Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

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You may have heard of affiliate marketing but did you know that this industry makes billions of dollars for affiliate marketers every year? Did you know that most people who fail only fail because they quit? And did you know that some affiliate marketers make thousands per month just promoting products? If you do and you are interested in making money affiliate marketing then this business is for you.

I won’t go on and on with all kinds of different testimonials from Wealthy Affiliate members as to how great the company is because like any opportunity there will be some of those that will call the industry and Wealthy Affiliate a scam.

And these are people who may have tried to become affiliate marketers and finally gave up after a minimal amount of effort. I was a skeptic at first too. I figured the business was for younger people who were into the whole push-button automated systems which never work and only make the first guy the money.

However, in January of 2016, I figured why not, what could it hurt trying to make money as a marketer. I wasn’t trained in the industry so obviously, I needed to learn the ropes.

 You Have To Start Somewhereda9e61b7af226f069fb88399f25780391568231386 cropped optimized - Can You Make Money Affiliate Marketing?

I told myself I have to start somewhere either learning the business or getting a site built for me so I could have a chance at succeeding. I had nothing to lose and you may be feeling the same way. But, I will say over three years later that I did a whole bunch of work on my website and it wasn’t always easy. As I said in another blog recently, I had become a non-smoker after 30 years. I wasn’t a hardcore smoker but smoked enough to realize that yes, I was doing some damage to my body.

I quit that just like I started building my website on Wealthy Affiliate. I was done with excuses telling myself that smoking relaxed me and that I was myself everyday telling myself lies about how smoking helped me.

With the money I saved from not smoking I have put that back into my business and this website here. Wealthy Affiliate was a great way to distract myself from all the drama outside and keep me from going outside to smoke a cigarette. Because of not smoking and focusing on my business I now have time to go to the gym, do water aerobics and ride my bike and of course fish. While Wealthy Affiliate may not do all of that for you, it is a great way to learn affiliate marketing and start a new business for yourself.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth Your Time?

Let me ask you this. Are you working full time right now? Part-time? Is your time valuable to you or do you readily get up and do things for others neglecting your own life?  I used to be like that. As an electrician, I was always ready to go work and did but when the work dried up I was left at home, with no job and no prospects. I thought the company had my back. I was so wrong.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you the tools to learn for yourself the industry inside and out. They provide all of the training, the site-building software, a high-quality keyword tool and a member base of thousands ready to help out in live chat. They also have videos which explain in detail various topics to help you succeed.

The cost? It depends. You can start out as a free member and upgrade at $49.00 per month and have full access to all of the training and other tools or you can stay free and work with the limited account tools. You can also just stay a FREE member as long as you like and keep the free domain and hosting.  I signed up free and within two weeks I became a Premium member. And now it’s been almost four years.

How Long Before You Start Making Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Here is where I need to clarify some stuff. Wealthy Affiliate only teaches members how to start their own business. You won’t make money by just signing up and you will have to do some homework and of course, build your website.

I know as being a Marine Corps veteran that anything worthwhile will take work. Like quitting smoking, quitting something can be as hard as starting something. But if I have learned anything, I have learned that doing something positive beats sitting around smoking and thinking your life sucks.

Like I said before, I won’t go on and on explaining the whole ins and outs of Wealthy Affiliate right here. If you want to learn more about the program, check out my 2019 Wealthy Affiliate review which covers everything as well as how to get started. Either way, think about where you want to be in a year or two. Would you rather be a manager in a fast food restaurant getting stressed out or working for yourself as an affiliate marketer? For me after working over half my life, the choice was obvious. Wealthy Affiliate can make you a success in the industry or affiliate marketing.

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How To Earn Extra Money From Home

Looking To Earn Extra Money?dde76b3f8d22bf94f195c6786524894a1545245219 cropped - How To Earn Extra Money From Home

Are you disabled and collecting ssdi or some other income from resources other than a regular paycheck? Are you in need of paying off some of those outstanding bills? Are you tired of watching ad after ad showing you ways to file bankruptcy or some other consolidation process to pay your bills? Does your job suck or can you not find a job? Are you aged out of the workforce and just plain tired of dealing?

