eventually you won’t be making fast blog income eventually, it will just take some time.

Blogging Can Make You An Income

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Does Fast Income Even Exist?

What have you checked out on the internet to make money? Have you ever considered becoming a full time blogger? Interestingly enough, there are many who now make money on the internet by blogging but keep in mind the majority of people fail due to one simple reason. They fail to be consistent. If you have read any of my blogs on this website you will realize that I only put out tips that are geared to help you as a blogger looking to earn online. Granted, most of my blogs are written for newbie bloggers it’s important to understand that making fast blog income really doesn’t exist if you’re just starting out. If you keep working at your blog eventually it can generate money quickly. It all depends on the quality of your blogs, what you are offering your readers and how consistent you are long term. Starting to get the picture? Great!

Fast Income Rarely Happens Overnight

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Use A Platform That Works

Unfortunately, if you have been working on your blogs religiously and nothing seems to be happening it might be time to go over your work and rethink your strategy. While blogging frequently is important, it’s equally important to utilize the right tools to get your blog seen. What are you using as a blogging platform? Do you have an all in one SEO plugin that’s helping your blogs get optimized for the search engines? Are you proofreading your work? All of these things will add up as your blog continues to work it’s way up the search engines. But, you won’t find success overnight unfortunately and fast blog income thinking is really for those looking for a quick buck. The good news is you will make money down the road if you keep blogging and learning. Then you may make sales and commissions at a faster rate which I guess would equate to fast  income. It just takes time to get to that point.

The Key To Success At Blogging

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Find The Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

Now that you know that fast blog income only occurs when you work hard and long for an extended period of time, the choice is yours to decide which way to go. From experience I will tell you that consistency in blogging is the key to success. And don’t go into it with reservations. At first it can be challenging to understand how Algorithms work and how your blog would even make money. You really just need to align yourself with others who have found success and learn from them. I would be willing to bet you already know how to blog, it isn’t that hard. And if you can dedicate yourself to blogging let’s say once per day for one hour in a years time that blog will probably explode with sales and referrals.

Blogging Platform That Works

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Find A Blog Platform That Works!

If you’re ready to start learning how to blog for money I suggest checking out the Wealthy Affiliate and their university which teaches you step by step not only how to blog but how to market and connect with like minded people. This program is quite possibly the longest running affiliate marketing university on the net today and has helped many find their dreams by simply blogging. No more long drives to the workplace, getting up early or punching the clock. I will say as a Wealthy Affiliate member for quite a while this has been the best way to eventually earn a fast blog income with time and effort. Check out this link to see more about the Wealthy Affiliate and what it can do for you! Wealthy Affiliate University Signup


Home Success Scam Versus Wealthy Affiliate

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Scams Will Bankrupt You!

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I’ts no surprise as many Americans look to retirement they are also looking for ways to make an income to supplement that retirement. But, are the programs out there claiming to help people really doing that or just trying to separate individuals from their hard earned money? Chances are they are looking to empty your wallet, bank account and anything of value from you. It really is pretty disgusting. And in this blog I’ll be looking at some popular programs that look to be promising but are for the most part complete scams! To start out, let’s take a look at the ever growing in popularity rev share industry.

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Don’t Get Scammed!

Rev Shares Are Scams

Rev Shares are fast becoming a way people can make a quick buck by duping people to invest a certain amount of cash flow into the program by purchasing ad packs or ad shares. They claim that by purchasing ad packs you are buying into advertisement packages which is what makes the rev share legit. But, how legit are the adpacks you are buying? After checking these things out I found that the advertisements are basically useless because the only one seeing your ad are the people who are in the ad share program. Sounds shady huh? Well, it is and considering a vast majority of these programs pop up from countries outside of the United States, chances are there is something not right about them. Recently rev share companies like HQ Rev Share, Ultimate Rev Share have fallen into the scam mode when the owner feints an illness or death in the family and takes off with the pool of money collected from unsuspecting victims. It really is bad because these things close down with no notice and no hint of failing. So, if you are looking at joining one of these I would suggest really rethinking because you’re bound to waste a lot of time and money. Additionally, Paypal has deemed these things SCAMS and have shut down all interactions with the companies…(If You Want To Call Them One)

Home Success Programs Are Scams 

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Would You Trust This Guy?

