What Is Powered Dzoic Handshakes Professional Blogs?

What Is Powered Dzoic Handshakes Professional Blogs And Why Is It So Popular? commodore 2202541  340 - What Is Powered Dzoic Handshakes Professional Blogs?

If you have been blogging for a while and are not getting a ton of traffic, the blog website Powered Dxoic Handshakes Professional Blogs is a good example of what can happen if you stay the course and don’t sway from your dedication to blogging. The blog is titled Kareninaworld’s Blog and in reality, it’s much more than just your typical blog post by some random blogger.

Searching through this website you will find all kinds of content, software links, pictures and other useful information pertaining to coding and other links. The only kicker is that the blog starts in October 2006 and ends in 2008. While it has tons of information, most of it at this point is probably obsolete. Nevertheless, the site continues to get massive traffic for it’s age. It’s touted as the best social network portal in PHP.

Looking at the content in powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs website I found a ton of shareware, links to software for creating content and editing as well as using images. It’s a rather technical blog which I honestly got a bit confused at much of it. I understood the basics of it and it really got me thinking about how far we have come with technology in the past ten years.

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Does Older Technology Still Work In 2019 with computers?

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Apple Computer

Well, I guess that depends on who you talk to but if I knew then what I know now I guess I would be considered a genius. Maybe not, because in today’s environment of creating blogs, using software for creating content and websites has become unbelievably easy.

I use a platform to create content and publish my blog on a simple easy to use platform through a 14 year old company called Wealthy Affiliate. I know, the name sounds totally cheesy but I wanted to find something that would allow me to create an awesome blog site without having to know too much technical stuff. I remember working for Intuit nearly 30 years ago and it was pretty confusing back then to figure out how to use their software. Obviously, there were many bugs to fix and thankfully over the years that happened.

Wealthy Affiliate has a platform that basically allows you to create a website easily by using it’s own site content creator as well as access to a high quality keyword tool which shows you all of the competition, other competing websites and basically everything you need to create a quality professional blog. While Powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs website is older, looking through the content I realized how much technology did know but it was so much more complicated learn.

I am not associated with powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs in any way shape or form. I simply stumbled on it while searching online. As you can see by this blog, I offer a service that helps people create websites designed for affiliate marketing or basically anything you want to promote with a website. It could be a service, a list of products, etc. The good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is I get all of my hosting services, domain, site builder and keyword research tool on the same platform.

Talking about computers, back 30 years ago we were working with Windows 98 and boxy  outdated monitors on a dial up modem. 2400 baud was the way to go and wireless was not even a sparkle in someone’s eye…or maybe it was. Regardless, I really found the difference in the blog website Powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs versus what we see today online.

Sure, the same WordPress platform is the go to platform for bloggers but it’s come so far from even the late 2000’s decade with updated themes plugins and tools. In fact, anyone now can create a professional blog with virtually zero experience.

Content Is Still King Today

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When it comes to blogs websites whether you are promoting products and services or just creating a daily journal, high quality content is still king. Promotions are great, paid ads still work but there is something about organic traffic that overpowers all other forms of online promotions for traffic. And that’s a good thing. Powered dzoic handshakes professional blogs website proves that over ten years later by showing us that regardless how old your website is, it will produce some high traffic. Not bad for a website with that still displays “Just Another My World Press Blog.”

I encourage you to check out the website I just wrote about and see what I’m talking about. It’s got a full archive of blogs if you want to call them that, many look to be just short write ups on software’s and a link to go to. But more than that maybe take a look at the traffic it still gets. I found that pretty cool and it shows us that you never know what can happen with your blog in ten years.

That’s why I started this blog four years ago. To build something that someday may become something and maybe help other floundering wannabe entrepreneurs like I was at the humble beginnings with this website. While I get traffic it doesn’t compare to that old website I wrote about here that still gets tons of traffic. But, as time goes by, my website has grown with little leaps and  bounds and I’m thankful for that.

I hope you enjoyed this little writeup on a website created 13 years ago that’s still relevant today even though it’s content is aged. Apparently, it is  relevant because it gets some good traffic even to this day.

Maybe it’s time to start your own blog website and earn some extra cash doing it. You can with Wealthy Affiliate and I guarantee it’s not as difficult to do as it was way back 13 years ago. Check my review of Wealthy Affiliate HERE.


Happy Blogging


How Do You Build Website Free For Affiliate Marketing Income?

A Website For Free That Isn’t Junk?13597683b338ebb4669c5b9b994012261549667671 cropped - How Do You Build Website Free For Affiliate Marketing Income?

You probably found this website while looking to increase your income. And as you know, many people are struggling to make ends meet all over the world. Because of this many of us are scouring the internet looking for programs that offer an answer to that problem. But what would you think is the best way to get started and where are there some build website free platforms? Are there any?

There are but you are going to have to find them.

I say this because if you look at alot of the different options out there for building websites, you will find a gazzilion of them. And yes, they say they are free but there’s a catch. First, many of these web building companies will try and upgrade you to a “better” website or if they are completely free, they don’t offer the tools you need to get your website seen by search engines. The result is you may end up paying for something you don’t really need or you may end up with a website that looks ok but is worthless as far as coming up in search engines. And this is bad especially if you’re looking at making an income with affiliate marketing.  Continue reading How Do You Build Website Free For Affiliate Marketing Income?

