The Wealthy Affiliate Personal Ripoff Report

The Wealthy Affiliate Personal Ripoff ReportReport

Here is something I have been wanting to write for a while and now that I have explored this affiliate marketing platform for over 2 1/2 years I can honestly say I have the 411 on this. And no I am not going to push this platform on anyone in this blog. I just want to lay out the pros and cons and give you my personal Wealthy Affiliate Rip Off report for 2018. Read More »The Wealthy Affiliate Personal Ripoff Report

Does An Auto Pilot Web Hosting Program Really Make Money?


Does The Pro Business Hosting Reseller Program Really Make Money?

How To Blog About Your Business

I checked out this auto pilot program that basically claims that you can make a killing with web hosting and website selling. I know of one member on Wealthy Affiliate builds websites for clients and then sells them to make a profit which is kind of a new spin on the program but it works for him. He designs the websites in any particular niche and then sells them to clients looking to start a website but don’t want to do it themselves.

So, this program I checked out this program which costs $17.00 a month through Paypal and thought it looked interesting. It looked like it was started by an individual and not a big company and you get access to his platform to build websites and sell hosting services. Overall for the price I like the concept. What I didn’t like is there was no type of training on how to do all of the stuff to actually build the websites and sell the hosting. At least it didn’t show anything on the sales page. Here is what the guy was selling or offering new clients.Read More »Does An Auto Pilot Web Hosting Program Really Make Money?

Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Here’s a pretty cool concept. Micro Niche Websites. Why do I say that? Because Micro Niche websites unlike Authority websites can generate an income faster and easier with a specific brand and product versus the alternative authority sites. But, why is that and isn’t it best to go with an authority website? And what is the best way to build a niche site?

A niche site is a great way to earn simply because you are building a website with a specific searchable topic. This website is an authority website you are viewing because it’s more broad than your typical niche site. A niche website would be something more specific in blogging like “How To Make SEO Work For You”. Blogging is a much broader topic but I chose this topic over a year and a half ago and just kept building on it. If I had reconsidered I may have just stuck with the micro niche websites. Thankfully with this platform I can still build a micro website in addition to the site I already have built.

Passive Income With Micro Niche Adsense Websites? Worth It?

I found a fairly interesting product that offers to sell you a micro niche website with articles already written with low competitive keywords which really looked interesting but like other website builders I have reviewed the article count is fairly low which means you would have to continue to build that up. Not a bad deal to start with a micro niche adsense website but know that you will have to do some work, they just get you started.Read More »Can You Find Success With Micro Niche Websites?

Done For You Sales Funnel. Make A Million Dollars Overnight!


Done For You Sales Funnel. Worth Every Penny?

By now if you’re consistently blogging on your website you have probably heard of the done for you sales funnel programs. But, do these type of programs really work and is it worth the money investing in? Based on my experience as a blogger I have to say these type of programs while sounding enticing are really nothing but a way to collect emails and those emails you collect will probably end up being either bots or people who aren’t interested in what you’re offering.

The done for you sales funnel I checked out basically works like this and it’s a pretty simple concept. You sign up for a one time fee of $97.00 which is payable by Paypal upfront. They set up a sales funnel type of system where you promote the same program you bought and you earn a commission on those who sign up under you. I know, it sounds pretty cliche and not too exciting. The bottom line is the dollar and you really aren’t learning anything about marketing or how to write quality blogs, it’s just a round and round system that you end up paying for and might not even get any commissions.Read More »Done For You Sales Funnel. Make A Million Dollars Overnight!

Is Followadder A Good Online Program?


Is Followadder A Good Online Program?

For you bloggers out there looking to find a program which works well for affiliates I like to research different ones that I think may have some potential. And to be honest even though most don’t offer what I would expect out of a quality affiliate program, some of them are gems in the rough.

Followadder works with Instagram and Utube and basically is an automated software that allows you to schedule posts to the social sites as well as help you gain followers and likes. The reason I liked this platform is because I know of many bloggers who seem to by pass Instagram and even Utube when promoting their sites. Either they don’t see the purpose of going the route of these social websites or they just feel it’s not really going to help them in their road to success. Thankfully, Followadder really makes promoting through Utube and Instagram pretty darn easy. Below is a screenshot of Followadder’s Homepage.Read More »Is Followadder A Good Online Program?