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Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool?6124074a007c4204c06136bb10731f111537724067 cropped 1553789810 - Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

One thing I have realized in all of my time blogging is that it’s very difficult to write SEO driven blogs without a good keyword analysis tool. And what I mean by this is one that doesn’t cost a boatload of money and will give me everything I need to reasearch topics in my niche, show me the competition for my keyword phrases and is accurate and up to date.

If you’re a serious blogger and looking to earn with your website then you absolutely need a keyword analysis tool that works and keeps you ahead of the game. What keyword tool do I recommend? The Jaxxy Keyword Tool.

Why do I recommend this? Because of all the tools I have used, this is the best one at the best price!

What’s even better is the Jaaxy keword tool is free for everyone who has a Premium Wealthy Affiliate membership. Keep in mind that a quality keyword tool like Jaaxy can cost upwards of $100.000 per month through some platforms. That’s a hefty price for a keyword tool but as usual every business seems to have some kind of twist and turn when it comes to selling a product. Not with Jaaxy. This highly up to date state of the art tool is a must for bloggers looking to find the best keywords to use in their blogs.

Go With Quality And Not Hype

Wealthy Affiliate offers the Jaazy keyword tool for it’s members and while it isn’t hyped up on the platform, you will find this extremely valuable while you build out your website. With an easy to use interface you can spy on your competion, find thousands of keyword tools in your niche and even research how any niche is faring in the marketplace.It’s the ultimate keyword tool for anyone looking to succeed with their blog or affiliate marketing website.

Find, Assess, Dominate

There are 100,000’s of evergreen niches out there that are ripe for the picking. Being able to discover niches in intelligent new ways is something that Jaaxy prides itself on. From the ability to check out the hottest trends to finding “relevant” yet different searches, you will be able to generate brand new niche ideas in a matter of seconds!

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The above screenshot gives you an idea of how Jaaxy works by giving a score to each of the keywords. It will also tell you whether the keyword you choose is worth using. Jaaxy also gives you ideas on what your keyword traffic is as well. Rankeee992392cf16962c77eb3b0197f0765 cropped - Looking For A Good Keyword Analysis Tool? I Found One Of The Best!

Rank Higher, See Your Results!

Jaaxy delivers the highest quality keywords for your efforts. You can track your progress with Google Analytics with the keywords you have chosen. Need changes? Easy to do. Just research with the Alphabet soup format and you can find a wide variety of keywords and niches. If your way of researching hasn’t been working, you need to check out Jaaxy. It’s a must for you if you are looking for traffic to your blog.

Have you been looking for ways to increase your traffic? Are you stump with what to write about in your niche? Try Jaaxy for free with 30 free searches and see if this isn’t the best possible way to increase your traffic?

Try Jaaxy For Free Today!

Are You Using The Right Keyword Tool For Your Blogging Platform?

There’s Always Something New To Learn As A Blogger!

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Keyword Tools Work!

There’s no question about it. Blogging for a living is an ongoing journey into the unknown. And why do I say that? Because even though you may think you have it all figured out with your blogging ideas, something is always going to throw you for a loop. Something you may have overlooked that may be the ticket to your blogging success. And, no I don’t mean to say that blogging is one of those endeavors that is solely about the almighty buck because it really isn’t. It’s a process that eventually becomes a business if you go about it the right way. Take this blog website you’re checking out right now. It’s nothing too over the top, just simple tips designed to help novice bloggers get on the right path. I didn’t really even know what I was doing at first either. I knew nothing about keywords and phrases, how to write with intent or even the format to use when blogging. It all took practice and determination to get this site to where it is today. And there’s still more work to be done!

Blogging Is An Ongoing Effort To Find What Works!


cooltext189950728125871 300x27 - Are You Using The Right Keyword Tool For Your Blogging Platform?

So, what’s so special about what I have done to make this blog a bit more successful? In all honesty, not a whole lot besides constantly writing blogs, learning some new tips to blogging and trying to put out information that’s useful for newbie bloggers. But, here’s the kicker. This site, blogging tips for newbies at first ranked way down on the totem pole with Alexa. In fact I think in the first few months it was ranked at around 25 million. I know not too hot. But in a little less than a year this site has climbed the Alexa rank to around 3 million. Which means it’s getting more traffic and is climbing the whole search engine thing. And I don’t really know all there is to know about being an authority in any particular niche. In fact a lot of the tips I write about are general common sense or things I have researched myself that pertain to blogging. But, you know what I found is the key to being successful in a blogging business? Keywords! That’s right. I use the keywords that are the most searched online to insert into my blog post. The end result is this blog comes up higher in search engines when people are searching the “blogging” nice. Easy cheesy huh?

Jaaxy Is One Hell Of A Keyword Tool!

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Focus On Keywords And Good Content!

So, now you’re probably wondering what I use to get those keywords to insert into my blog post right? Well, for one I use a keyword tool on the Wealthy Affiliate website which I have found to be extremely useful when researching keywords about blogging. What’s more is the keywords I find can also be used to find new topics to write about. It really is a part of the blogging process that’s makes things just a little bit easier and I highly suggest using a keyword tool when writing content. Another great keyword tool that I use is the Jaaxy keyword program which is a little more in depth than your basic keyword tool I use on the Wealthy Affiliate. In fact it’s a lot more in depth but not too complicated you can’t figure it out. You really want to find out the QSR of a keyword you are considering using. Lower rankings are better. So, if I am looking at researching blogging tips keywords I am looking for a QSR on the Jaaxy keyword program of under 100, preferably under 50.

The Jaaxy Keyword Tool Is Free To Check Out!

dont quit 1564409  180 - Are You Using The Right Keyword Tool For Your Blogging Platform?
Keep At It And Never Quit!

I won’t get into a bunch of hype over the Jaaxy keyword program but I will say this will help you find new keywords and really boost your blog in traffic and rankings on Alexa if used correctly. I like the fact that you can use this tool for free for a while with 30 free searches which come up with hundreds of keywords with just one search. I think the member fee of $19.00 a month is decent and affordable for me and well worth the benefits you get with it. If you’re serious about making money as a blogger this keyword tool really is a must. You can check out Jaaxy here for free. Sign up and try it out for a while without having to put up a credit card or even paying a red cent. It’s worth it and you can’t shake a stick at something that’s free to check out with no strings attached. Jaaxy.com