No Experience Need Jobs? Are There Any?

No Experience? No Problem!eb862bf519ceca2b26515b772c5a4b101542655739 cropped optimized - No Experience Need Jobs? Are There Any?


If you’re like many people you may have become over experienced or be underexperienced so that spells bad luck for you right? Well, not necessarily, not if you do your research. Did you know there are ways to get a no experience needed job with little or no out of pocket that you can do right from home? There are and if you want to learn anything about how to do it, click THIS LINK Continue reading No Experience Need Jobs? Are There Any?

What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?74d98794dcff753791e088a268a8f6ab1536166528 cropped 1536166914 optimized - What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

Good question! What is the difference between a blog and a website? That’s a question I had years back when I first built my first website. The website I built was a complete disaster to be honest but it did teach me something. And that was I was completely lame when it came to technology.

Sure I had been to some basic computer classes in college but nothing that taught me how to build a website. And almost thirty years later while I know a whole lot more than I did back then, I consider myself needing much more training.

But the difference between a website and a blog is a website is something that usually in today’s marketplace is something companies use to sell services or products. A website can also be for personal use where we share our pictures and memories with family and friends. Inside that website we often find a place where blogs are.

And the blogs can be written as in telling stories or reviewing products. In fact a blog can be so many different things but the best way to know what a blog is would be to know that a website has different pages and a blog is a series of posts that the author writes within that website.

This may sound confusing but in today’s digital era we often see websites that promote services and products and building a website today is much easier than it was a couple decades ago. Now you can have a website up and running within minutes with built in SEO and HTML options. All you have to do is create pages and posts and you’re pretty much in business. Add some pictures and links and you’re good to go.

What’s The Best Route? Website Or Blog?6850a79f7a51a869d3f4c6bb689159b61536166861 cropped optimized - What Is The Difference Between A Blog And A Website?

That’s really up to you and what you’re looking to create. If you are a company looking to offer products or services then a website would be your best bet. If you’re looking to share your experiences on a travel vacation then a blog works well. You can write blogs on your website or just create a blog with a webpage. It’s up to you how much time and effort your want to put into all of it.

A website that generates traffic organically can be done by writing blogs in that niche. If you write consistently over time that blog will generate traffic when someone searches and through this website owners can generate sales or gain leads for their service. It’s probably the best way to generate traffic because it is more specific than other types of traffic like that obtained through social media.

Hopefully this starts to make sense to you. But what if you just want to start a blog to share with your friends and family? That’s fairly easy. You can start with a basic webpage or website like Weebly.com or Blogger.com and begin building a website or webpage blog that can be free or very close to it.

For those looking to start a business as a blogger, there is something called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a way of making sales through the use of a website which usually uses blogs to generate traffic and sales. And the best way to do this is join a platform like Wealthy Affiliate to start building your web business.

Keep It Simple When Building A Blog Or A Website

This is probably the best advice I can give anyone looking to start their business as a blogger or if you are looking at just blogging about your daily life. Either way both can be a fun way of expressing yourself and many people find blogging very therapeutic.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have on either building an affiliate website or beginning to blog. I like offering tips and suggestions!

Here’s to your success!

Dave @ Blogging Tips For Newbies

How To Make Money Blogging For Free. Is There A Way?


How To Make Money Blogging For Free

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Build Your Own Website For Free

For those of you who have been looking for ways to earn online and trying to make money blogging for free you probably are asking yourself this question. How the heck do I do this? Well, there is no real secret behind blogging for an income and pretty much anyone can do it if you have a little bit of know how and some drive. That’s really all the secret is. And if you are looking how to start for free, check out this blog post on how to start.

The key to becoming successful as a blogger really isn’t as difficult as you may think. The problem most have when starting is impatience and wondering when they will get paid. Most blogs take a while to begin to see results and newbies may start blogging with no real desire to wait to see some desired results. They want success now and when that doesn’t happen they give up. It’s true and it’s why most bloggers fail. What can you do about that? Look long term when starting your blog and don’t expect results or any money for the first six months.

I know that sounds brutal and it is if you’re down to your last five bucks in the bank and can’t find a job any where. I was in the same boat and finally found a platform that I could start my blog for free and build from there. It took some time but I can say that now I am making enough to be able to chill and not worry so much anymore. Besides writing and maintaining a blog should be fun so if you’re not having fun with it, it may be time to try something new. Check out this blog on creating a niche website here.


Never Spend A Ton To Build A Website!

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Don’t Spend To Build Your Website!

In fact I would say that you should never spend anything to build the website except for your computer and you internet connection. Forget all of those site builders that state they will create a stunning beautiful website for you. Why? Because those sites never get any decent traffic. They aren’t set up for SEO with meta tags and all the internal stuff you need to rise above in the Google rankings. For this you need to build your own website using a platform like Word Press which is free and use the plugins and SEO settings to make sure your website has a fighting chance.  Continue reading How To Make Money Blogging For Free. Is There A Way?