What Are Your Long Term Blogging Goals?

Goals are an important aspect of blogging online. So, it’s important to have long term blogging goals when you begin your blogging business. And, without these goals set in place at first, chances are greater you will never reach that success you’re looking for. As sad as that sounds it really is reality. In fact, think about all the people who say they would never work at a fast food restaurant. Many say it’s a sweat box and a complete waste of time. On the other hand some will say it’s a great stepping stone to bigger and better things down the road. And then there’s the individuals who stuck it out and ended up being manager and finally owning a franchise. So, setting long term blogging goals is no different at all. You just have to set the goals and promise yourself each day you will do something to accomplish those goals.

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Set Your Blogging Goals!

Set A Blogging Per Week Goal!

   So, what’s a good start to setting long term blogging goals with your own blogging business? How about setting a small goal of writing 3-5 quality blogs a week of anywhere from 700-1200 words on your blogging website? I say 700-1200 words because while we should aim for around 1500 words per blog there are many cases where you just won’t be able to accomplish that word count. But it’s ok, just commit to yourself that you will at least write a few blogs a week and you will be totally amazed at how fast those blogs will add up on your website bringing you nearer to success each day. You can do it and it’s really not that difficult. It’s just takes dedication!

Is Your Home Office Working?

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Is Your Home Office Enjoyable To Work In?

Ok, so now that we have decided we are going to set some goals that will encourage us to blog frequently we should also look at some other things we can do to accomplish our long term blogging goals. Can you think of something you can do to make your blogging venture more exciting and fun to do? How about making an a small office space where you live into a comfortable place to site down and do your work? It’s amazing how many times I hear people say they have no time or there’s just no space to do what they need to do. It’s too loud. The excuses go on and on and it’s really pretty frightening how many will set themselves up for failure by making some reason up why they can’t get down to business. So, I say to them, before you start to set your goals, set up your blogging area. Do, you have a comfortable chair? Is you computer working properly and is your space quiet enough to focus on what you have to do?

Get Active To Stay Motivated!

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Be Active To Accomplish Your Blogging Goals!

So, now we have two things we can do to accomplish out long term business goals and that’s an excellent start to becoming successful as a blogger. What else can you think of that will help you to accomplish your goals? how about setting a time during the day when you will give your blogging business attention? Personally, I like to do most of my writing in the morning after I do a walk. It’s a this time when I feel my best and ready to get something done. Everyone is different but it’s important to set a daily schedule to write your blogs as it is to do other important things in your life. Staying active and keeping an exercise regiment in your daily activities can do wonders for your mood and is a great way for your to find inspiration for your blogs.


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Seek Out Support!

I really can’t stress how important support is to reach your long term blogging goals. It’s absolutely paramount that your find people who will support you in your blogging venture. Because think about it for a minute. Your goal as a business blogger is to eventually create a sustaining income for you and your family. And that’s a huge goal. But there will be work to do. There will be days you just “don’t feel up to it.” There will be times you question yourself and wonder if it’s all worth it. You will find times when you feel you may never succeed. Now, as much as I would like to be the cheering section for you and your blogging business it’s important for you to find support team that’s going to be there for you to bump up your moral when you just aren’t feeling it. And these things will happen I guarantee it. It’s just part of life. These are the times you really have to dig deep and write content whether your feeling it or not. The only exception I would think is if you are sick or something important is more of a priority which does happen. But the key to your success will without a doubt be your ability to write consistently.


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Dave Donahue (Author)

Hopefully, this blog can help you decide if blogging for business is something you want to really get into and if you have the dedication to fulfill your dreams as an entrepreneur. All it takes is commitment and action and you can and will be successful. And don’t hesitate to check out my other blogs to help you find your passion in life as a blogger. And if you’re looking for a way to become successful as a blogger complete with training and two free websites see this link! Wealthy Affiliate Sign Up