Another scheme, scam is the Home Success Scam. Home success scams work like this. You pay a small fee to join and they are usually schemes that praise Google and the ability to earn up to 1000.00 per week. The scam usually claims you can “Make Money With Google” or “Get Paid Doing Nothing”. Amazingly a lot of people have fallen prey to these scams and yet people still join on a daily basis. Once the credit card number is given, the small fee is deducted but after a week to a month, your credit card will be charged again as a recurring debit. If you call to cancel, you will more than likely be reach a number that’s been discontinued or no answer at all. Cancelling with these programs can be done however by contacting your bank or the issuing card company. If paying by Paypal simply click the box that stops recurring payments to the company or program. If you need help call Paypal or go online to www.Paypal.com. Take a look at this article on Home Success Scams. Home Success Scams

Countries Where Scams Pop Up

Unfortunately, we live in a world where others prey on the vulnerability of others. And, while the United States warns people to stay away from scams online, there are constantly people who fall victim. Additionally, many of these scams pop up from countries like the U.K., Africa, Singapore and Malaysia to name a few. Some of the scammers create enticing websites created by people who speak fluent English and have extensive web building experience. So, if it looks to good to be true or if the program wants any money or debit card upfront, steer clear! You should never for any reason give you credit or debit card number to any program or company offering you work. You will be SCAMMED!

Ok, so my rant has ended for this blog on what I found to be scams online. But, don’t feel bad if you have been duped into joining a program that has turned out to be bogus. It doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. In fact many people have been hustled online but it doesn’t have to continue. Just be aware that these things out there are you will be much better off. I myself have tried a few and yes I hit a brick wall. But, I did finally find a program that works but only if you work it correctly. And that means you have to work. If you like to blog and want to earn at it I would suggest checking it out. In fact, the blog you are reading right now is a result of my work with this company. But, I won’t try and push you into something without letting you know you can try it out for free. It’s a learning university that teaches you how to write and market. While you do have to put in your due diligence I will say that it’s worth trying out for free. Check it out below.
<wealthy affiliate going up - Home Success Scam Versus Wealthy Affiliate>Keyword Search Tool Jaaxy

How Do You Get Paid To Write Blogs?

Now that is an interesting question and honestly can be difficult to explain in full detail but you need to know first off that yes you can get paid to write blogs. But how do you find a way to do it and does it take more work than it’s worth? Well, like anything that’s going to pay off, writing blogs will take a lot of work to actually make money doing it. I don’t mean writing for eight hours a day either. If you can just write one post a day for a year that means you will have 365 blog post by the time you are finished and those blogs by that time if written correctly should be making you money. And that’s money being made passively off of ads and affiliate products. Ads and affiliate products are the way to earn on a blog but keep in mind, there’s a lot of competition and writing regularly will give you a considerable edge over the next blogger.

Paid To Write Blogs Daily

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Dream Big And Things Happen!

So, how do you start to get paid to write blogs that make money through ads and affiliate products? The best way is to begin writing on a regular basis and keep in mind you will need to learn how to insert affiliate links and ads into your posts. The good news is it is an easy process and you can learn how to do this in a matter of minutes. Inserting links into post consist of simply finding an affiliate link on Amazon, Clickbank or any other affiliate program and placing it on your site. Normally you will use the attachment icon located at the top of wordpress. Simply paste in the link in the box displayed and then your description goes in the other box. Simple huh? It is but when writing blogs you will want to learn some other tricks of the trade that will help make that blog a success online. The Wealthy Affiliate teaches members how to not only write blogs that are geared for marketing but also how to promote that blog.

The Wealthy Affiliate Platform

While I am a member of the Wealthy Affiliate I will say that it would probably be wise to check out the free membership this platform offers before going all in and committing yourself to learning all there is to learn. I say this because while the Wealthy Affiliate does teach you how to write and market your blog and get paid to write blogs  I will say it’s not for everyone. And that’s because it will take work to get your blog noticed and to learn all there is to learn. I don’t say this to discourage you but only to give you a heads up that it does take work. But, check out what a free memberships with the Wealthy Affiliate will get you. It’s pretty impressive I have to admit.
<wealthy affiliate membership grid - How Do You Get Paid To Write Blogs?

As you can see there are a lot of benefits to joining the Wealthy Affiliate for free and I was amazed at how many people are interested in this platform. It’s been online for over ten years and has made some people extremely wealthy. While those who succeed do have to work hard at it, it is entirely possible for anyone with patience, determination and drive to do this. It’s not rocket science. So, if you are one of the millions out there looking to get paid to write blogs I would suggest checking out the Wealthy Affiliate. To your success!