Blog Giveaways. What’s In It For You?

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Cruise Blog Giveaways?

Anybody who’s ever searched the internet has probably heard of “blog giveaways.” If you haven’t checked these out I have to admit some of these are pretty cool. But what exactly is a blog giveaway and how do you get in on one? A blog giveaway is basically when a company or individual offers something for free within their website. Most of these giveaways have a cut off date and you must apply before that deadline but to be honest, I think these things are worth checking out. Sure, some of them are for little knick knack things like t-shirts, coffee cups and other promotional items but I found some that include prizes all the way up to all expense paid cruises, iphones and cool gift cards from Amazon. But what’s the catch to these blog giveaways? I mean nothing is free right?


I won’t say you don’t have to do absolutely anything to win a blog giveaway because you do have to fill out an online form and in some cases a survey or two but for the most part they are free to join. How these things work I would suspect the company makes some type of earnings through people checking out their product giveaways or they could just be a way of promoting their stuff. For you as someone looking to win a giveaway,  I guess they are worth looking into but be wary of scams if you are looking to apply for some giveaway online.  The Blog Giveaway Directory looks like a good way of signing up for some cool stuff. I did notice that a good majority were things like Amazon gift cards but I found giveaways for Bed Bath And Beyond, Walmart gift cards and even Blue tooth speakers. While most of the blog giveaways are valued at lower than 500.00 but if you apply to enough of them you may even win.

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Blog Giveaway Gift Cards






As a blogger I am always looking out for online deals and these giveaways are all over the internet. But, what are your odds of winning? I researched this and the odds of winning are pretty much dependent on which blog giveaways you are entering. One strategy is to enter to win stuff that you wouldn’t really find any use for. Personally I wouldn’t really care to win a lifetime supply of pantyhose but someone else would. If I happened to win this lifetime giveaway I would probably sell it on Ebay or Craigslist to be honest. But hopefully you’re understanding where I’m going with this. I would also make a checklist of giveaways ending soon and maybe even a list of giveaway sites that look to be a good deal. I guess when it comes to these things, if you find value in them it’s a win win situation and I sure wouldn’t scoff at getting a free cruise around the world!


One of the blog giveaways I came across was a Ninja Coffee Bar thingamabob that looked interesting. When you click the link it does take you to another popup window and then you can fill in all the stuff and enter into the contest. I also looked at something they had on there as far as number of entries received. It was a little over 26,000 entries which considering what your chances of winning the lottery are with actually having to buy a ticket looked to be pretty good chances. And it had six days left until the drawing which gives you pretty good odds and a short time before the blog giveaway ends. All in all I think you really have nothing to lose on this. And if you don’t like coffee I suppose you could create your own sweepstakes to get rid of it or give it away to a friend or sell it on Ebay.

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Coffee Bar Blog Giveaways








Ok, so that’s a little rundown on what blog giveaways are and what they can do for you. Realistically I think these things are kind of like going to a free casino. You never really know what you’re going to win until you get there but I like the fact that they are free to enter and your chances of actually winning are much greater than buying that Power Ball ticket. Not that I wouldn’t love to win the Power Ball but let’s be real here, your chances on that thing are 1 in a couple hundred million so thanks but no thanks on that deal.

I hope you liked this little blog on blog giveaways. While I’m not big on entering for stuff online I know you can always find some use for anything you win by either keeping it or selling it. Then you could always buy something you want when you sell the item. Personally, I think I’ll just keep blogging away about different tips for bloggers looking to start their own business blogging about what they love. It’s fun, rewarding and you can actually make money for a lifetime if you learn how to blog correctly for business. And finally, if you want to do what I do and find blogging fun and exciting why not learn how to blog for an income? I did and have fun doing it everyday! Join Wealthy Affiliate Today!