What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

What Is Content Writing For Income? 1507b9f4b94e3f1841a6916641809ab81543264364 cropped 1543264450 - What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

If you haven’t looked into what content writing for an income is, you may be missing out. In fact content writing has become increasingly popular over the past few years and I know you want to know why that is right? Digital marketing. It’s the wave of the future for people looking to earn an income at home, in their spare time, in their pajamas without having to get in the car and go to a job.  Continue reading What Is Content Writing For Passive Income? Is It A Scam?

Blogging Ways To Becoming Debt Free. Is There A Way To Blog Away Debt?

Blogging Ways To Becoming Debt Free

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Woman with laptop

I know, this must sound insane. Blogging away debt. Really you say? So, did I until a few years ago I found myself out of work and pretty down in the dumps. I had fallen ill and lost my job as an electrician and I really had no other options in life. I was lucky I had a family and they helped me to not completely give up.

But my story was not that of a complete failure all my life. Not at all. In fact I had served honorably in two services both the US Marine Corps and the US Navy Reserves. I had also taken a four year school in electrical and actually graduated and became a journeyman electrician. I bought two houses too. But on the flip side I have also been homeless and without a car or a job. I know both sides of the coin.  Continue reading Blogging Ways To Becoming Debt Free. Is There A Way To Blog Away Debt?

Lead Network Affiliate Program. Is This One Of The Best Blog Affiliate Programs?

Is The Lead Network Affiliate Program Really That Good?

Most of us know by now that blogging comes in a lot of different styles and purposes. But if you are looking to earn money as a blogger you really need to be looking at what type of online income program is best for affiliates. Just because you want to earn as a blogger you will need to learn how to make an income with a product or service. And blogging about that product or service is what will make you an income. I checked out a few of the affiliate programs for bloggers and found the Lead Network Affiliate Program online. Continue reading Lead Network Affiliate Program. Is This One Of The Best Blog Affiliate Programs?

Why Is The Huffington Post So Popular For Bloggers?

Why Is The Huffington Post So Popular?

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huffington post popular for blogging?

Many bloggers will tell you that the topics of trending news is probably the best way to go if you’re considering blogging for living. As a blogger who writes tips for other bloggers looking to get into blogging I thought I would go out on a limb and investigate this claim. I wanted to see what it was that people were searching for on a daily basis besides what I write about.

Don’t get me wrong, blogging tips are what get people started on the path to successful blogging and I take pride in writing about them. But, as an aspiring blogger what are you’re thoughts on writing about popular topics versus something you have a personal interest in? Comment below and I’ll post the results once they are in.

Back to what I was talking about, why is the Huffington Post so popular for bloggers and mainstream society? In the United States what is hot now? Yep. politics. While I usually don’t like discussing this subject especially since I am a veteran of the Marine Corps and have my own views on issues it’s a topic that some are really passionate about.

And some love to debate it. Including my 14 year old son!

If you check out the Huffington Post you will find all the breaking news in politics from Donald Trumps latest bull in a China shop moves, to the ban on Muslims issue.  I have no comment  either way on any of the political issues but if you want to know why the Huffington Post is so popular for bloggers, this is why. Because they cover what mainstream society want to hear! Continue reading Why Is The Huffington Post So Popular For Bloggers?

How Do You Make An Income Blogging As An Affiliate Marketer?

I guess this is a question a lot of people are asking in today’s current financial society. How do you make an income blogging as an affiliate marketer? I know it sounds like an easy question but do you know the answer? Is there really a way to earn marketing products as a blogger? And what does it take to write affiliate marketing content? I asked myself the same question after blogging for years writing content for people who bought my content. In the end I learn that while it’s not a complicated process to learn, there are some distinct ways of being successful as an affiliate marketer writing content. Maybe you already know a little about the process but in my experience it is something that is an ongoing and never ending lesson to finally reach that sweet spot of earning online.


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Can You Earn As An Affiliate Marketer?






Can You Earn As An Affiliate Marketer?

So, the question is as a blogger can I earn as an affiliate marketer? Well, I researched this extensively and found that yes you absolutely can earn as an affiliate marketer if you can apply some simple processes which involve writing affiliate marketing content. And writing this kind of content is relatively basic to tell you the truth. You just have to learn the basics. What I learned is blogging is a hot demand today by huge businesses. They want someone to write content that contains certain keywords and phrases pertaining to their products or services and that’s pretty much it. They want content that is readable and can gain organic traffic through the search engines which eventually will bring their website higher up on Google, Bing and Yahoo search engines. Sounds pretty easy doesn’t it? Well, it actually is. So, without going into my whole story I will tell you that I wrote for companies and individuals who were looking for a writer who could do this work. And I am no expert writer. I just followed a few simple rules and the rest is history. I became a writer for affiliate marketers but I wasn’t a marketer myself….just a content writer. But what I learned is yes you can make money as an affiliate marketer if you have content, a decent product or service and a way to get your content seen. So, how do we do that? Read on to find out.

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Find Success At Blogging 

Earning As A Blogger And Affiliate Marketer

Ok, so now that I have explained to you that you can earn as a marketer of affiliate products your first goal is to figure out what kind of products you will be promoting and how are you going to go about writing your content. You probably have questions like “How Long Should My Content Be?” or “Can I Hire A Writer?”  As far as how long your content should be I would suggest writing at least at the bare minimum 800 words per blog post. On the longer side I would say 1500 words per post. While some say it really doesn’t matter I personally shoot for at least 800-1000 per blog. As far as our next question “Can I Hire A Writer?” I would say that’s entirely up to you but for me I choose to write my own content. This way I know what I’ll be delivering and my affiliate marketing content all comes out pretty much the same. I think it would be a bit strange if all your post appeared to have a different writing style. But, if you do consider outsourcing your content I would check out Fiverr.com for cheap writing gigs for five bucks. Put simply your blogging abilities are what will make or break you as an affiliate marketer. The more useful and honest your blogs are, the better chance you have of connecting with people.

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Create A Blogging Environment!






Create A Blogging Environment!

Now that you understand that affiliate marketing content will be your ticket to driving sales to your products, the next order of business in my opinion is to actually create a home office that you want to work in. Considering the fact that many successful websites that are in affiliate marketing have 1000’s of blog posts on their websites, you will want to keep up the content creation often. This is why creating an environment that is comfortable and “blogger friendly” will be another key to your success. And you don’t have to spend a lot of money getting a space together that you can be comfortable working in. A decent laptop, a small desk, a notepad and maybe a plant or two really is all you need. Given the current state of the economy especially for older Americans and those who’s jobs have been outsourced or disappeared, writing affiliate marketing content may be the way to actually start to recover in a failing economy. So, give your affiliate marketing goals a chance by creating an environment that is user friendly and you will be more apt to stick around and write!

Using Clickbank To Sell Affiliate Products

Finally, if you’re going to sell affiliate products with a affiliate vendor. You may want to consider using Clickbank. The reason I recommend this is because Clickbank has been around a long time and is a viable source of products designed for affiliate marketers. I search for products that I think may have some long term benefit for people who are looking at starting a blogging business and that I would recommend. But in thinking long term on your affiliate marketing business I have this to say. Products can be extremely useful in learning how to market affiliate products but always focus on writing affiliate marketing content that is geared towards driving traffic. Also learn how to write consistently and with a distinct goal in mind. Now, if you’re still looking for some more help to get you moving in the right direction then here is a Clickbank product that I would recommend. For the price it’s worth taking a look. Learn Affiliate Marketing