That’s my story after becoming disabled with meningitis a few years back. I had to go on the disability roles because I couldn’t keep working as an electrician. And I was only in my mid forties. As the saying goes, sh#t happens. Well, that didn’t sit well with me. Not at all. I needed to learn how to make extra money from home and I wasn’t going to give up until I did. Continue reading How To Earn Extra Money From Home

Earn Money Home Online Opportunities. Are All Of These Just Scams?

Earn Money Home Online Opportunities. Are All Of These Just A Drain On Your Wallet?6124074a007c4204c06136bb10731f111537724067 cropped - Earn Money Home Online Opportunities. Are All Of These Just Scams?

Have you ever tried to earn money online? Have you found that every single thing you try turns out to be some flim flam scam that just discourages you and makes you want to say “Why Bother?”

Don’t feel bad because in a world of schemes and scams that target everyone and anyone you aren’t alone. It’s no wonder people are hesitant to try anything online anymore.

It seems that earn money online opportunities are nothing but a way to give your money to other people. Continue reading Earn Money Home Online Opportunities. Are All Of These Just Scams?

How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?

How To Make Money Now3ebd2946e470167f48932cb5d34faca21527691383 cropped 1527691507 - How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?

Yea, I know it’s the economy right? No job, no money, no hope for the future and bills are due and you only hear the dead silence when you scream out for help. It seems like when you least need help there is help available and when you need help, the doors are all shut tight. It’s amazing how life works like that. You struggle and scrape and scrounge only to feel like you’re all alone in your plight. Welcome to the realities of life.  Continue reading How To Make Money Now. Are You Too Broke To Think Straight?

I Need Free Money! Are You Singing This Tune?

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You’re broke and chanting to yourself “I need free money!” Really? Is it that bad? Are you smoking rolled cigarettes and staring out the window wondering when your ship will come in? Keep on waiting because that’s all you will end up doing.

Think I’m messing with you? Well, I’m not because everything we do whether positive or negative influence how our life pans out. Believe me, I’ve been there. Down and out after a stint in the Marine Corps and I had nothing to show for my life but an honorable discharge. I didn’t have a job, a car and yes I started smoking cheap generic roll your own smokes. Life wasn’t a bed of roses.

But, that’s not all. I kept trying and got different jobs, worked hard but at the end of the day was still poor and down in the dumps. So, if this sounds like you believe me, you’re not alone.

Now, I won’t say you should up and leave your job or go and join the Marine Corps like I did back in the day but I will say that in today’s economy you can change your life and do it all from home if you have the drive and desire.

Be Your Own Boss87410c2fefc60d628603255d0741afc21527605434 cropped optimized - I Need Free Money! Are You Singing This Tune?

You want to make it on your own in this world? Sure, don’t we all but what happens to most of us? We end up working for the man and in the end either get fired or laid off or stuck in a job we hate for 20 to 30 years. And that’s precious time you are trading for a paycheck. Go from 20 to 50 years old and you may find yourself burned out, broke and the healthiest years of your life are behind you. What do you do then? Some end up on disability and that’s all she wrote. The next few decades of your life are spent broke, tired and depressed.

There is a better way and that is working for yourself. And seeing that everything is online anymore with digital marketing and sales, this may be the ticket to a good life for you. Don’t think it’s possible? Considering that digital sales are a huge part of the economy in today’s marketplace, there’s really no reason not to get in on the game.

Can you be your own boss in 2018? Absolutely! In fact this website you are on has allowed me to climb the ranks on search engines and I have made enough sales to keep doing this and not much else.

Did it happen overnight? No. And I won’t say it did. It took a lot of dedication to write on my website every few days and build my site into what it is today. It took me only a couple years to accomplish this and I didn’t have to punch a clock.

Click HERE to see how to build your own niche website.

Motivated To Start Your Own Website Today?

I have to say I wish I had started building my niche website years ago. But I didn’t and now at 2 1/2 years of working on my website I can honestly say this has been the best thing I could of done to build up some passive income. I have met some great people on my journey and now I am confident that my website will be generating income for years to come.

Looking to quit your job? Looking to find something to do if you’re retired? Then I would really suggest checking into starting your own income producing website. It’s not hard, you can get tons of support and have fun at the same time.

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