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Top Hosting Product 2018 Fast Comet Review

Today I had the time to take a look at some of the available hosting services out there. One of the ones that stood out to me was Fast Comet hosting because quite honestly the pricing was pretty cheap and the reviews looked good. That gave me reason to think this was worth checking out. Unlike some of the other hosting services I have found Fast Comet had a number of hosting services available and that’s what I was looking for. Quality hosting with support and the ability to purchase my domain all on one platform.

One thing I liked about Fast Comet is they are not just for experts in web building who are looking for hosting. They cater to the newbie which is who I help teach affiliate marketing to. Before I get into any indepth stuff on this I’ll show you the pricing first. (more…)

What’s The Top Managed Hosting Provider In 2018?

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I searched high and low for the top managed hosting provider in 2018 and in the end found that most were comparable in service and price. None of them offered exactly what I wanted because I needed a web site builder and an option to buy my domain. After searching for a week I finally discovered one that had what I needed. Cloud service hosting services that came with a site builder and domain assignment.

Why are some hosting services higher priced than others? It’s pretty simple really. Some are  more secure than others and some have more space for you to store files. While I do not concern myself so much with having the best hosting service available I think it’s important to have one that is secure and has a tech support system available for any down time you may experience.  (more…)

Is Host Gator One Of The Best Hosting Services Online Today?workstation 405768  340 1 - Is Host Gator One Of The Best Hosting Services Online Today?


If you are running an affiliate website or any other type of business website then hosting services is a must for you. But, are any of them better than the other? Having been in the construction industry for over ten years as an electrician I have worked along side of people who were installing the fiber optics cables and ran many of them myself in commercial buildings. So, when it comes to who is the best provider, it can be tricky to figure out what’s the best way to go. And that’s because hosting services and claiming to be the best is really just a bunch of marketing tactics.  (more…)


What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?blogging 336376  340 - What Is The Best Website Domain Hosting Provider Online Today?

Looking for a great website domain hosting provider but falling short? I know, I’ve been there. While there are a lot of different hosting providers for your website out there it’s hard to figure out which one is the best. For some hosting providers they offer you a great start up price but when it’s time to pay the next month of service you may be surprised when the bill is way more than you expect.

Why is that? Well, some providers will give you a cheap first month of say $1.99 but then the monthly cost can be anywhere from $10.00 a month and up and to top it off they will sign you up for a yearly commitment. So, don’t be surprised if the cost is over $100.00 after that first month. These shared hosting providers can be as cheap as $4.95 a month but that doesn’t cover any more than the hosting and the backup and security these providers give may be substandard.

Take a look at my #1 recommendation for entrepreneurs looking for quality hosting and web building here!




What’s The Best Web Hosting Site Builder?

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I like how many of the online site builder, especially the free ones offer a free site builder and then leave you hanging wondering what the heck else you need to get a website up and running. Not really, in fact it drives me insane. When I first started blogging I joined a popular web building platform to build my own website. I got a site builder but then I come to find out I also had to pay for a domain and for hosting and those were separate from my site builder.

And they costs money and it wasn’t cheap.

What did I do to find the best web hosting site builder plus a domain included? I did nothing at first because like tons of other people I just paid for everything separate. And this was ten years ago when the services were more expensive to build your own website. If you wanted to monetize that site you could hire a web builder who charged you up the ying yang to get a basic site with a few pages and posts. I’m talking hundreds of bucks.

Take a look at that has some great reviews on web hosting and then come back and finish reading. has done an exceptional job in looking at over 200 hosting sites and has some awesome insight for anyone looking to get the best out of their hosting services.  TAP HERE

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